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  1. Captain Ron

    Am I doing poly wrong?

    Looking for suggestions on poly. I'm a 3.5, usually play doubles. I love poly for about 1-3 hours, then it is just ok and goes down from there. I play doubles once a week for 1.5 hours, sometimes more in the summer. I string my own rackets with a drop weight stringer. Is this just what I should...
  2. Captain Ron

    Was clay invented by the FINNISH?

    What is the deal with clay and the FINNISH? Both Andy and Nadal have been completely FINNISH all year. Then, Andy from nowhere wins last week? And now who knows what will happen in Madrid. I'm confused?
  3. Captain Ron

    Does Wrist Band Affect Swing???

    I had to try this tonight. I played doubles and alternated with and without a wrist band (tried to change about every 3 games). Here is what I found for me: 1. I could not feel the difference on my groundstrokes, volleys or serves with and without the wrist band. 2. There was no discernible...
  4. Captain Ron

    FS: Yonex Rdis 100 Mid 5/8

    FS: Yonex Rdis 100 Mid 5/8 Grip Size: 4 5/8" Head Size: 93 in^2 Condition: 7/10 Price: $60 (Paypal) Shipping: USPS Contact Info: More pictures available upon request.
  5. Captain Ron

    FS: Pure Control Team 5/8

    FS: Babolat Pure Control Team Grip Size: 4 5/8" Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97 in^2 Condition: 7/10 (Photos available on request) Price: $80/BO (Paypal) Shipping: USPS Included Contact Info: Email More Pictures available upon request.
  6. Captain Ron

    Modern doubles rackets?!?

    Is there a modern doubles? Interesting the IW doubles finals has two APDs, a PD and I think a Wilson. Are times and tactics finally changing in doubles? Edit: The Wilson appears to be a Six one 95 (
  7. Captain Ron

    Really low powered, stiff with good skin polyester?

    Looking for some recommendations on really low powered, stiff polys with good spin potential. Currently using Pro Red Code 16 mains and Gamma Moto 16 crosses. Love Pro Red Code but it dents quickly for me as a cross. Moto seems to resist denting better. Other strings I like are Tour Bite and...
  8. Captain Ron

    Who is really FINNISH?

    I'm confused which tennis players are really FINNISH?!? I think I heard Federer was FINNISH. I heard Rafa is FINNISH but I think no, no? I just heard Dimitrov is FINNISH and Maria also? So, which players are really FINNISH?
  9. Captain Ron

    Hypothetical mixed dubs personality pairings

    Just for fun, interesting hypothetical mixed dubs personality pairings. 1. Cornet/Murray 2. Cibulkova/Tsonga 3. Sharapova/Monfils
  10. Captain Ron

    Acapulco - Is there something in the water? No, its Ryan Harrison?!?

    What is going on in Acapulco? Both of Ryan Harrison's matches look odd. Is there something in the water? I would like to believe Ryan is playing better but these match scores look/smell funny. Anyone watch the matches? I know Grigor may be testing new rackets but I'm sure he could beat Ryan...
  11. Captain Ron

    I wish Nadal a speedy recovery

    We should all wish Nadal a speedy recovery after his loss to Fognini. Anyone know what his injury is, no???
  12. Captain Ron

    Most interesting man in the world - 1hbh or 2hbh ???

    What kind of backhand does the most interesting man in the world use?
  13. Captain Ron

    ced is a Great Seller!!!

    ced was great to deal with. Very responsive, great communication, fast shipping, racquet is better than described. Couldn't have been a better transaction!
  14. Captain Ron

    Federer/Federer Vs Sharapova/Dimitrov

    Mirka and Roger against Maria and Grigor who wins?
  15. Captain Ron

    Poly hybrid - Thinking of trying Tour Bite/Yonex Poly Tour Spin

    I really like both TB and YPTS. They both have great spin, TB plays really dead which I like and YPTS really resists notching and plays a little more lively than TB for me. I'm thinking of trying TB mains and YPTS crosses. Hoping to get similar spin, better life than full bed TB (less cross...
  16. Captain Ron

    The "Moral" Victor of the GOAT Debate

    After recently reading a post about the moral victor of a match I realized what is missing from the GOAT debate Moral victories and slams! It is quite obvious that these are as or more important than actual victories/slams. For instance one could argue that Nadal was the moral victor of AO14...
  17. Captain Ron

    Babolat Settlement and Pro Racquets/Paintjobs

    In light of the proposed Babolat Settlement I thought it would be interesting to hear people's opinions on the practices of Babolat and other brands. Here are my opinions: 1. I never really believed GT did anything and considered it more of a marketing thing than real technology. So, not upset...
  18. Captain Ron

    Roger and Stan are so proud of Talk Tennis

    Roger and Stan where not arguing about their match the other night. They were having a spirited discussion about how lucky they are too be witnessing the golden era of Talk Tennis :) At the end of their discussion, Roger agreed to skip the final as nothing can top the level of discussion reached...
  19. Captain Ron

    How many points could you win off Andy Murray?

    How many points would you get in a set? Let's hear what everyone thinks!
  20. Captain Ron

    Who's Racquet Would You Choose?

    If you had to go into a match with one of these rackets which would you choose? 1. K90 2. RF 97 3. APD original, no Cortex 4. APD current 5. LM Radical MP (retail) 6. Graphene Speed Pro 7. PT 630 8. Graphene Radical Pro 9. Microgel Radical MP 10. Yonex 95D/Tour G Sorry only 10...
  21. Captain Ron

    Will everyone please order a Head Youtek IG, please?

    Please just order a Head Youtek IG. I ordered one two weeks ago but the others keep calling to me! New rackets for the price of two packages of gut, very distracting:) Please, we all know we are eventually going to breakdown and buy them. Let's just get it done and buy them now so we can go...
  22. Captain Ron

    Racket Finder - Yonex Tour G not showing up

    I can't get the Yonex Tour G to appear in the racket finder results.
  23. Captain Ron

    Babolat PS LTD GT Second Honeymoon?

    Anyone have multiple honeymoons with the same racket? I played with the PSLTD for 1 year 2 years ago. I switched from the PSLTD to the vcore 97 about a year ago and had been really happy with the vcore. A month ago I started trying to cut down on the lead on my frames and slowly cut back from...
  24. Captain Ron

    Doubles strategy when I am the weaker player

    Looking for advice when I'm the weaker player in a doubles pairing. I play with several groups that play round robin doubles so sooner or later I'm the weaker player in a pairing. My game, 3.5 with above average serve speed and good placement, very strong volleys and net play, very good court...
  25. Captain Ron

    Pro Code Red Alternative - Looking for Better Notching Resistance

    I'm new to hybrids (and polys) and looking for an alternative to Tecnifibre Pro Red Code with better resistance to notching as a cross string. I wanted to try a poly for spin. I tried a hybrid of NRG2 mains and Pro Red Code crosses 55/51 and loved the way it played. I'm a 3.5 with a decent...
  26. Captain Ron

    Spoiler Alert - Roger Federer to win 18th Slam at Cincinnati 2014!

    You heard it here first, Fed will win his 18th slam at Cincinnati 2014. How perfect for him to win number 18 at the real slam, Cincinnati! ;) After talking with Drakulie, we know he will take the advice of the TT posters and use either the original PS 85, his new 97 signature racquet or a...
  27. Captain Ron

    My First and Second Serves - Feedback Appreciated

    Here are my first and second serves. I would appreciate feedback on what to work on improving. I am a 3.5 and primarily play doubles but I'm working to play more singles. Appreciate any advice and thoughts. Thanks,
  28. Captain Ron

    Standing Near Tee While Partner Receives

    I have had a few opponents stand very close (<12") to the Tee when their partner is receiving while I serve. I assume they are doing this in hopes of discouraging me from serving down the middle? I don't let this stop me and sometimes get funny looks, especially if I miss and they have to move...
  29. Captain Ron

    FS Yonex Rdis 100 93 in^2 8/10 $90

    FS Yonex Rdis 100 93 in^2 8/10 very minor paint scratches and head guard wear. Email for pictures - rezac dot ron at gmail dot com. Paypal $90
  30. Captain Ron

    FS Babolat Pure Control Team 4 5/8 7/10 $75

    Babolat Pure Control Team 4 /58, 97 in^2 16x20 Red, black and white cosmetic 7/10 condition, minor paint scratches, and head guard wear. email for pictures - rezac dot ron at gmail dot com. paypal $75 OBO.