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    Most popular Racquet for Middle School/High School Tennis

    I'm guessing most people don't think of natural gut as budget-friendly, but if she isn't a string breaker, a full-bed can last up to a year, and help protect her from injury.
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    Wanting to quit playing tennis

    I just googled "USTA Player Demograhics". It said 1/3 of players are below 3.5, another 1/3 are at 3.5, and the final 1/3 are above 3.5. A 4.0 is in the top 37%, a 4.5 in the top 11%, and a 5.0 is in the top 2%. Tennis is a lifetime sport. As others have said, there will always be someone...
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    Yonex DR98 to Clash 100 Tour?

    When the Clash Tour first came out last year, I demo'd it for about 4-5 hours, and seriously considered switching. For me, it had more free power than the DR 98, including the serve, but didn't have the same touch & feel (not too many racquets do). I don't think I demo'd long enough to comment...
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    TW Racquet Reviews

    I enjoy watching the racquet reviews, and appreciate the variety of opinions. It must be difficult to summarize how you feel in 90 seconds or less, but please keep it going! :) As a customer, I really like the categories of evaluation (volley, serving, etc.), but the criteria for scoring doesn't...
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    Yonex DR98 to Clash 100 Tour?

    Last year, I too tried to make this transition, but couldn't do it. At net, it's hard to beat the DR98. :) You could try playing it stock, and using s gut-poly hybrid, which will reduce weight and make it more lively, but it will obviously feel different. I endeded up switching to the Blade 98...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    I'm planning to buy one for sure. I think the Ezones are the only frames I feel comfortable purchasing without a demo first, because of the strong interest. I still have people regularly asking if I'm willing to part with my last remaining DR 98, even during the lockdown! :)
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Anyone string gut/poly in the new EZONE 98? I recall an old VS Touch review of Andy's frsaying VS Touch/Tour Bite was the best setup he's ever played with in his leaded up DR98. When I purchased my 2020 Ezone 98, I got it strung with VS Touch Black 16 in the mains, and PTP Blue 1.25 in the...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    I am really looking forward to trying this mystery racquet, especially since I don't have my 2020 Ezone 98 anymore. :( I was literally the first person at my club to get one in January, and after a little bit of tinkering, I was really starting to gel with it. But one of my buddies wanted it so...
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    Playing tennis safely by TW. Perfect way to play tennis

    Good video. Thank you Jason & Brittany :). The weather is starting to turn nice in my area, so I might start calling friends to play singles outdoors. I usually play indoor doubles and attend drills during the winter, but not since mid-March!
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    What hybrid should I bye?

    In my DR 98, I have used the VS Touch 16 /RPM Blast 17 hybrid-set-up many times. It works great and lasts a long time.
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    For americans : how popular is the US Open ?

    The US Open is a big event, for both NYC and the TV networks which cover it. During the tournament, most sports bars across the country will have it showing on their TV screens, along with other sports being played at the time. But make no mistake, tennis is not the most popular sport in the US...
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    Federer wants ATP and WTA to merge into one governing body

    ATP + WTA = (y) PTA = Professional Tennis Association
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    What Yonex Racket Should I Get?

    Please see the discussion thread titled "Yonex EZONE 2020 AO". There is a lot of good information there. :)
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    What Yonex Racket Should I Get?

    If you are currently using the 2018 Ezone 98, I would recommend trying the 2020 Ezone 98. It should be an easy transition, especially if you use the same strings. There is also a big discussion thread (in this forum) about the 2020 models, for both the 98 and 100 versions. Very good racquets IMO.
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    Will tennis need to move to fan-less tournaments?

    If the Tennis Channel started showing matches without spectators, I would probably still watch. :) It might be interesting to see how the players adapt.
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    If you only had ONE racket for LIFE?

    I haven't had a chance to hit the Ultra Pro v3 (yet), but I have lots of experience with the Utra Tour, which is a terrific frame. The specs of the v3 look about the same, so I suspect they didn't change too much. If someone told me that would be my only racquet for the rest of my tennis days, I...
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    If you only had ONE racket for LIFE?

    Oh, this is a good one :) If I had to pick one racket model for my entire life, it would have to be something that's comfortable, controllable, powerful, and user friendly. Isn't that what all of us are looking for? My vote would probably go to the Wilson Ultra Pro v3, with natural gut...
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    Last match you played?

    I coordinate an indoor-doubles-league on Saturday mornings, which is a great deal of fun. Most of the guys have known each other for years, so in addition to improving our tennis skills and getting good exercise, we socialize as well. The last time we played was on March 14th, two days before...
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    Home Workouts and Quarantine Fitness.

    I've got a stationary bike and set of dumbbells, which I'm using 20-30 minutes per day. It will do for now. Better than nothing!
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    Clubs closing thread.

    My fitness center in Southeast Michigan is still open. It has 8 indoor courts, 4 indoor/outdoor courts that are currently under a bubble, and a huge gym area with several indoor pools, studios for various cardio activities, 2 indoor basketball courts, and a big rock-climbing wall. My plan is to...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Not bad. Pretty close to my specs actually. I prefer the slightly-lighter ones now, so it's good-to-know the custom-painted frames are that way too!
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Has anyone tried a custom painted Blade directly from Wilson? I really like the camo style paint-job, but I'm afraid if I ordered one, the specs would be way different than my current 18x20, which only weighs 318g strung. This discrepancy annoyed me at first, but now that I have gotten used to...
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    Maria Sharapova retires from professional tennis

    I didn't like the meldonium scandal, but still wish Maria the best in her retirement. She certainly brought in a lot of new fans to watch tennis, especially after her Wimbledon title. Now that she's gone, I hope the WTA and ATP consider establishing new rules regarding shrieking and grunting...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Just a quick update on my long-term-demo of the 2020 Ezone 98. I didn't like it stock, and then tried 4g of lead at 12:00, as others have done. That was fantastic for beefing up the swing-weight, but I was worried about the balance-point in the long-run, so I removed the lead and added a Yonex...
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    Seriously considering Yonex

    If you are currently using the Clash 100 Tour, I'm guessing you will really like the Ezone 100. But demo it first :sick:
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Thank you so much for posting this. I tried the same thing, 4 grams of lead at 12 o'clock, and cant believe how much of a difference it made. It plays like a completely different racquet now :). Approach shots and ground strokes staying in, even with my eastern-forehand-grip! No arm discomfort...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    I just received my 2020 Ezone 98, and played doubles with it today. The unstrung weight on mine was right on spec at 305g, and I got it strung with VS Touch 16g at 53 pds in the mains, and YPTP 17g at 50 pds in the crosses. The paint job and decals on this frame are fantastic, and you can...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    I'm still waiting too.......hopefully not too much longer 8-B
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Good minds think alike! I will for sure post my impressions for everyone, and will probably separate my comments into a few parts, as my opinion might change over time. I'm still not exactly sure what string I'll use in my first set-up. I've got a package of ALU Power or YPTP ready to go, but...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    I went ahead and ordered one, and will try a long-term demo. But my Blade & DR will be staying in my bag, just case of emergency :)