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    Prioritizing tennis skills improvement - for singles

    If you like to rush the net that's what you should be working on the most - setting yourself up to be successful doing that. Hit a lot of serves, work on your volleys, overhead, approach shots and what you plan to do with your return game.
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    ah thanks, I missed that!
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    Funny we were just talking about this. I'm waiting for a promo as there is one class I want to take. They definitely get all of the big names.
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    Highest ranked player you ever faced?

    Cecil was so good. Kim had a great career - I think he played everyone.
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    Scholarship Bias Against Male Players?

    His age would be a factor too for some schools and coaches since it sounds like he was 21 at the time. Going to a big school doesn't guarantee a good coach or a good coach for the specific player. There are a lot of unknowns. I would base the decision on if I wanted to leave Brazil and go to...
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    moving forward 2HBH

    The drop feed drill about twenty five seconds into the session. The key to this shot is keeping your body really still and staying down, which is harder than it sounds.
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    So I played a 3-set match against the world’s top 45+ player

    Is your friend playing and winning in the top 40+ and 45+ seniors events like La Jolla, worlds etc.?
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    Junior moonball

    What does everyone here call as Bianca put it "hitting high to someone's backhand but with more spin?"
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    Highest ranked player you ever faced?

    Was this at Ojai?
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    Bodyblade - a workout for these quarantined times ?

    I bought one after using one in rehab. I only use it for basic arm exercises (kind of a warm up) but there is a lot more you can do with it. I have the pro model.
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    Junior moonball

    Even later on in juniors, college and seniors it is the same - if one player is a good moonballer and starts moonballing the moonballing fest will start. The key for the non-moonballer is to be patient and figure out how to get the ball back down. At the higher levels of moonballing the...
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    Anybody have tried to bring 12 tennis bag on a flight?

    I am jealous. J fares, top status on OW and Star Alliance and a 12 UTR...
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    So I played a 3-set match against the world’s top 45+ player

    He did play a bit on the circuit and in juniors so I would disagree with the statement that he didn't have a chance to take advantage of his talent. He went to junior events in Europe and Australia so it wasn't as if he was hitting on the wall at home. It was, however, a little harder to get...
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    Will probably not play tennis for almost a year in total...

    It is super frustrating but there are some things you can do to improve your tennis while not playing: - Start a tennis journal. Include sections on each aspect of the game - a section for each shot, sections for mental, strategy, tournament checklists etc. - Read tennis books - Watch...
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    I'm not sure captains are needed to recruit. USTA coordinator can establish teams, levels, locations and times with participating clubs. Players can then sign up online, select preferred level, location and time, and the computer can assign to teams. The computer could even do lineups etc...
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    Need help with getting recruited

    I forgot how personal it used to be back in the day. I remember sending handwritten thank you notes to tournament directors!
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    The "digital solutions" question is interesting. Ideally, the USTA could automate a significant amount of the league process and eliminate captains etc.
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    4.5 adult player looking to train on clay in Florida, recommendations?

    Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Palm Beach Gardens, McMullen Tennis Center in Clearwater, Naples (more expensive). Maybe Sarasota/Bradenton - not sure what the current situations are at United Tennis (Bradenton) or Lakewood Ranch area.
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    Please help my son with his backhand!

    I would take a look at the grips especially the left hand. Something is causing him to pull up and it could be the combination of the left arm and the grip on the left hand restricting the ability to push through with the left arm and stay with the shot. He keeps his head down extremely well...
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    Match play problems.

    The only way to get better at match play is to play matches. That is assuming that's what you want to do. So every time you are on the court, it is a match play scoring situation versus hitting. Doesnt have to be playing sets, but has to be something with a score.
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    Anyone doing ITF Seniors in FL?

    The top player in mens 60s is really good - strong guy and a big hitter. practices with top juniors in his home country. The next level is still good - hits the ball and comes over the ball maybe on one side. But a lot of people chip and drop and rarely hit over the ball. There is one guy...
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    Anyone doing ITF Seniors in FL?

    My understanding of the ITF/USTA relationship is that they are trying to level the playing field at big events like worlds etc. Previously because USA did not have many ITF events, US players who did not play outside the US except at worlds were at a ranking and therefore seeding disadvantage...
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    Playing at the USTA National Campus

    Agree with the others - it is not worth a special trip. For example the player development is isolated in a separate section from general public courts so very unlikely you will see any aspiring or current US pros practicing. Also if there is any kind of event such as sectionals, nationals...
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    Breaking Alu in 2-3 days in a 16x19 will it make a difference if I used an 18x20 and if so how big of a difference

    You could try dropping the tension and see if that helps. I use the same frame and ALU and I string at 44 or so usually but I've gone as low as 39.
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    Gym fit is not court fit

    Definitely add in some sprints etc as well as power and endurance work with weight training etc. You also will have to simply play more tennis. To paraphrase mattspoint, the only way to get fit to play five sets is to play five sets.
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    4.5 to 5.0 path for women

    Usually La Jolla 40s posts video of men and women matches. The finals and later rounds are higher than 5.0 although some may have 5.0 ratings in the system.
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    4.5 to 5.0 path for women

    I'm sure you'll get to a 5.0 rating eventually but keep in mind that when you do, your playing options for USTA will decrease.
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    Anyone using Built4tennis app?

    Aside from content does the app work?! I noticed one review said it didnt keep pace with OS updates.
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    OK, Now the Nonsense Starts in the Parking Lot

    Totally agree. The guy walked out and put his kid in the seat while Cindy had her blinker on waiting for the spot. Pretty easy to wave to her in some manner to show he isn't leaving.
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    Las Vegas Strip Tennis Feb 22, 2020

    Are you used to thinner air and possible wind impact?! I've hit at darling and sometimes I'd hit a ball that i was sure was going in and out it would go....and I can play very consistently if called upon to do so.