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    Highlight Vids

    A ton of great vids here... GrandSlam Highlights III Get pumped watching a little of this one before heading out to play! ;-)
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    Amy's Rule

    I was working on bringing my wonky one-hander into line today, and became reacquainted with one of the great tennis truths. Think maybe it's time to modernize the labeling a bit, so henceforth let it be known as "Amy's Rule"... Yes, get that head down, and keep it down, till the business at...
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    What would Prime Sampras do...

    ...with Nadal standing 15 feet behind the baseline on a hard court to receive? Methinks he would ace the crap out of him, and when that didn't happen serve and volley him to death, or bang weak replies into the open court. Boom, or Boom-Boom. Bada Bing!
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    Is Stephens the modern day Chrissie?

    Dont spend so much time on the forums here anymore, so apologies if this has been brought up before, but the more I watch Sloane Stephens the more I think of young Chris Evert. Stephens is very composed, super solid with her groundies. Even though the game has amp'd up in the past few decades...
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    McEnroe/McEnroe vs. Jensen/Jensen (US Open 2017 Men's Champions Doubles) Play starts at 11:20
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    US Open 2017 - East Side Lodging, Public Courts

    I attended the US Open several times starting in the late 90's, but it's going on 10 years now since I've gone. In the past whether for work or personal reasons I always stayed in Manhattan and took the train out and back, but this time around I'll only be there for a couple days early in the...
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    Really enjoying this AO!

    Watching a couple matches on demand on ESPN, and just realized one of the reasons this is so true for me is that DCHOKER AND MURRAY ARE OUT OF IT! YES!!! Hate is a strong word, so let's just say I really don't like either of them. Don't like the way they play, don't like the way they sulk and...
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    It was twenty years ago today...

    More or less... Seeing Moya in Rafa's box brought that back. Twenty years - time do fly! Bonus: Catch a quick glimpse of a very perky 16 year old Hingis in the vid during her singles heyday.
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    Serena versus ...

    Watching Serena playing Wozniacki, and thinking about the doubles match the other night with Mac, Blake, Wilander and Courier. Serena often strikes me as being in a league of her own: really too strong when she's got it all working for the other female pros, but not enough to be able to compete...
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    VIDEO: Today In US Open History: September 5, 2001 Nothing Better Than Pete vs. Andre
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    McEnroe/Blake vs Wilander/Courier

    On (Videos & Photos/US Open Live) right now. On Ashe prior to the Fed match. Very entertaining! ;-)
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    Nadal should write a book...

    He could call it "Losing Ugly".
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    Paging Dr. Allen Fox!

    The final proved that Fed's problem with Nadal is psychological - he's been Nadal's biotch for a long time now. Just watch one of their matches and see his confidence crumble, then the groundies get weak and short, the serve goes, etc. Fed still moves well and has big game - he needs to retool...
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    The Fill_In_The_Name Lie

    New film coming out about Lance Armstrong... Wonder if tennis will ever have its day under the microscope?
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    Corn Hole

    Since I became aware of it several years ago it's cracked me up there's actually a game called "Corn Hole"! Of course this (amongst other things) came to mind... Then again, maybe there is something to this pastime worth pursuing after all...
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    Did wood rackets change (style of play) much over the decades?

    Obviously when the first metal and then graphite rackets came onto the tennis scene things changed pretty dramatically, but one thing I'm curious about is how much the wood rackets changed over the years, say from what Budge and his peers used in the 30's up until woodies disappeared from the...
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    Federer - Robrerdo Available On Demand

    I was only able to watch the first set of the match yesterday, so have been hoping it would be available online on demand. It is now, on US Open - US Open 2013: ESPN2 Primetime Coverage (Men's Round of 16 & Men's Doubles Qf) This video starts at 3 all in the Federer-Robredo match...
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    Came across this interesting vid on youtube...
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    Federer - Berlocq

    Fed playing aggressively, ripping forehands, coming in and cleanly knocking off volleys. Off to a good start - hope he can keep it up!
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    1978 John McEnroe interview

    Apologies if this has been posted before. It's a good one... McEnroe, so young, so much hair! And when I see that Newk stache for some reason I always think of this oldie... I'll bet young Newk got more tail than Sinatra! ;-)
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    Son of Lendl

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    Borg playing in 1974, 1975 and 1979 - Good Video!

    Suspect this has been posted before, but it's a good video that shows Borg's strokes and movement very well! The footage from 1979 starts at 4:39 - Prime Borg!
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    Federer and Connors - Am I the only one?

    Just checking out some highlights of Fed/Nadal Wimbledon 2008 on youtube. Reminded me that sometimes while watching Fed over the years Connors would come to mind. Righty/lefty, and their strokes are quite different of course, but Fed's footwork when younger was Connors-esque - keeping a wide...
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    Borg and Nastase vs Ashe and Laver

    With Pancho Gonzales (and Chris Schenkel) commentating! Lots of bad line calls and arguing, with multiple rubbing out of marks! Even Borg gets into the spirit of it, and eventually hits a ball out of the stadium at 4:18!! Love the low from behind camera angle...
  25. thor's hammer

    What could modern pros learn from those who came before?

    As time passes and racket and string technology and stroke production continue to change, er, evolve, the general consensus seems to be that the top pros from just a few years before, playing with their equipment and their style, would not stand up to the current pros playing with theirs...
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    Two Great Vids

    Double Fault And as long as we're revisiting the spirit of the 70's, here's another classic... The Tennis Lesson
  27. thor's hammer

    Dallas 1984 WCT Final - Jimmy Connors vs McEnroe - highlights Lots of highlights of other matches in the tournament as well. Check Patrick McEnroe at 12:15 in a junior match! ;-)
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    Connors in Sports Illustrated

    I've been reading Connors' book and enjoying it, as I grew up during that era and remember seeing a lot of his battles with Borg, Mac and others on tv. Was recalling what I think was the first time I really became aware of him - an early article in Sports Illustrated - and was able to find it...
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    Bartoli Est Magnifique!

    She's a battler with great spirit, and a damn fine tennis player! She doesn't screech or grunt, (I love her for that alone!). Plus, this guy was her idol... On top of that she's damn cute! What's not to like?
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    Navratilova/Shriver vs. Lucie Ahl/Magdalena Maleeva

    Showing right now (in USA, anyway) on Court 18 - Martina Navratilova (USA) / Pam Shriver (USA) vs. Lucie Ahl (GBR) / Magdalena Maleeva (BUL) (SL) (Doubles) Should be available on demand for a while as well. Perhaps not the...