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  1. mnttlrg

    Do Any of You Prefer Regular Syn Gut?

    I played a session today with a racket I don't even like, with some two-year old Gosen Sheep Micro string that I put in just to have strings at the lowest price possible.... And wow! I was really impressed. It had a nice combination of power and spin, and it was really predictable off the...
  2. mnttlrg

    Best Nylon Strings? How do they compare with poly, gut, multi, etc?

    [edit: Nevermind. Delete, please. Thanks!]
  3. mnttlrg

    Serve - Simplest Way to Snap???

    I have been redesigning my serve lately.... My old serve was two steps forward, a straight-forward toss, a big forward motion with the body, and a forward snap with the wrist into the ball. It was more effective than you might think, but it really hurt my lower back / hip, and it didn't...
  4. mnttlrg

    Slowest Players on Tour?

    I am wondering who they are, in particular the slowest players who aren't 6'10. I think it could be something interesting to consider for my own game. As a side topic, I am also curious which current players seem to do the least amount of running / retrieving, especially on returns. Thanks!
  5. mnttlrg

    Disruptive Heavy Spin AND Control????

    I am curious if people have found rackets where they can reliably hit with big disruptive spin and control / precision. My definition of control is controlling the height, depth, and placement of the ball with clean strikes. I tend to find most rackets either doing one or the other. Some...
  6. mnttlrg

    Ezone 98 (2018 305g) String and Lead Setup?

    I am just curious what people who are playing this racket have liked / disliked for strings and lead tape placement. it's funny that I have liked the racket so much, I haven't really cared this far. I have played well with all multi, a variety of polys, and even a few different lead setups. If...
  7. mnttlrg

    Best Way To Wipe Gunk Off Of a Racket?

    I bought a racket off of **** that has sticky gunk all over it. I don't know if I should use water, Goof-Off, or some other stuff to clean it off. I also don't know if I should use paper towel, or if it's okay to use something more abrasive to scrub it. What say you? Thanks!
  8. mnttlrg

    Insoles - Raising Up Your Heels?

    I have been getting treated for my lower back issues for years now. Recently I had a therapist show me the difference between me doing a squat with my heels on the ground (somewhat painful / difficult), and me doing a squat with my heels on top of a small cushion (super easy, no pain at all!)...
  9. mnttlrg

    No Plowthrough = Amazing spin??

    The best spin racket I ever played with was one that also had absolutely no plowthrough on the shot. It was a head-light featherweight stick that had a little dab of weight across the tip to keep it from completely buckling to pace. I could whip that thing around at light speed, and it would...
  10. mnttlrg

    Serve and Volley - Singles Strategy / Thought Process

    I am guessing people can point me to some good videos / threads on this: I have been practicing my serve and volley, and I am realizing that I don't really know what to be looking for when it comes to actual tactics / strategy / adjustments. I am comfortable with the technique part, but I don't...
  11. mnttlrg

    Dumb Question About a Lead Tape Adjustment:

    I have a racket that I really like in terms of the plow, power, spin, swing speed, etc etc. When I hit clean, it hits a ferocious ball with good control. My only problem with it is that it doesn't always hit very clean and it's not very forgiving. It doesn't have a big sweet spot, it tends...
  12. mnttlrg

    Ezone Xi 98 vs Ezone 98?

    The TW compare tool is telling me something different from the TW racket database: Is the Xi supposed to be 3 points stiffer or the same stiffness as the Ezone 98 305? Isn't the Ezone just a third update on the old Xi line? Thanks!
  13. mnttlrg

    Ezone Xi 98 vs Ezone 98?

    Hey everyone! I am just wondering if anyone could compare these two rackets for me. If you look on racquetfinder, they appear to have the exact same specs.... but this screen shot from the compare racket tool at TW University says that the Xi is significantly stiffer. Is the Ezone supposed...
  14. mnttlrg

    Why Don't They Make More 24 Beams??

    I have a friend who like to roll fast / heavy spinners around, but he keeps the ball a bit low and sometimes hits a little plowy. He has been fumbling around with rackets for a really long time, and he finally found his holy grail in a 24 beam. I think there is a very legitimate argument to...
  15. mnttlrg

    Return Strategies - Your Best and Worst

    I think everyone has been through this, but there is surprisingly little discussion about it. We all are put into a position of needing to break serve, so we try out different tactics to see how well they work out. Sometimes they work out great, other times our ideas are total crap. I think...
  16. mnttlrg

    Best Racket For Serve Returns??

    Hey guys, I have really enjoyed the responses I've gotten on previous questions, so I wanted to throw another one out there: What is the best racket you've ever used for serve returns? In particular, I am interested in rackets that redirect effectively to take control of a point / pressure the...
  17. mnttlrg

    Most Energy-Efficient Racket You've Ever Used?? (amount of damage per amount of effort)

    I think the question is self-explanatory, but I will explain anyway. I am interested in which rackets people have found to be the most rewarding for the amount of physical effort they put into the shot. I often hear about how traditional heavy control rackets are too underpowered and too...
  18. mnttlrg

    Several Questions about Racket Flex, Pro Stocks...

    I am confused about a few things involving racket flex. Most of my experience with flexy rackets has been that they are unplayably wimpy and energy inefficient. Yet somehow most of the pros seem to favor low flex in their pro stock frames (commonly as low as 58). Outside of the superior...
  19. mnttlrg

    Cleanest-Hitting Rackets You've Ever Used??

    I would define clean hitting as being maximally forgiving, predictable, and precise. A clean-hitting racket would be less likely to twist, less likely to catapult a ball out of control, overplow, cut a spinner too thin, launch at a goofy angle, or have some mutant weight distribution with...
  20. mnttlrg

    Best WTA 2HBH??

    I am curious which current or former female players have the best two-handed backhands, in particular in terms of technique. Big backhands are good, but I am also interested in reliable and/or energy efficient techniques. Thanks!
  21. mnttlrg

    Using Different Doubles Formations??

    I need to be honest here: I have no concept of how or why to use variations from the typical formation for doubles. This goes for serving and returning. Is there place to find a comprehensive explanation for what tactics / advantages / disadvantages you can go for by lining up in different...
  22. mnttlrg

    Good Player Stats Website?

    I am wondering if there is a website that hosts pro player statistics. For example, if I wanted to look up who has the fastest average serve speed for first serves, second serves, average aces hit in a match, most winners per match, most unforced errors, etc etc. They have a million sites that...
  23. mnttlrg

    Hitting a Kick Serve That Bounces High to the Server's Right??

    I recently played against a 5.0 player who hit a kicker in the deuce court that looked like it would go wide to my forehand, and next thing you know it's bouncing high over my left shoulder. I literally fell to the ground trying to return this shot. Nearly every player I've ever played...
  24. mnttlrg

    Your Favorite Multi? (comparing multi strings)

    I am just starting to try out some multi strings in my crosses (poly mains), and so far I've really enjoyed it. I hit with a lot of power / spin, but I hate having too much rubber band / trampoline effect and how it creates variations in response off of the string bed, so this setup has felt...
  25. mnttlrg

    Groundstroke Wrist Snap Videos?

    Hey everyone! I have been working on getting a small snap into / through the ball on groundstrokes the same way I do on my serves, and it has made a big difference to my power / spin. If you want a point of reference for what I mean, look up Tiafoe's forehand. He uses a sort of smacking...
  26. mnttlrg

    Lower Right Back Pain on Serves (righty)

    For years, I have been having pain in my lower back when I hit serves. Basically I lunge forward into the ball, and then I crunch down / left from the shoulders to power it into the court. That crunch puts a major strain on my right side upper hip / lower back area where the joint is.... a...
  27. mnttlrg

    Bruised Nerve in Thumb?

    This is kind of stupid, but I hit with a racket that didn't have a thick / soft enough grip where my right thumb was, so I was basically pressing my thumb directly on the graphite shaft. Now the side part of my thumb hurts every time I play. Is there anything I can do about this? Any tips for...
  28. mnttlrg

    Highest Bouncing Pro Player Serves??

    I am wondering which players have the highest bouncing serves, relative to their height. Obviously Isner can bounce them over the roof, but who else would you put on that list, in particular if they are not as tall as he is? I am interested in flat, kick, or slice. I just want to know who is...
  29. mnttlrg

    Difference between Blade CV 16x19 and Blade CV 18x20??

    Hey guys, I am wondering if these two rackets have the exact same hoop, throat, grip weight, etc, or if they change the frames to make them different. I recently hit with both of them side by side, and one felt much more stable and solid than the other. The 16x19 felt twisty and weak to me...
  30. mnttlrg

    Comparing Six.One to Pure Storms / Controls / Strike VS's

    Hey guys, I could really use some help here. I have been using a Wilson Six One 95 16x18 for the last few months. Most of the specs are exactly what I want in a racket.... it has upper medium stiffness (67), 22 beam, heavy static weight, head light, and 325 swing weight (pretty low for how...