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    Prince Phantom release dates

    expect denials of any collusion with Prince
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    Laundry when traveling

    have seen it all now
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    Tourna grip users who don't use the red tape

    I'm trying to imagine someone 1)actually noticing this, and 2)saying something about it
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    Anyone come back from a L5-S1 disc rupture and play again?

    Nonsense. Someone with real responsibility could figure out this thread belongs in a different forum. I'm guessing you do physical labor there.
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    Anyone come back from a L5-S1 disc rupture and play again?

    probably because you're the guy at the corporation who moves the furniture to wax the floors; how else can we explain a thread like this being in the "General Pro Player Forum"?
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    Has any single day been more painful for a player than July 6 for Roger Federer?

    gee, thanks for explaining that to me!!!! My point is that the thread is moronic, suggesting that a couple of big losses by Fed make for "the most painful date for ANY player in history" when the guy has so much good fortune and success.
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    Has any single day been more painful for a player than July 6 for Roger Federer?

    gee, how about B. Mattek-Sands writhing in REAL pain on the grass today at Wimbledon, perhaps ending her career? Your threads about Fed's pain and disappointments seem silly to me. The guy has had more success and wealth and fame than anyone could reasonably aspire to, who really gives a damn...
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    Michael Jo excellent to deal with

    Sold a racquet to Michael recently, cooperative, courteous and honorable, I recommend him without hesitation.
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    middle Sunday moan space (MSMS)

    Hell no!!! Sundays are for bicycle rides with the wife
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    middle Sunday moan space (MSMS)

    why wait a week when you can start NOW to announce to all that you have no life and don't know what you're going to do on middle Sunday. Feel free also to denounce the LTA for its archaic adherence to tradition and even sensibility. By all means feel free to suggest any good books you've read...
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    Coke Zero 400 (Daytona)

    Do you actually watch these things, endlessly monotonously circling the track? Are you just waiting to see the crashes?
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    FS: Textreme Warrior 100

    racquet sold
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    FS: Prince Textreme Warrior, 4 3/8

    racquet sold
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    Yonex Dr/Ai 108 Customisation

    This is a losing battle. You'll try to combat the instability with more weight, but on a relatively stiff 108 racquet you'll just make it uncontrollably powerful. Many go through this phase of trying to turn a snowshoe into a player's racquet, and it's generally futile.
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    Last Thing You Bought

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    Prince Phantom release dates

    there's a 100P 16x18??
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    Stem Cell Therapy

    your comment wasn't taken literally, it was taken as foolish foaming at the mouth. I assumed you had no examples to offer, and I would like to hear how the FDA impedes organic farming.
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    FS: Prince White LS 100, TW matched pair

    Racquet: Prince White LS 100 Grip size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head size: 100 sq. in. Condition: 9.5/10. Purchased about six months ago but only used few hours. No visible marks or scratches. Time used: several hours at most General description: Racquets were matched to spec weight of 300 mg...
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    Stem Cell Therapy

    what action of the FDA would have killed you?
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    Favorite Dirty Harry quotes ??

    "Please pass the salt -- or I'll blow your head clean off!!"
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    FS: Prince Textreme Warrior, 4 3/8

    Racquet: Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Grip: 4 3/8 (used with overgrip) Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 sq. in. Condition: 9.5/10 Time Used: approx. three hours. Purchased about 6 weeks ago. General Description: Racquet has no marks or scratches I can see, including headguard. Strung with...
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    The Curse of 11 for Federer, Nadal, Djokovic

    What's "amazing" here?? Makes perfect sense that if it's your weakest slam you'd lose thereafter whentt the going starts to get tough
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    RA 77 and remarkably comfortable

    no....the more recent 105 (black and dark gray paint) is 74 RA unstrung; I have the older 105s and had purchased one from Ollinger (gray with white lettering) that were sold in a 70 and 77 flex, and were not at that time foam filled (the 95 and 100 models at that time were foam filled)
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    Ronnie's Restaurant Orlando

    just wondering how a pickle could become so memorable
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    Andy Murray play most interesting tennis now -FACT

    It is, by definition, a trolling thread when one posts an opinion and labels it a FACT, unless one is too ignorant to know the difference.
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    Stem Cell Therapy

    published interview and the stock is still at next to nothing? why?
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    About to play my 7th day in a row. It's getting EASIER.

    "I love my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while" -------Groucho Marx
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    FS: Textreme Warrior 100

    Racquet: Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Grip: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head size: 100 sq. in. Condition: 9.5/10 TIme used: about 2 hours, purchased 2 weeks ago. General Description: no marks or blemished I can see. Strung with Diadem Solstice Pro. Price: $120 shipped in continental USA Contact...
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    Real slam count for players with ATG coaches ?

    Ummm, gee, how about borrowing from the three-fifths compromise of 1787 and say that a slam while being coached by an ATG only counts as three-fifths of a slam win. Is this mindless and silly enough for the OP?