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    Hey T Dub , im doing a science summer assignment, so im testing overgrips the wilson pro, supergrap and tourna. if u guys arent busy, could someone write up a short review about atleast the wilson pro and supergrap. i would really appreciate it just a reply here would be fine, :) thanks...
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    TW shirt

    hey guys, im lovin the new design, cant wait to order some just putin' i out there:)
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    racquets on airplanes

    im leaving out of the country and i want to bring my racquet and it has lead tape on it. will that be a problem with secuity and stuff? im not sure which section this would be in so i just went with this thanks in advance
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    underarmour wristbands

    has anyone used these, i currently use nike so i was hoping for a comparison. any feedback would be great though
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    Nike Wristbands

    hey r u guys getting different colors other than the white, not like the federer or nadal one, but just the normal colors like black or blue? Thanks in advance:) Ferrari
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    Racquet Revies

    Hey TW, any new ones coming out soon? Like many on the board i love all of your video reviews:)
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    Yonex Bag

    The bag is shown as being free on your website, just wanted to tell you and see if it was some amaaaaazing deal lol :)
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    3 pack bags

    can anyone give some advice on 3 pack bags that are good ive been considering the k factor 3 pack, the TW, and the Dunlop aerogel 3 pack bags. Any experience with any of these would be great
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    Dunlop Aerogel 3 pack bag

    anyone here have any info on this bag. im strongly considering it because i dont have a lot of gear, also any other 3 pack bag suggestions would be great.
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    heavy legs

    so i was at my tryouts yesterday and i felt me lags werent moving as well as im used to. it felt really heavy and i wasnt just zipping across the court. is there anything to help that. i might try stretching in between the matches and see if it helps but any advice or suggestions would be great...
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    do you guys use them, and do u use the normal or double wide ones?
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    AO Final

    Anyone have a link to the highlights, i really want to see some of it thanks :)
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    Thank U Again

    ur service is amazing i just got my second Dunlop and i have to say that ur company is by far the best ive used and thats not just in tennis, so thank you again and i hope it keeps going forever:)
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    Leather Grip

    TW thank you soooo much for getting more leather grip. urs is absolutley the best! thanks again
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    Dunlop mfil 200

    hey do you guys know when you'll stop selling teh mfil 200 16x19. i bought one and i was very happy with it so im getting another in the next two months thanks
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    hey i knwo this topic has been covered but i need some solid opinions on experience form Sports Authority stringers any feeded would be great by the way im thinking of getting my raquet restrung this weekend
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    Nike Duffel

    has anyone used the large Nike Duffel, i realy need a big bag where i can fit all my stuff. how is it on durabiltiy and storage any feedback appreciated
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    TW leather grip

    my friends an i are ordering the TW leather grip, it says its in stock on the page and pending on the order page. so is it in stock or will we recieve it later thanks
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    hete shrink sleeve

    for the heat shrink sleeve do u remove it at the end or od u keep it on ur raquet?
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    why do several pros click thier heels during thier serves?
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    Help need feedback

    i'm looking to buy a Dunlop m fil 200 16 x 19. a little bit about me, i'm a 4.0 - 4.5 serve and volleyer but i also like to play all court as well. any info regarding the raquet would be useful this is my first new racquet since my TT Scream so i want something that will last.
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    Need a new racquet

    Ok so i'm been looking for a new racquet for sometime and have decided between the Dunlop M-Fil 300 18x20 and the Dunlop M-Fil 200 16x19 I'm a 4.0 serve and volleyer with and eastern forehand and a one handed backhand. so i really need a raquet that is good with serves and volleys...
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    Babolat strings

    could someone please compare Babolat Tonic 16 to Babolat VS Thernogut 16 i am not a string breaker and i plan to string these at 65 lbs. with that in mind which would be the better option as far as durability.
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    why do some tennis players blow on their fingers sometimes does it help with anything or is it just a ritual of sorts