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    So I played a 3-set match against the world’s top 45+ player

    I mean to make my earlier post clear. The OP's opponent is very, very good. There's no doubt in my mind about that. I just wouldn't go as far as "the world’s top 45+ player", that's all.
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    So I played a 3-set match against the world’s top 45+ player

    wait, I'm confused. So the OP's opponent is the dude from this video? If so how is he "the world’s top 45+ player" since he does not play any ITF/seniors tournaments? How/who declared him "the world’s top 45+ player"?
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    F/S yonex Vcore Pro grip 3

    is it the green version? or the first release non-green one?
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    Any chess players here?

    I play 5minutes only on There's a number next to my username, it hovers around 1850. Is that the ranking?
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    My go-to strategy on green clay: Serve-n-Volley

    wait, so that one time at band camp, I meant at a tennis lesson, when I managed to hit few winners - that was all for show?? You don't say....
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    How to get stringing business?

    ^^this. ^^ and none of that
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    Zverev playing the gravity or just a PJ

    what does that mean in practice? That no retail racket (meaning a racket anyone can buy from a store) would have PT code written on a hairpin?
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    USTA NTRP level "Nationals" why ?

    could have been. It was an epic thread. On how to split fairly so a given member of the team is not overcharged by like $1.23. High comedy.....
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    USTA NTRP level "Nationals" why ?

    was that the time when you had a longish thread on how to split the cost of a ride to the airport as not everyone had the same plans? That was fun..... :)
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    Head Youtek Speed MP - L2

    I have one. IM me.
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    Big 10 Tennis

    It was a fun match. Never seen that many people at college tennis match - and probably like 75% of people in the stands were actually IL fans. IL seems like a pretty decent team, i think their current record reflects a really tough early season schedule. Still a bit disappointing that...
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    Good videos

    Only if you are a Stanford fan and want to stick a fork in your eye following Axel double faulting _twice_ on match points. :(
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    Good videos

    Do I get a prize if I can find myself in that video? :)
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    Stanford Men

    now, if they managed to win doubles every now and then then the opposing teams would not be showing up since there would be no point... :)
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    USTA NorCal "Facility Use Fee"?

    I can see there are alternatives to USTA leagues as far as playing tennis. But what are practical alternatives if you want to play competitive team like tennis in organized manner against various opponents that you do not necessarily know? Genuinely asking...
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    16year old junior vs club player veteran

    you are not easily impressed, are you? older dude is UTR 7, this is a very high end 4.0, but rather 4.5 level player. I'm sure where you play 4.0/4.5 level players can easily play with and sometimes beat UTR 10.5 players (which is what the junior in the video is).......
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    Stanford Men

    ok, another stellar performance. I have no words....... :(
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    Stanford Men

    I mean it's not like I'm too happy about it, just being realistic. They did not have a _big_ recruiting class last year, this fall there are supposedly 3 blue chip players coming. That should make it a very solid lineup at least on lower courts. And if those incoming players are any good at...
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    Stanford Men

    So I have a bit mixed feelings about it. When you look over last few years Stanford is actually ranking wise no worse if not better than in prior years. They ended 12, 16, 16, 21 so as long as they stay in top 10 it's not too bad. One could argue they _should_ be better given the recruits they...
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    Stanford Men

    Hey hey, this is all part of the bigger plan. They are just pretending now so they pound on unsuspecting teams during outdoor ncaa. I have my sources so that's the truth [emoji6]
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    Clear Sandbagging?

    I have no idea who the person in question is but OP stated: "she was a player of the year for a div 3 school in 2017" There are many, many schools in Div3. Some of them good. Some of them not so much. Being a player of the year for a given div 3 school may not mean much....
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    Mid-Atlantic's Strongest 8.0 Pair

    and now, from this day till forever, TTW folks will be citing that video as an example of 8.0 mixed level, and of 4.0 singles. You know, as in "where I play this is pretty much how 4.0 players look like, and not the strongest ones either......'...
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    Mid-Atlantic's Strongest 8.0 Pair

    that comment did not age well...... :)
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    ITA Indoors

    again, why bring facts into the discussion. That is not welcomed here at all....
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    Frustrating match against pusher

    so you are saying that to beat a consistent player that does not really hit with much pace but plays smart tennis you need to be multiple times high school state champion, and be good enough to be on a fairly decent D1 school roster. I can agree with that.....
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    Stanford Men

    Of course he has no chance of making a living as a pro. Just like 99.7% of college players. Which is why he went to Stanford, to get degree/connections so he can make a living doing something else. When you think about it it was really a smart decision.
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    OMG, I watched that match in person. Rain saved Ivanisevic, and he gutted out the win. He woke up with a stiff neck next day and retired against Agassi. I seem to recall they helicoptered in Courier so he could play exhibition style match against Agassi since Ivanisevic played only three...
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    Broke MonoGut twice in one set. Done with this delicate junk.

    thank you for your explanation. You clearly have vast understanding of ball vs. string bed contact phenomena.
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    Broke MonoGut twice in one set. Done with this delicate junk.

    so the strings in the center do not go through a grommet? I'm still confused. Do elaborate please.....
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    ITA Indoors

    All I remember from this post is: but, fortunate, should have, and almost :) All good, just joking. That's why they play matches. As of today though USC is the team to beat.