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  1. BabPlayer-JohnnyG

    current Babolat line-up

    Hey T-Dub Community, I've posted a few times before, but I just wanted to start a thread about the current line-up of Babolat racquets and string set-ups that I have as a follower of the Bab brand. For full disclosure, I am a Bab ambassador for this year, but as I've posted with my previous...
  2. BabPlayer-JohnnyG

    Hybriding with Babolat Strings

    Hi All, So I'm planning to compare the 2019 pure strike 16x19 and 18x20. However, I was wondering what strings to use to compare/contrast both sticks. I'd like to hybrid them both with a similar set-up. I'm open to suggestions, but what would you think of a RPM Power/Natural Gut Hybrid or...
  3. BabPlayer-JohnnyG


    Hey All, I'm used to always stringing a full bed of polyester in my racquets (two-piece), but I want to start exploring hybrids. I'm open to any suggestions on strings and possible tensions or slight differences between mains and crosses. The main racquets I'll be stringing will be the Pure...
  4. BabPlayer-JohnnyG

    What racquet are you most excited about for 2020?

    Hey T-Dub Community, So I was just curious to hear thoughts from everyone. There have been a decent amount of great racquets that have been released for 2020 already, but is there a stick that you are super excited about for the remainder of 2020? It could be from any brand.
  5. BabPlayer-JohnnyG

    Most Underrated Upset of All-Time

    Hey T-Dub, I think most players have an opinion on this. As a player, I think we all love upsets, which are one of the most amazing aspects of tennis and sports in general. The fact that on a given day, someone on a hot streak can take down a giant, whether at the junior, club, college, or pro...
  6. BabPlayer-JohnnyG

    pure aero vs demos

    Hi T-Dub, I was just curious if you knew when there might be demos up for the new Pure Aero VS? Thank you for working so hard during this crazy time!
  7. BabPlayer-JohnnyG

    All-Time Grand Slam Totals

    I know the potential grand slam totals of Federer, Rafa, and Djokovic are discussed all the time. However, with Serena at 23 slams, and Court at 24 (though an extremely different and easier era), does anyone think that Rafa or Djokovic could catch Serena? In my opinion, Serena will pass Court...
  8. BabPlayer-JohnnyG

    My Review of the Pure Aero VS (2020)

    Hey T-Dub Community, I'm interested to get your thoughts on my review. I guess I have a little too much time with this whole quarantine thing, haha. Hope you enjoy! April 17, 2020 Review of New 2020 Pure Aero VS My set-up: First off, I strung the new stick with RPM Blast 16g at 52 pounds...
  9. BabPlayer-JohnnyG


    Hey T-Dub Community, My name's Johnny Goss. I'm a huge fan of tennis, Babolat, and pushing my tennis to the limits. Given our current uncertain times and the fact that I'm home from work for awhile (teacher), I thought I might start a thread to talk about anything (mainly racquets/equipment)...