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    Federer and Mental Strength

    There is a perception in many that Federer is mentally weak when compared to someone like, say Sampras or Nadal. I think the fights that he puts up even when not playing his best should put that (mis) perception to rest, the latest instance being the murray match. How many more such...
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    Tsonga: "Top seeds in WTA inconsistent due to hormones"!!

    from his presser
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    Apparently, Sampras still thinks he's the GOAT!!! Granted, this is not a quote from the horse's mouth, so it could be fabricated. OTOH, he has made such statements in the past, so I wouldn't put it past him to come up with such nonsense. If he indeed still thinks...
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    A look at the history of "The Next Gen" of greats

    In men's tennis, a generation is usually defined as 5 yrs or so. Let's look at the list of noteworthy champions in successive generations (dates are for when the players turned Pro; open era only) Gen 1: Jimbo (1972), Borg (1973) Gen 2: Lendl (1978 ), McEnroe (1978 ) Gen 3: Edberg (1983)...
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    What do Sampras, Krajicek and Ivanisevic have in common??

    They were all the biggest servers in history who were taken to the cleaners by baby Fed on their favorite surfaces!! Federer vs Sampras (1 - 0): 2001 Wimbledon R16 -- 7-6, 5-7, 6-4, 6-7, 7-5 Federer vs Ivanisevic (2 -0): 2001 Milan Carpet QF -- 6-4 6-4 2000 London Hard R16 -- 7-5 6-3...
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    The new GOAT tiers

    I'm going strictly by accomplishments alone; don't want to debate subjective crap like peak level, "what ifs" etc. Tier I Laver -- for 2 Grandslams Federer -- pretty much at the top of most meaningful records (slams, time @ #1, versatilitydominance over all surfaces), career slam Borg (*) --...
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    Federer's chances of #1 if he loses the Wimby final

    As the title asks, if Federer loses the final, does he still have a chance to regain #1 sometime during the summer? or would he've missed the train? can some ranking experts enlighten me?
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    comparing the later stages of slams now vs 90s

    we've been witness to some of the most epic SF and finals in slams in the past decade. However, such matches were few and far in between during the Sampras era. Does that indicate that it was easier to win slams in the 90s? I think so..
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    Nadal admits it was a mistake to wash dirty linen in public..

    from his post match presser:
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    Is Nadal the Grandson of God?

    It must be.... right? if Djoker is his daddy :)??
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    Has Nadal ever defended a non-clay title?

    just wondering.... If that's true, that's a shocking stat!
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    Fedal: 6 slams difference, Djodal: 7 slams

    which pair will make it to zero first?
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    Federer's jacket vs Novak's birthday cake

    There was a massive outrage when Federer wore his "15" jacket right after winning wimbledon in 2009. this was AFTER he had won. Novak Djokovic recently celebrated his birthday in the serbian embassy with a candle numbered "1" -- he was prematurely celebrating his #1 rank even before the FO had...
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    Federer considering new racquet size and type??

    that's what the running captions on tennis channel claim -- that Federer told the swiss press? does anyone have more info?
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    Lowest form of journalism -- Tomas Berdych Post-match Presser

    I can't believe the levels the some journalists would stoop to, to create controversy.. always twisting and taking things out of context.. Berdych was asked this in his post-match presser: No where in his presser did Federer indicate anything remotely resembling what this scumbag of a...
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    Sampras Serve Vs Soderling's

    The serve was a major weapon for Soderling in the match against Federer. Even last year, Delpo's serve was too good in the SF. Fed served great against Soderling last year. This begs the question: why couldn't the "GSOAT" (S = Server) , Pete Sampras, have the same impact with his serve on clay...
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    Its a digrace, its an scandal, its a outrage! -- Part II

    It's a digrace, it's an scandal, its a outrage! -- Part II That Federer is the 2nd court tomorrow, but Venus & Cibulkova are on the main court! :)
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    Federer visits TW..

    At his post match presser... :shock: I'm sure he's referring to posts by sureshs, azzuri et al
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    safin says Federer = Sampras + Agassi!!

    .. towards the end of the video (link courtesy VGP in a thread in FPP section): Kafelnikov deflects the question, while Safin clearly thinks Fed is the GOAT :) that makes four players (Safin, Agassi...
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    weak era

    Another thread got me thinking: fed-haters and nostalgia-lovers love to point out how this era is weak. How can this era be considered weak if from the POV of anyone not named Federer, this is perhaps the toughest era EVER to win slams? Is it the case that the overall quality has dramatically...
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    Criteria to compare two players

    Frequently, on this board, the respective strokes of two players (e.g. Fed Vs Pete, Fed Vs. courier, etc.) are compared in an effort to determine the better player of the two (or how they would fare each other). i.e. FH (player A or player B), BH (player A or player B) serve, ROS etc...
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    Hewitt: Roger & Rafa have taken the game to new levels

    Hewitt in his post match conference says: He also drives the final nail(s) in the coffins of the Fed Vs Sampras, Weak era debates. He says Fed is the greatest he has played against, and is better than Sampras (i.e fed is both BOAT & GOAT - at least relative to sampras). End of story...
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    Navaratilova: Women's tennis has more depth than men's tennis !!!!!

    Did she just say that the reason that the women don't live up to their seeding when compared to the men is because "women's tennis has more depth, and any one can beat a top player on a good day..." WTF!! then she goes on to say that there's not enough variety is she insane?
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    Federer leads poll for wimby GOAT

    Petetards are not going to like this :) If Fed wins this poll, I'd say it's a bit pre-mature. If/when he wins 7 wimbys, then he would have equaled/surpassed pete. Until then, Pete is the king (only slightly...
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    FedGod is back!!!!

    Though he lost to nadal in wimby08, for the first time this year, I felt like Federer was playing like the Federer we know (nadal was the better player on the day). His forehand was absolutely on fire, especially the inside-out one. In most of the matches he has lost this year, his FH was the...