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    Hyper G Soft

    I was thinking the same thing. I still have an almost brand new reel. I’ll try this new one once it’s out though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where is Uniqlo selling this gear?

    Hahaha. It’s amazing how fast those sell out. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Uniqlo WTF 2019

    Hopefully the 1/17 as posted by someone earlier is right and we get it stateside soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Alternative to Xcel 16 in the main / Sidewinder 17 in the cross

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have x-one biphase, nrg2, and premier touch to test out. Xone biphase and nrg2 feel much more thick compared to Xcel even though they are all considered a 16g. Ultimately, the playability will make the final call.
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    Alternative to Xcel 16 in the main / Sidewinder 17 in the cross

    Hello. A year ago, I came off the dl from having constant arm issues (they aren't kidding when they said everything hurts more after 40). I made racquet and string changes and settled on a combination of PS97 and a full bed of Sidewinder 17 (54lb). I loved the feel, my arm didn't hurt and had...
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    Ferrer switching to Babolat???

    I didn't see his racquet with the stencil on the bottom so I was wondering if he was sponsored. He did have the full ensemble plus Babolat bag! I'm still really surprised he went to PD. I've wanted to go back to that frame on multiple occasions but it's just too stiff for me.
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    Babolat Pure Strike Tour Club

    I am using a full bed of Gosen Sidewinder 17g 57 lbs. have been happy with this string in the PS 16x19
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    Moving from the Strike to the Strike Tour..

    I use the 16x19 and contemplated a similar switch and used the Tour. I think, like others have pointed out, if you like an open strong pattern, try lead. I was personally found the opposite to happen when I went to the tour. I couldn't get the pop on my serve and although I had great feel at...
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    Spin friendly, low powered, durable, and affordable? What's out there?

    I have been using Gosen Sidewinder and love it. Relatively affordable (it's on sale) and I can string a full bed of poly and not feel the pain from other polys I've used
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    Adjusting to Pro Staff 97

    I am making a similar change. Pure Strike 16x19 to PS97. Similar reasons as well. I have felt an overall power drop but my slice and net play have increased significantly. Are you using the same string setup with the two racquets? I'd say keep practicing with it?
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    Murray back to Adidas shoes in DC

    I remember a good SI article about UA and Murray's shoes.
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    Wilson releasing Pro Staff 97S for Dimitrov (specs. included)

    Will the other racquets in the Pro Staff line adopt similar minor graphics changes (minus Dimitrov's name obviously). Just curious. The racquet looks good! The specs though are a bit odd.
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    Pro Staff 97 Appreciation Society

    I've been bouncing between the Pure Strike 16x19 and ProStaff 97, and I'm probably going to make the change to the Pro Staff 97 soon. I feel like I have a bit more mobility with the Pro Staff 97, the volleys seem to be more crisp, and the most important difference is that my backhand slice...
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    Babolat Pure Strike Tour Club

    I'm currently using the Pure Strike 16x19 w/Gosen Sidewinder 17g at 57lbs. I've had this racquet for a while now and I absolutely love it. That being said, the one thing I struggle to control is my slice. I tend to float it. I thought it might be a byproduct of the open 16x19 stringbed but I hit...
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    Adidas Barricade 8 Clay

    I am making the migration over to playing primarily on clay (indoor), in the winter and har-tru outdoors in the summer. I know some of the more recent Barricades have a similar tread pattern to those shoes dedicated exclusively to clay and I have been using my 7s and 8s for clay...
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    Tourna BHB7 vs. Gosen Sidewinder

    I would give the nod to Gosen Sidewinder as well. I have had some elbow issues before and I tried different polys and multi-cross combinations in an effort to find a grippy poly that didn't tear my arm apart. I began using Sidewinder in the main, Mantis comfort in the cross and used that in my...
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    Why no love for japanese TOALSON?

    I loved the Leona 66 reference!!!!
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    Do clay court shoes make a difference

    My local club just closed and the next closest indoor club has 5 red clay indoor courts. I have played in Barricades for the past 5 years and would like to continue to play in them. I don't see on the TW a clay court specific version of the Barricades. I saw some older 6 and 7 versions of the...
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    Gamma GLIDE cross string

    I thought the same thing
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    How do you pronounce Yonex?

    this ^ The Japanese character (katakana) for "Yoh" and "Yah" are different. It's "yoh"
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    Done with ploys. Need help with multis.

    I am similar in age and have had arm issues and went to the multis... but just didn't feel great about the feel and how the ball would come off the racquet. A friend had suggested Gosen Sidewinder 17 so I figured why not and I tried it. It's a soft poly but very very grippy. It's not the same as...
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    Gamma X-ELS Loose Turntable Brake

    Thanks for the help and you are wasn't it :???: I did talk to John and he responded right away and sent me a display and step-by-step of what to adjust. I love this stringer!!! Thanks!
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    Gamma X-ELS Loose Turntable Brake

    is it the quick clamp locking nut on page 15?
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    Gamma X-ELS Loose Turntable Brake

    ^ that is exactly it! I can see the little black square moving inwards as I adjust the lever to stop the movement. Having said that, once the tension begins to pull, the plastic on plastic grinding sound starts and the racquet swings. I would love to get an instruction sheet on this. I looked...
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    Gamma X-ELS Loose Turntable Brake

    Hello. Based on the recommendations of this thread, I recently purchased a Gamma X-ELS machine. I've strung several racquets already and did notice that the turntable brake when turned to the lock position still tends to move (mainly when doing crosses). I thought the lock was there to prevent...
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    Plastic Bags For Customer Racquets

    Perfect. Thank you very much for your help. I don't know why I came back with such odd results but that is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks again!
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    Plastic Bags For Customer Racquets

    My apologies. I should have prefaced in my original post. I did try searching under bags and then plastic bags. Unfortunately when I did, the results were quite varied and not quite what I was looking for. ^ how I searched the last...
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    Plastic Bags For Customer Racquets

    Also, I apologize if people are questioning why I put this in the strinigng machine/technique section. I thought that people who are visiting this section are usually either accomplished stringers who are familiar with the industry or individuals who could benefit from insight on this topic. If...
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    Plastic Bags For Customer Racquets

    When purchasing a new racquet, I've always liked getting my racquets in the plastic bag with the rubber band around the handle. I've seen this done when racquests are restrung as well. Since I've always strung my own racquets, I've obviously never done this but was wondering if people do this...
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    Gamma X-ELS or Progression ll ELS?

    Definitely experienced that so I ended up purchasing it online from a vendor in Pittsburgh yesterday. It will arrive today :) Thanks for everyones help! Look forward to trying out the new machine. On a side note, I would have ordered the X-ELS from TW but it's not listed on their site....