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  1. Ferrari1190

    To what level can S&V take you?

    serve and volley can work anywhere but not for everyone but keep at it i wish u all the best!
  2. Ferrari1190

    Design the next Tennis Warehouse T-Shirt Contest!

    Hey TW/ es-0 when will we be able to see these designs? :)
  3. Ferrari1190

    underarmour wristbands

    Thanks for the replies guys:) this thread was dead like 2 weeks ago lol anyway u guys actually inadvertantly gave my an idea for my summer assignment and i really didnt think this would be such a heated thread haha thanks again:)
  4. Ferrari1190


    i need a review as in a source, so any links to just general info about ovegrips woud be helpful as well. so i guess thats what i should have asked, i need atleast two more sources that have relevant overgrip info. the unique website had info on tourna so i thought a review from one of the...
  5. Ferrari1190


    Hey T Dub , im doing a science summer assignment, so im testing overgrips the wilson pro, supergrap and tourna. if u guys arent busy, could someone write up a short review about atleast the wilson pro and supergrap. i would really appreciate it just a reply here would be fine, :) thanks...
  6. Ferrari1190

    TW shirt

    hey guys, im lovin the new design, cant wait to order some just putin' i out there:)
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    racquets on airplanes

    thansk guys, so lead wont be a problem then, im going to india btw
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    AP Exam Scores

    3 for us history, 4 for english lang, and 5 for psychology
  9. Ferrari1190

    racquets on airplanes

    im leaving out of the country and i want to bring my racquet and it has lead tape on it. will that be a problem with secuity and stuff? im not sure which section this would be in so i just went with this thanks in advance
  10. Ferrari1190

    underarmour wristbands

    has anyone used these, i currently use nike so i was hoping for a comparison. any feedback would be great though
  11. Ferrari1190

    People that don't know what they're talking about - "Federer should retire!" bla bla

    oh no not at all, i was commenting on others that have already written him off as done. now is the time that he really needs to focus more on tennis because there are some serious threats to his success with players like nadal
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    This was not the greatest match ever by a long shot, the tennis was low quality...

    then what in ur opinion was the greatest match played
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    People that don't know what they're talking about - "Federer should retire!" bla bla

    ^^^ yeah exactly, he needs to step up his training because he is getting older and he cant just rely on his insane talent to get himself out of trouble. he'll still be able to win a few more slams if he really goes for it.
  14. Ferrari1190

    Nike Wristbands

    any word TW?
  15. Ferrari1190

    Regular Duty or Extra Duty Tennis Balls

    extra duty all the way, they hold up a lot longer
  16. Ferrari1190

    Nike Wristbands

    hey r u guys getting different colors other than the white, not like the federer or nadal one, but just the normal colors like black or blue? Thanks in advance:) Ferrari
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    PS 6.0 85 2-Handed Backhanders?

    Borg used a two hander with a woodie so it really depends on you
  18. Ferrari1190

    New TW commercial? Nice!

    Nice!!! That was excellent!
  19. Ferrari1190

    Mentally The Toughest Player of All Time

    id have to go with borg or sampras
  20. Ferrari1190

    anyone ever get their racquet strung at sports authority?

    other teh fact they take like a week i really have no problems with them
  21. Ferrari1190

    Wristband reviews with pics (Head, Babolat, Nike, Adidas, Wilson)

    i just got the federer ones and i have to say they are really nice. i used to use the wilson ones and they are pretty horrible. im very happy with the nikes
  22. Ferrari1190

    what's wrong??

    i had lead come off the handle and it made a sort of rattling noise but its a solid possibility
  23. Ferrari1190

    Do you hit with topspin...all the time?

    now that u mention it, for my forehand i always hit with some form of topspin
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    VLOGs: update me

    the vlogs are awesome, and the different locations would help with the variety of them
  25. Ferrari1190

    Blake's Racket in the June Tennis Magazine

    yeah i noticed that too, i thought it might have been computerized or something
  26. Ferrari1190

    Racquet Revies

    Thanks Jason :)
  27. Ferrari1190

    Pros who string at less than 50 lbs.

    WOW! thats insanely low, wonder why he likes it soo loose?
  28. Ferrari1190

    Racquet Revies

    Hey TW, any new ones coming out soon? Like many on the board i love all of your video reviews:)