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    Is Murray Hallucinating?

    I know he is pretty disappointed but in this interview Andy Murray says after losing to Roddick: ANDY MURRAY: "I think Federer has a good return. I don't think that it's incredible. He doesn't break serve as much as a lot of the guys." "So regardless of whether it's Roger or, you know, me [he...
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    Grunting and Time Violations

    Get the whole article here written by Navratilova. Agree with a lot of what she is saying, in particular, time violations and the grunting : "Top of the list is grunting, screeching, shrieking, whatever you want to call it. I call it cheating and it’s got to stop ... I believe it may initially...
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    Intruder at RG Finals

    That incident with the intruder was quite scary. Reminded me of the Seles match where she got stabbed. You would figure that the RG organizers would make sure that no-one from the stands would be able to go on court. Or at least have a quicker response time. According to the Wimbledon...
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    Time Violations

    Time violations have been discussed recently and it seems folks have sometimes very different opinions on this but are nevertheless affecting pro match results and culture. ATP Rule Book: - You are allowed 25 sec between points (including changeovers during tiebreaks). Grand Slam Rule Book: -...