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  1. jackabee

    Tennis Player Blog...

    Hello Haven't been on here in absolutely ages but as I have just recently started blogging my tennis career I thought I would post it on here in case it is of any interest to anyone here. I'm a pro from the UK - before I get any of that rubbish...
  2. jackabee

    Pro Blogging/tweeting

    Hi guys, So it has been a damn long time since I was last on here! I'm a professional tennis player and have been playing full time for nearly 18months now. I am 19 playing national federation tournaments and about to start playing some futures events as well - I am currently based in the UK...
  3. jackabee

    Tennis CV/Resume

    Hi, I've done a search and couldn't find what I was looking for - I'm trying to find out what to include in a tennis cv/resume. I understand the obvious, ranking etc. but would like to know the kind of template for the structure of the resume that I should be sending to sponsors etc. Hope...
  4. jackabee

    String suggestions...

    Ok, I am looking for a string that plays similar to that of Pro Hurricane Tour but is softer on the arm as I am still growing. Any suggestions?
  5. jackabee

    In the zone...

    How do you guys find you best get in the zone before and during a tennis match? Do you guys get quite angry a lot - safin-esque? or are you more borgs style? J
  6. jackabee

    Return of Serve

    Right, over the Summer last year my return of serve was going pretty well... I was returning some big (not huge) serves really positively with a lot of power, pace and i was attacking from them. They were going really well and I was winning a lot of points off of return of serve. This came after...
  7. jackabee


    Ok people, I have a trial-like-thing to get into a tennis academy in London tomorrow and I am already starting to feel the nerves! Basically, what scares me most is the people - it's not people watching or the chance of not getting in - but the other kids playing... I am a little worried...
  8. jackabee

    Vantage Rackets?

    Anyone designed/customised their own? What specs did you use? Is it worth it? Any reviews?
  9. jackabee

    How far will Nadal get at Wimbledon?

    Well, with Wimbledon just 8 days away and Nadal being pretty impressive on grass at Queens, considering his past form, how far do you all think he will get?
  10. jackabee

    Choose your weapon...

    Ok, everyone has or should have some kind of weapon in their tennis game. So, what is yours and if you don't feel you have a particular one what would you want yours to be? Feel free to describe and discuss your tennis weapons in this thread! Feel free to let me know if you think I have...
  11. jackabee

    Tips on going pro & how to...

    Hey, I am 15 at the moment and training to be a professional player. I was just wondering what tips you can give me on how to become a pro player. Anything constructive is always welcome but please don't just tell me I have no chance as that is no help to me at all. Thanks, J
  12. jackabee


    Right, recently I have been finding that I have been awake enough and really wanting to play tennis (as usual - i am 15 by the way!) But just really haven't had the energy. I really don't know why! I have been making sure I have been getting at least 9 hours of sleep a night - I eat very...
  13. jackabee

    1hbh or 2 hbh? Which is the better?

    Like the question says - 1hbh or 2hbh - which one do you think is the better and why? Please state why underneath! Jackabee
  14. jackabee

    Fitness Program

    Over the next 2 weeks i intend to be on an intensive fitness program. I am 15 years old and already have the main activities planned including: Interval Running Jogging Weight lifting Circuit training Please can you help me with some more activities that will improve my stamina...
  15. jackabee

    Training to go Pro!

    Hey, I am 14 yrs old, in the UK, and currently training to be a professional tennis player. I am on a training and nutrition program and basically working as hard as possible to get where I wanna be! I was just thinking how many other people on these forums are doing the same thing as me...
  16. jackabee

    Babolat Natural VS 16 Gut - worth it?

    Hi, I am currently considering changing my racket to a custom hybrid with Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 on the mains and Babolat Natural VS Gut 16 on the crosses (I currently use all Pro Hurricane). I am an aggressive baseline player and there is a lot of power and speed in my groundstrokes and...
  17. jackabee

    Wrist exercises

    Right ok, recently my wrists have begun to hurt a little bit - not by much but I want to prevent the problem now before it gets any worse. They can click easily when I rotate my wrists but I find it difficult to prevent myself from doing this. Does anyone have any exercises which I can do or...
  18. jackabee


    Is glucosamine worth it. I have bad knees (even though I am only 14) from playing 10 years on hard courts everyday pretty much and I have started taking glucosamine in liquid form everyday. But still not sure if it is actually doing anything. What does everyone else think? Cheers, Jackabee
  19. jackabee

    Stretched Femor

    Ok, I think today I stretched or might have even pulled my femor. It hurts to run on it and when I get up but I can still walk and play tennis on it. Anyway, I need your help with any good stretches or exercises I can do to: 1) Make it heal quicker 2) Make it more flexible for the future...
  20. jackabee

    Serving tips

    Hi, Could everyone please post their serving tips here - whether it is for a power serve, kick serve or spin serve! Please post them all here! Thanks, Jackabee
  21. jackabee


    Hi, I have been ill for the past 5 days now with something like flu/cold/cough. The cough is the worst bit. I tried playing tennis today (nothing can stop me) and I lasted a set. Does anyone know anyways to get me better? I am desperate to be better! I have been in bed for 5 days and at this...
  22. jackabee

    Ready Position Grip

    What grip should I use when standing in the ready postition to return serve? I have a semi-western forehand and 2 handed backhand. Cheers, j
  23. jackabee

    ITF Junior Tournament Sutton, GB

    Hey, I was just wondering whether or not the entry deadline for this tournament on the ITF Juniors website is correct. The tournament takes place in April 2006 but the entry deadline is March 2005? I have emailed them and the ITF but have as of yet received no replies and was just wondering...
  24. jackabee

    Tennis Nutrition/Diet

    Hi, I am 14 yrs old and currently on a training program to become a pro player. However, I was wondering what sort of diet should I be on if any? What main nutritions should I be getting etc. I don't know a huge amount about the diet of tennis players etc. but I see myself as a generally very...
  25. jackabee

    14 yr old - any chance?

    Hi, I am 14 years old and live in the UK. Have I got any chance of making it as a pro player - It is my dream and I would do ANYTHING to get there. I won the boys singles and doubles last year in my town and I won the mens doubles this year. I am now starting to do more county and national...
  26. jackabee

    Thailand Open Live Scoring?

    Anyone know where I can find live scoring on the internet for the thailand open? Was hoping it would be in the kinda grand slam live scoring they do on the wimbledon site etc. But anyone know where i can find it?
  27. jackabee

    Top Spin Serve

    Hi, I am 14 and about 5' 7" and I hit a flat, fast power first serve but I want a top spin serve for my second serve. I have been attempting to make the ball bounce as high as I can when I practise but it doesn't seem to bounce more than 1.25 metres off the ground. How can I make it bounce...
  28. jackabee

    Another Bad day...

    Bad days....everyone has them - well most people! So, everyone out there please help me - how do I avoid them or turn them into good days? J
  29. jackabee

    Jogging - Good or a waste of time for tennis?

    I have been told that jogging is only good for improving fitness for one thing - jogging. I have been told that with tennis because you are stopping and starting so much it is better to job 1min and then sprint 30secs and then walk 30secs and then start again over and over again? So what do you...
  30. jackabee


    Ok, you have $75,000 to spend on going to a tennis academy for two years between the ages 16-18! Where would you go? Sanchez-Casal? Bolletierri? Anywhere else? ???