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    Alternative to Xcel 16 in the main / Sidewinder 17 in the cross

    Hello. A year ago, I came off the dl from having constant arm issues (they aren't kidding when they said everything hurts more after 40). I made racquet and string changes and settled on a combination of PS97 and a full bed of Sidewinder 17 (54lb). I loved the feel, my arm didn't hurt and had...
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    Adidas Barricade 8 Clay

    I am making the migration over to playing primarily on clay (indoor), in the winter and har-tru outdoors in the summer. I know some of the more recent Barricades have a similar tread pattern to those shoes dedicated exclusively to clay and I have been using my 7s and 8s for clay...
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    Gamma X-ELS Loose Turntable Brake

    Hello. Based on the recommendations of this thread, I recently purchased a Gamma X-ELS machine. I've strung several racquets already and did notice that the turntable brake when turned to the lock position still tends to move (mainly when doing crosses). I thought the lock was there to prevent...
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    Plastic Bags For Customer Racquets

    When purchasing a new racquet, I've always liked getting my racquets in the plastic bag with the rubber band around the handle. I've seen this done when racquests are restrung as well. Since I've always strung my own racquets, I've obviously never done this but was wondering if people do this...
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    Switching from BLX Six.One to ? (Tennis Elbow)

    I've been sidelined for over a month now and was playing with the BLX Six.One 95 16x18 running Hurricane main/Excel cross (58lbs). My first switch will be to full Mantis Comfort but if that doesn't help, then the next option will be to start trying out a different frame. I really like the...
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    BLX Six.One 18x20 String Options

    Hello... This is my first time posting so if I used the search (but not well enough) my apologies in advance... I am a 4.0/4.5 player that made the switch from the Roddick GT Plus to a Six.One 18x20. I use a mix of Black Code 18g main/Pro Mix 17g cross at 58lbs. When I made the switch to...