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  1. forzamilan90

    Recommend me a former pro has a backhand similar to Wawrinka?

    Can you think of any. I am interested in checking out some footage. Guys that can blast the one hander like a rocket.
  2. forzamilan90

    Federer's 100 best shots

    Don't know if this has been posted before, but this 29 minute video was just ridiculous and probably the best representation of his repertoire that I've seen. Watching some of these backhand shots, you'd think how dare anyone ever criticize his...
  3. forzamilan90

    Which past great has the most similar game to Djokovic?

    Agassi? Lendl? Connors? Any other less known "baseline" guys whose game is very similar?
  4. forzamilan90

    If it wasn't for THE INJURY...Del Potro could have been #1 by now

    In my opinion, that wrist injury really hurt his development. The Man was on an absolute tear when he won that U.S. Open, looked unstoppable. He was a wrecking ball. He has all the weapons to destroy anyone in the world. He has incredible grit and heart too (marathon matches). When ON, he's...
  5. forzamilan90

    Federer to continue with the 98 inch racquet after the U.S. Open

    Just heard the commentators from the US Open stream site talking that he is just using the old racquet for the US Open, but afterwards the experimentation will continue. If he wins the US Open, I'd be scratching my head, but if he doesn't I think it'd be a good move to give it more time with...
  6. forzamilan90

    Most greatness in 1 picture?

    A gathering of Year Ending World Number 1s took place recently in New York City. It's part of the 40 Year Celebration of the ATP tour. A lot of open era greats. Few #1s are missing though. Can you name them? :)
  7. forzamilan90

    What's with the McEnroe Nadal butt kissing lately?

    Just watched McEnroe's post reaction to you know what on one of the ESPN articles (video), and he literary referred to Nadal as the Greatest Ever...WTF??? I've officially lost all respect for what this dude says. Is he bipolar or something?
  8. forzamilan90

    Help me identify this old racquet

    So a friend of mine wanted to play the other day, dude shows up with this on the courts. What's it called and how old is this?
  9. forzamilan90

    Who's the greater player of the two: Sampras vs Laver?

    Let's see what this side of the forum thinks. Two of the greatest players of all time, and the definitive players of their respective decade of dominance. This is Singles comparison only. It's difficult to compare across eras (equipment changes, rule changes, different surfaces, calendar...
  10. forzamilan90

    Ideally, there should be 3 clay, grass, hard court carpet/wood WTF

    Totally fantasy thread since it would take a miracle for this to happen and they'd have to change schedules and tournaments to make it happen. So after that thread about possibly losing a clay court Masters 1000 and obviously people being divided on the topic, it got me thinking. Why not...
  11. forzamilan90

    Pat Cash interview with Grigor Dimitrov (CNN) Apparently he wants people to stop with Federer comparisons....just when I was warming up with Simba and Mufasa :(
  12. forzamilan90

    If Federer was American?

    How celebrated would he have been in the USA, assuming he was born in USA but with same level of accomplishments? More so than Tiger Woods? Would the sport have become way more mainstream in the country? Would he even more popular world wide? Discuss.
  13. forzamilan90

    Rosewall and Gonzales Careers Official Thread

    Both have great records, great longevity. Let's analyze their careers and compare them. Also, let's Try not to emphasize other players (a lot of threads get their topics off track). Serious discussion only. I personally want to get educated about these two cause they fly under the radar somewhat...
  14. forzamilan90

    "Grigor Dimitrov Fined for Attacking Umpire and Could Face Further Punishment" :shock: can't believe he'd do something this stupid, all the potential in the world, but bad behavior
  15. forzamilan90

    How promising is Grigor Dimitrov?

    Being a Bulgarian myself, I would love it if Grisha becomes a world class player, and he has been scouted for a while now, so my question is do y'all think the future is bright for him, as in top 10 and potentially a Grand Slam champion, or will he not make it there?