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    Denis Shapovalov offcourt shoes

    Hey , does anyone know what shoes was Denis rocking offcourt at laver cup? I mean those white-black with a green and pink swoosh? They looked but i cant seem to find them anywh
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    HC shoes on clay

    Hey guys, so, I’ve recently bought a pair of shoes(vapor x). However, I bought the hardcourt version of them and where I live, everything is played on clay. So I would like to ask if any of you has experience with playing with hc shoes on clay?
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    Starting machine

    Hey guys, does someone know where to get a klippermate-like machine in europe? I mean, i couldnt literally find anything under €300, which makes me kinda sad since i cannot spend much. I am only going to string for myself, so i suspect i wont need any of those helping factors and the most basic...
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    Wanted: Used(or cheap) stringing machine(Europe)

    Hey, I'm looking for a used dropweight stringing machine. The only requirements are that it's functioning properly and if the required tools came with it, that would be just great.Otherwise, the only thing I care about is the price, cause I will only string for myself and my budget is pretty...