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    Worst match you've ever seen

    What comes to mind? Tomic Tiafoe last year was terrible, Paire M Zverev 2018 as well, what else
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    Who are the worst players tactically?

    Which players come to mind? Bublik is one, also Rublev's tactics leave much to be desired
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    Most Annoying Players to Follow on Instagram?

    Wish Bernie Tomic had socials, be hilarious to see what he posts
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    Are there any players without coaches?

    Tomic and Kyrgios are two who come to mind - but are there any others? Gulbis was coachless for a while but I'm not sure about now, I saw Torpegaard had an empty box at AO qualies but I'm not sure if that was a once off - anyone else?
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    With the proper mentality what Tomic would have archived?

    Assumed correctly hahahahaha, one of the most relaxed guy’s you’ll come across
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    With the proper mentality what Tomic would have archived?

    Guy is an absolute legend off the court, by far the nicest player I've met and parties like an animal, can't work out why so many people hate him tbh - just cause he's lazy?
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    Favourite game to watch outside big 3?

    Agreed, Tomic and Fog play beautiful tennis Their final in Chengdu was insane, give it a watch if you haven't already
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    Favourite game to watch outside big 3?

    Who comes to mind? Personally, Tommy Paul's someone I could watch all day
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    Most Likable NextGenner?

    Tommy Paul's a great kid
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    What is your favorite player’s most annoying trait?

    also - love Tomic's game and he's a great guy IRL but him tanking does annoy me
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    What is your favorite player’s most annoying trait?

    Kokkinakis - can’t play two matches without getting injured
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    Which players lie about their "official" height?

    Tomic is huge, no way he's only 6'4 Also Sonego is bigger than 6'2
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    What’s the one hypothetical that was one match away from happening that you would have liked to see the most?

    Tomic Kyrgios FO 2018 when they were having some beef would've been insane, sadly Nick withdrew
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    Ugliest Strokes In Tennis.

    I'd add Paire to that Gorgeous backhand
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    Who has the worst slice backhand in men's tennis?

    Who are we thinking these days? Lloyd Harris comes to mind, terrible floaty one
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    Kyrgios cares about tennis theory?

    Kyrgios is a poor man's Tomic I reckon
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    Which tennis players are currently training?

    Anyone living in Florida I reckon would be (besides Bernie lol)
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    Players who were bad juniors that became good seniors?

    Good nom. Was 1-3 in junior events, only win was in a qualies match so never had a junior ranking. The guy he beat in qualies? A certain Marat Safin, who had a career high of 342 in juniors
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    Players who were bad juniors that became good seniors?

    Got mixed up between Berretini and Struff my bad Berretini was very average until around 17 then he shot up, whereas Struff didn't do much Paire is an interesting one, didn't do anything really until 17 then at 18 in his last few junior tournaments he did reasonably well (getting a wildcard into...
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    Players who were bad juniors that became good seniors?

    Benoit Paire was more likely to become a tractor driver than tennis player at 16, Berretini was very average, Sonego likewise. Gulbis claims he never practiced more than ten hours a week until around 15 either Any others I've left out?
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    Will tennis need to move to fan-less tournaments?

    Kyrgios yesterday said he's not playing a slam without any fans
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    Which will be the first tournament held with fans?

    Imo, based off the current vaccine predictions, Wimbledon 2021 could be the most anticipated tournament in tennis history
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    Want a good laugh?

    His Murray, Tomic and Rafa are 10/10, rest are about 3/10 this one's pretty good too
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    If____wasnt a tennis player he/she would play_____

    Benoit preferred soccer to tennis at 15 so he'd probably be very good
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    Tennis players that smoke..

    Thought I might bump Kyrgios, Tomic, Evans and Fognini are all apparently smokers, anyone else
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    Which chronic underachiever would you like to see win a slam?

    Bernie winning the Chengdu 250 was epic. The utter scenes if he won a grand slam would be something to behold
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    AO Making Plans for Fan-Free Tennis

    Tbf, what he said was taken out of context All he said was we have the option of quarantining international players or a fan free tournament, these are just two of our many options if worst comes to worst
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    Most recent men’s tennis player to become a household name?

    Dunno about America, but the rest of the world it’s Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios
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    When tennis returns, what's going to be the biggest change?

    Let’s just say the first big tournament back is the AO Don’t even bother coming, every court will have such a stupidly long line it’ll just be unenjoyable