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  1. Passion4Tennis

    FS: Head Youtek IG Radical Pro

    Hey. Is this racquet still available? If so, please send some pics to Thanks
  2. Passion4Tennis

    WTB Head Youtek IG Radical Pro

    Hey there! I've been desperately searching for one of these. I have one already, but I would like to buy at least one more. I would prefer a 4 3/8 grip, but I would consider a 4 1/4. 7.5 condition or better. Thanks!!
  3. Passion4Tennis

    FS: Head IG Youtek Radical Pro 4 3/8

    Hey. If it's still for sale, I'm interested.
  4. Passion4Tennis

    Lotto Men's Vector IV

    Ugh, I missed the happy hour again! I keep forgetting! The vector IV's look very appealing to me, but a poster that has wide feet (like me) said that they didn't fit him too well. I'm pretty happy with my Prince T14's, and they go for a great price.
  5. Passion4Tennis

    Donald Young, is it really too late?

    He's a few days shy of his 24th birthday. Young always seemed to lack heart IMO.
  6. Passion4Tennis

    TOP 5 Arm Friendly Frames

    Hey, Canadad, what were your thoughts on the Pacific X-Feel 90? I'm really curious about this racquet. The specs looks terrific, plus the price has been reduced to 149.00.
  7. Passion4Tennis

    Prince T24 and T14's

    I've been wearing the T14s for about 3 months now, and I'm happy with them. The are fairly comfortable, light weight, stable, and fit my slightly wide feet well. The outsoles only have minimal wear on them. I play about 5 hours a week. Hope this helps.
  8. Passion4Tennis

    Pro Supex

    I have been using Maxim Touch quite a bit recently. As others have said, it is probably the best value multi on the market. I also have a pack of Titan that I'll be trying out soon.
  9. Passion4Tennis

    why the Prestige Mid is the GOAT...

    Yeah, I can relate. I've played with the PC600 for many years. I love the racquet, but it feels anemic when I face power players. I played against someone like that recently in a league match, and it was difficult keeping up with him. I think I'm done with mids in general at this point. I...
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    From NTRP-based 3.0 to 3.5 by January 2014 (video diary)

    Tom, if your opponent took one more step before he served, he'd be hitting them from no man's land. lol
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    Here is how to WIN in every match, yes I'm serious

    Yep, Waiting for Columbus is one of the best live rock albums in history. You saw some good bands, but I'll take Little Feat over any of them. I'm envious that you saw them in 78, buddy! That had to be an awesome concert. It's too bad that a lot of people don't even know who they are. They were...
  12. Passion4Tennis

    From NTRP-based 3.0 to 3.5 by January 2014 (video diary)

    Good stuff, Mike. It seems like you guys had a lot of fun. I looked at a satellite view of that park, and I really like the way those courts are laid out end over end. It's unusual to see them like that. I wish we had something like that in NJ.
  13. Passion4Tennis

    Full Syn gut - actually pretty great

    Sweet's tension maintenance isn't quite as good as POSG, and I think it produces a little less spin too, but FS is softer. I like them both. They're my two favorite syn guts out of the dozen or so that I've tried.
  14. Passion4Tennis

    Full Syn gut - actually pretty great

    I own three Head prestige mid classics, and two of them are strung with a full bed of Forten Sweet 17. I normally get about 12 hours from one before it pops. It plays soft, has good feel, and holds tension pretty well. Not bad for a string the costs 2.95.
  15. Passion4Tennis

    Influence of head size difference-it is mostly in our heads.

    A few posters have missed the Peace Train.
  16. Passion4Tennis

    Mikeler's Multis

    Yep, I've been there, Mike. I had pretty severe tennis elbow for a number of years. I don't have that any longer, just achilles tendonitis along with some shoulder and back problems. Good I've walked away from the sport a few times, but I love it too much to give it up.
  17. Passion4Tennis

    Lotto Men's Vector IV

    These don't seem to be widely popular. There are only two reviews at TW for them. Both posters seem impressed, but I was hoping that I could get some additional info from others. Specifically, whether they are roomy enough for wide feet, and how durable the outsole is. I think they look...
  18. Passion4Tennis

    Bungalo Bill is Alive

    Congratulations on the marriage! Stop in every now and then to help out the poor slobs (like me) that could use some tips, lol.
  19. Passion4Tennis

    Bungalo Bill is Alive

    Hey, BB! What have you been up to? You've given this board a lot of useful information over the years. I always looked forward to your posts. Stick around, man.
  20. Passion4Tennis

    What NTRP level would you say each of these two players are?

    I believe their level of play has already been confirmed on page 3. They both had winning records at would be considered a 4.5 level of play here. But, feel free to say that they look no better than your local 3.5's. Funny, because I don't see 3.5's at any parks near me hitting the ball as well...
  21. Passion4Tennis

    Apparently, Raonic couldn't even walk before the match

    That quick handshake he gave Federer at the net didn't look too "classy" to me.
  22. Passion4Tennis

    Here is how to WIN in every match, yes I'm serious

    I don't think this thread will get as much attention as your "sissies" one, but we'll see how it shakes out. Best of luck, though.
  23. Passion4Tennis

    Does Modern Tennis Exist?

    Here are several videos of pro players hitting forehands. Each one separates their hands well before the ball bounces.
  24. Passion4Tennis

    Does Modern Tennis Exist? It may not be the same for all the top players, but notice how Fed splits his hand well before the ball bounces. Wow, that music is annoying! lol
  25. Passion4Tennis

    Does Modern Tennis Exist?

    Interesting story, Cindy. I agree with your instructor as well. Preparing early isn't the problem, it's when they prep too late. I've seen this countless times. They are slow to move their feet, do a unit turn, and get their racquet back. If you and your friends have flaws in your fhs, it is due...
  26. Passion4Tennis

    Modern Tennis Tips by Oscar Wegner

    This is true. I doubt that a lot of people I've played with over the years (3.5-4.5) would have any idea what a split step is. I didn't know what it was until I came to this forum.
  27. Passion4Tennis

    Cotton Strings

    I'm not sure about cotton, but I'd like to see them make strings out of hemp.
  28. Passion4Tennis

    Group Classes - Yes or No

    Merry Christmas, Dave and I hope you continue to post here often in the new year!
  29. Passion4Tennis

    Group Classes - Yes or No

    Excellent post, Dave, as usual. The highlighted part describes my situation well. I took group lessons when I was 20 at a community college. A year later I took between 8-10 private lessons, and then stopped due to financial reasons. Since then, I've mainly learned through tips in Tennis...
  30. Passion4Tennis

    Forgive me you Sissies

    I had an indoor match scheduled for tomorrow, but I had to cancel it due to a blister on my pinky. I put a band-aid on it, but it still hurts like the dickens. Has anyone else been in a similar circumstance and played through the pain?