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    What Does "hollow" Mean????

    Hey.... I'm thinking of buying a LM Prestige MP (one of the possibilities), and I was just reading old LM Prestige MP threads and I did notice that most people said that it feels "hollow".... what does it mean??? Appreciate your comments...:) P.S: Can't demo it...:sad: Thanks...
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    Coria´s racquet

    Hey, I was just wondering why Coria´s serve is so weak and awful. Some people say that is beacuse the way he throws the ball in the air, some others say that is the whole style. I actually think that maybe is the racquet, because with the stick that he had before the O3 he was serving really...
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    Agassi´s Paintjob

    Hey, I know that this is kind of an old story but I just want you to see these pictures and realize that on agassi´s stick there´s no holes, just two black dots. Maybe you already have noticed that, and if you haven´t, you can see that it is a terrible paintjob...and I want to ask you all what...
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    Please Help Me To Choose A New Racquet!!!!

    Hey, I just broke my old racquet and i need some help choosing a new one. The thing is that one of my friends lent me his racquet (i rad OS) and actually i really liked it. But when I came to see the test results of the radicals here in TW, i realize that the intelligence technology is the...