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    Covering the ball

    What does it mean to "cover the ball" and is it important?
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    On the Drop versus On the Rise and Contact Point

    I am trying to isolate the culprit for the dreaded "skimmed ball" that goes 30 mph half way up the net after you just hit 5 nice rallies 60 mph with 5' feet of net clearance. Is your "on the drop" swing path and contact point going to be different than your "on the rise" swing path and contact...
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    Practicing FH to improve 2HBH

    In the video above my son is practicing a forehand to help his non-dominant arm’s role in his two handed backhand but it’s clearly obvious that the path of the racket is so much different on a FH than a 2 HBH I don’t know if this drill is really helpful. Thoughts?
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    Two-way miss- swing path too vertical?

    My son had an awful tennis tournament this weekend. He's a 9 UTR and split sets and almost lost to a 7 UTR, then got crushed 0&2 by an 8 UTR. His misses were either a skimmy, smothered ball in the net or a ball that missed long so much that as soon as it left his racket you knew it had no...
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    Durable string suggestion

    I don't have my own stringer yet. My son is getting 2-3 hours out of each stringing with RPM blast. I need to move toward something more durable, knowing that he will sacrifice on feel. A google search produces all of big marketing campaigns for strings so I've come to this forum for advice...
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    External Rotation

    How is external rotation measured? I assume in degrees but where do you draw the lines ? And would this be an example?
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    Pushing: the other side

    LOL, I laugh at my own topic choice because I was anything but a pusher my whole life. I played #1 in HS with a 110 mph flat first serve that went in 20% and a 60 mph topspin second serve that went in 90%. I had a huge forehand that I pressed too often with and a solid neutral OHBH that withered...
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    Junior Twist Serve

    Worked with my son for a year or so trying to develop the twist serve alignments according various articles and this forum: Toss, grip, back arch, extreme racket drop, shoulder turn, 8-2 path, staying sideways. Does anyone see any room for improvement?
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    Holding off v Rolling the 2HBH

    Anybody have any remarkable insight on differing face angles through impact on the 2HBH? Novak, Agassi and Kyrgios appear in slow motion to "hold off" the hitting side of the racket (never faces the ground) whereas Nishikori and Murray let the hitting side "roll" over and face the ground. I've...
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    Righty or Lefty?

    Which looks more technically sound- lefty or righty?
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    Serve: Correlation b/w grip and shoulder tilt

    So consider a spectrum of serve trajectory where on one far side you have a flat, straight serve with minimal net clearance and at the other far side you have a very steep, U-shaped parabola with a large margin of net clearance that kicks high: I was wondering if there is a correlation between...
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    Ball position and follow through

    All other things being equal if you try to hit the ball sooner must you also finish higher? My son tends to have a low finish position (sw fh) and his instructor said he was late on his hit. Now he’s skimming the ball a little... thinking maybe he should now finish higher?
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    Drive not float

    What’s the anatomy of the driving slice- tend to hit it into the net or floats long, two-way miss :(
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    Technical BH grip question

    Post about my son, 14 yr old, 8.15 UTR, RH: He's playing up in the 16s a lot now but he's still only 5'5", <120 lbs and playing more developed teenagers. His backhand is not withstanding the power coming in from big hitters and he is producing short balls on the return and his opponents are...
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    Down the line

    My 14-year-old son, 8.3 UTR, lost a match this weekend against an equally rated player but he was not even competitive. He seem to be missing his down the line shots wide. As I observed them I noticed they did not have near as much top spin as cross court, especially when he hit inside out...
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    UTR what’s yours?

    So junior tennis is more about UTR these days than USTA ranking. My son wants to know what UTR I was in high school... in 1989 lol! He’s 13 and a 7.1. Thats decent since he still weighs 105 lbs but the really good kids in the 14s are 10+ UTR. (Rafa is like 16.4) I know I was 4.0 league in like...
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    Tossing arm parallel; closed shoulders

    In case you haven’t guessed it my tennis life is vicarious through my son LOL anyway I posted two videos -both are recent. In one video he has minimal shoulder turn and his tossing arm travels more perpendicular to the baseline and he tends to float his kick toss out to the left . In the second...
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    I made this

    i made this 8 yrs ago whatcha think ?
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    Extreme Twist Serve

    My first post- be easy: I understand the obvious that the conventional serve is with a continental grip. But this post is about a specialty twist serve an old best friend of mine did in late 80's- so please throw away traditional thought and be open. I'm discussing a serve with a toss far to...