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    Is hyper g best poly

    It’s the best for me but I have a long list of strings I still need to try based on the recommendations of other posters. Next up is signum pro-xperience. I’m also trying to decide between 16L and 17g. I have it strung at 54 lbs in a pure drive
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Yes I did. Those were the two shoes I liked the most and ultimately decided between. The cage 4s had more of a ‘slipper-like’ or cushioned feel. I imagine the Nike’s break in is super quick. The gel res 8s felt stiffer/more structured and slightly lower profile. The biggest difference was...
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    I tried a bunch of shoes at ************** today and i ended up picking up the blue black gel res 8. I’m still not a huge fan of the available colors but this is going to be a favorite many players who have played in gel resolutions in the past. It feels super secure, stable, grippy, and low...
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Count me among those who are unimpressed with the color options. I’ve been a longtime fan of the ASICS gel resolution but it certainly hasn't been a linear path toward improvement. I had heel slippage issues with my last pair but I did enjoy the improved cushioning and the durability was super...
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    In Retrospect: Connors 1991 US Open and Courier

    After almost 30 years, how do you feel about Connors' run at the 91 US Open? I remember watching that match on tv as a 13 year old and being very unimpressed - not with Connors play at 39 years old, but with his behavior at the time. I just watched some clips of his QF match against Krickstein...
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    Junior Transition Racket - Green to Yellow, 26" to 27"

    I agree with most of what averageforehand said above. My daughter is 11 and just went through this transition in this past year. She is small for her age and not particularly strong. We had her demo Several racquets before ultimately settling on a pure drive lite with a 1/8 grip and strung...
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    Trying to get back into tennis after 10 year break. looking at racquets and would like advice.

    I’m hitting with a pure drive with a hybrid string job at in the mid 50s just like you’re describing. I’m a relatively advanced player with strokes developed through 32 years of play. Most of that was with heavy, stiff, thin-beamed players racquets. I hit heavy top spin and my pure drive...
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    SMURF VS BANANA. mirror mirror on the wall which is the greatest tweener of them all?

    I actually switched to the PD after years of playing Yonex (rdis100mp). I demo’d the ezone 98 and 100. I liked the 98 but it felt a bit cumbersome at the net which was my only real issue with the rdis100mp. Like the PD, I thought the ezone98 was great for serving. Yonex makes a nice stick...
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    SMURF VS BANANA. mirror mirror on the wall which is the greatest tweener of them all?

    I demo’d a bunch of sticks prior to changing from a player stick to a tweener. In the Babolat lineup my favorites were the pure drive and PO7. I couldn’t keep balls from the 2016 pure aero in the court. That particular setup was a tramp. I went with pure drive because of the crazy spin and...
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    If you can handle a heavier racquet, is there any benefit to a lighter frame?

    I recently switched from a heavier stick (rdis100mp) to a lighter one (2018 pure drive) because I’m getting older (42) and my arm was getting tired after long hitting sessions. I’ve actually enjoyed the lighter setup at the net because I can respond more quickly. As you would expect you end up...