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  1. Passion4Tennis

    WTB Head Youtek IG Radical Pro

    Hey there! I've been desperately searching for one of these. I have one already, but I would like to buy at least one more. I would prefer a 4 3/8 grip, but I would consider a 4 1/4. 7.5 condition or better. Thanks!!
  2. Passion4Tennis

    Lotto Men's Vector IV

    These don't seem to be widely popular. There are only two reviews at TW for them. Both posters seem impressed, but I was hoping that I could get some additional info from others. Specifically, whether they are roomy enough for wide feet, and how durable the outsole is. I think they look...
  3. Passion4Tennis

    ShawnLiu03 is a great seller!

    I just received a Head Prestige Classic from him. It arrived quickly and in great condition. He rated the racquet as an 8.5, but it is more like a 9. It's one of the best used racquets I've ever bought from here or the bay. I highly recommend him as a seller.
  4. Passion4Tennis

    Tenimuhyotennis is a good seller

    I bought an I prestige mid from him in good used condition. His emails were prompt, and he shipped the racquet out quickly.
  5. Passion4Tennis

    Lancia is an excellent seller

    I bought an AG 100 from him recently, and it came in terrific shape. It was shipped quickly and packaged well. :)
  6. Passion4Tennis

    kennydredrum is a fantastic seller!

    The Wilson Rok I bought from him arrived today in excellent condition. It was packaged well and shipped quickly. :)
  7. Passion4Tennis

    Excellent purchase from Visene77

    The racquet arrived quickly and in great condition. Thanks!!
  8. Passion4Tennis

    Byealmeens sold me a quality frame

    I received a Wilson Rok from him today, and it is in beautiful condition.
  9. Passion4Tennis

    Head Microgel Prestige Mid 4 3/8

    Hello, I bought this racket from another TTW member. I would rate its condition as an 8.5/10. There are some light scuffs around the head guard, but the frame itself is almost flawless. It is strung with Pro Supex Maxim Touch @ 58 lbs. The strings are in decent condition. I am asking $100...
  10. Passion4Tennis

    Looking for a Wilson Pro Staff Rok 4 3/8 or 4 1/2

    I'm interested in one that is at least a 7/10 condition. Must have good references.
  11. Passion4Tennis

    Thanks for the great racket Pham4313!

    He shipped the Prestige out quickly, and it arrived in beautiful condition. Terrific seller! :)
  12. Passion4Tennis

    Would you buy a racquet if the bumper guard/grommets were discontinued?

    That's the dilemma I'm facing right now. I have one Volkl Tour 10 VE mid, and I would like to buy another one, but I can't find any bumper guards/grommets for them. Does anyone know where I can buy them, or what else (if anything) would fit in a VE 10 mid?
  13. Passion4Tennis

    Looking for an upgrade from the Wilson Rok

    Hello. I'm currently using a Wilson Rok, and while I like the control, comfort, and maneuverability it gives me, I would like to find a racquet that is a little more powerful. The Rok has been good for groundstrokes/volleys, but a little too demanding for serves. I've looked at the specs of...