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    whats up with federers bag at the olympics?

    It's custom... if you were Federer would you rather have a big "W" on it or no advertising through your bag? Although maybe it's some strange olympic rule.
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    Nike Racquets

    Does Anyone Know Why Nike Doesn't Make Racquets? I'm Sure They Would Be Right Up With Wilson. Their Clothing And Shoes Are Fine.
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    Improve Sampras' Game

    If You Could Improve "Pistol" Pete's Game, What Would You Improve?
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    Recommended tennis balls

    Thanks for all the advice! :)
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    yes, A two handed backhand some pros do and a 1 handed slice will have tons of spin on it.
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    Recommended tennis balls

    so should i use real balls on clay or foam on hardcourt?
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    Safin or Chang?

    Safin all the way...
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    Who will win? Sampras or Federer?

    Yep. BTW nice Signature.
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    I cannot watch Shriekapova any longer.

    Ha Ha... I Agree.Does she not do that all the time? :)
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    How Many Grand Slams Will Rafael Nadal Win In 2008?

    Even if he most likely will only get 1-2 he still is a great tennis player and even if he only gets 0,he is still great at tennis and very nice.I'm sure he will try very hard to get at least 1 Title.
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    Who will win? Sampras or Federer?

    yep me too, Although No ties, so i win
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    Who have you seen in most matches?

    Exactly like what i've been wanting!
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    Recommended tennis balls

    what foam ball do you recommend for clay courts for a learning junior?
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    Who will win SAP Open, San Jose, CA?

    yup... He won... i know this is newer than when this was made, But he plays Federer March 10th
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    Who will win? Sampras or Federer?

    seems pretty logical... They are about even...
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    Who will win? Sampras or Federer?

    in the exhibition match, no. 1 ranked Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras at Madison Square Garden in New York on March 10th?
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    Who Buys Your Racquets?

    sometimes me sometimes my parents
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    Who do you watch play the most?

    All of them are nice on and off the court. (except a few)
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    Avoid Choking

    Ha Ha, If you can't stop peanut butter take a cough syrup.:)
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    Favorite Song

    Remember The Name-Fort Minor Chariots of Fire-Vangelis New Soul-Yael Naïm
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    Hurts to Serve

    you should take a rest, but if you want to continue practicing then to practice serves you can throw the ball in the air then if you are right handed try to get it to land to the right of you where you normally hit it.
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    Who have you seen in most matches?

    Live in the crowds who have you seen play most matches?
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    When did you start playing tennis?

    1-2 years ago/8 years of age then.