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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    I like them. They run large, sized down to a 40 from a 41 or so. A bit high on the ankle which was irritating a bit. Just ordered a clay pair from TWE. I don’t wear out the soles (63, woman, but a 5.0/8.3 UTR player). Really liked the 2017 barricades, hated the 2018 (never bought them)...
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    Canadian Travelling for USTA Tournaments?

    Need a USTA membership To play tournaments in the USA you need a USTA membership. You go to, then tournaments and search for tournaments near you. Create a mytennispage and then maybe tournaments in your area will appear...not sure that's true for Canadians.
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    Goal • 53YO Requesting Advice • Compete nationally and internationally

    senior tournament tennis OK, I am going to address your goal to play tennis all over the world. There are senior tournaments (age 35-85) all over the world sanctioned by the ITF, the same organization that governs Davis and Fed Cup etc. There are levels for the tournaments...anyone can...
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    Any volkl organix 4 thoughts?

    I am a 5.5 rated player and have been using the "4" series of Volks for about 11 years, I love them, especially the PB 4 and the original catapult. Anyone out there who has hit with the Super G 4 and the PB 4? I'd love to hear comments. I am a senior highly ranked player.
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    34th ITF Seniors World Individual Championships 2014 in Florida

    Here's the fact sheet for the individual event: Anyone with an ipin ( can enter if you are old enough. The team events are in Boca Raton (4 sites, 6 teams) and Palm Beach Gardens (2 sites, 4 teams). The teams have been...
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    Trophies and other hardware as an adult - do you keep and display?

    I display national and international medals and gold, silver and bronze balls. But they aren't in the main living area. I discarded most of my other trophies otherwise when I moved a few years ago, after taking off the engraved piece. I worked hard for those USTA balls (age division, not NTRP)...
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    2013 USTA ITF NATIONAL 40s HARD - 5.0 vs 5.0 @ La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

    PS: I play in the 55s but am a LJBTC member so was watching some of the 40 Hard...I usually play it but couldn't this year, thought the video was a great idea.
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    2013 USTA ITF NATIONAL 40s HARD - 5.0 vs 5.0 @ La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

    RE ITF and closed nationals: The nationals are only closed to Non-USTA members...basically anyone, foreign or not can play but they have to buy a USTA membership (about $45 I think...not sure, I'm a lifetime member). The USTA closed them not because of the IPIN, or not soley because of it, but...
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    Has Anyone played the Barcelona ITF men's 35 in July?

    Barcelona I heard matches are played late in the day.mi am thinking of playing the 55s, should be a decent event since itbis a grade 1 You have to have an IPIN to enter.
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    A guide to tennis balls - what you WANT to know!

    Any comments on Volkl balls? We used them in Turkey for a tournament...they seemed bigger in diameter than the Dunlop Fort balls (I compared them) and were slow and heavy feeling. The Americans weren't fans of the Volkls (or the slow clay). The Dunlop Fort ball is pretty good. Also, I've played...
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    Volkl Powerbridge Availablility?

    Tennis Warehouse: Do you know when the Volkl Powerbridge 4 will be available in the US? It's on the Volkl website and also available now in the UK...I'd like to demo one. Anyone out there who has hit with one?
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    I just got back from playing in Turkey...senior world team championships (USA won our division, women's 50s, over Australia) and the world Championships. I went 4-1 in doubles in the team event and 3-1 in singles and 1/1 in doubles in the individual world championships...2 bronze medals, lost to...
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    I played the national 45 hard courts...not my age division but within driving distance. Singles went 5-2 (including a default in the 5/6 playoff), finished 5th; in doubles went 2/2 (beat the #2 seeds/defending champions, but then my partner injured her leg and we had to default the bronze ball...
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    please help...looking for the absolute most comfortable racquet that exists

    fishcher mp 105 is really easy on the arm...even easier than a Volkl Cat 4 and that is pretty easy.
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    ultimate tennis Thank you jgn1013. I looked it up, another league...n/a for 5.5 rated players...too bad, looks like fun.
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    How Old Are You? What Racquet Do Use? How Many Of The Same Racquet Do You Have?

    Oops...I was using the Dunlop with gut in the cross, lux in the main...loved the spin, hated the fact that I had to take 2 months off due to TE after using it for 3 months.
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    How Old Are You? What Racquet Do Use? How Many Of The Same Racquet Do You Have?

    52, Volkl Cat 4 (looking to replace them, they are wearing out), VS gut 16, or VS Tonic 16...52#, 10% prestretch. Was using a Dunlop Aerogel 700 with Lux in the main, gut cross, 55# but it destroyed my elbow. 5.5 official NTRP rating...really a 5.0 woman.
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    I just got back from playing two senior tournaments in Europe on red clay...well mostly on red clay. I won the Swiss Senior Championships in Klosters in the fifty and over singles category, played a Brittish, Spanish and Dutch player and played a good final, 3/0, improving to 36-9 on the year...
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    3 hour doubles win! Played another Category II, up in Portland Oregon...great to get away from the 110 degree heat and smoke in NorCal. Won the singles, 50s, easily, three matches, won the 45 and over doubles too, improved to 33-9 for the year. The final of the doubles was against 2 players I'd...
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    Now 27-9 for the year after going 2-0 and winning a Cat II tournament over the weekend. In the final I was playing someone to whom I'd lost a month ago 63 61 (and it wasn't that close). So no pressure, but I lost the first 5 games (including 1 in which I was up 40-0 and one in which I was up...
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    Played in an "ultra senior" father/daughter tournament a week ago. The fathers have to be 80+. My dad is 83. It was a national tournament...we won 62 61, 61 60, 61 60 in the quarters, semis, final. Family tournaments are a lot of fun, my dad is awesome...covering the middle at 83! Gold balls for...
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    Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!

    USTA 50s Cat II singles: 3-1 (Jan) Doubles: 2-1 USTA 45s Cat II singles: 3-1 (Feb) Doubles: 1-2 (Feb) USTA 50s Cat II singles: 3-1 (Feb) USTA 50s Cat II doubles 2-1 (Feb) USTA 45s Cat I singles: 4-1 (Mar) USTA 50s Cat I singles 4-1 (May) Overall: 22-9 so far no leagues for me
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    Dunlop Aerogels

    I have used the AG 700...nice racquet, a bit too thick and powerful for me I think (I'm a 5.0/5.5 player but over 50)...killed my arm though and a bit too head heavy...added lead under the handle but perhaps not enough. Also, stringing was an issue, needed luxilon in the crosses to control the...
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    Racket help to reduce elbow pain

    Fischer Mp 105 is easy on the arm, gut helps and lower string tension...
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    tennis elbow - which racket

    I switched from the Dunlop aerogel 700 using lux cross, gut main to the Fischer MP 105 UL and it eased my TE tremendously. The Aerogel I loved for the power and spin...but my arm couldn't handle the stiffness and I got lazy as the racquet did too much of the work. But I need more power than the...
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    Tennis Elbow - Can Racquet Choice Affect Technique?

    I got TE from switching racquets which changed my technique on my forehand...I was adding too much wrist to keep the ball in play. My arm hurts on the outside but hurts only on forehands...not on serves or backhands. I'm switching to a more flexible racquet and back to gut
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    Have you played with a frame that gave you the elbow?

    Wilson Ultra II (over 20 years ago); then the Dunlop Aerogel 700 (a month ago)...going to switch to a Fischer 105 Ultralight
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    Marius :Best arm friendly racquets?

    Anyone have any experience with a Dunlop aerogel 700? I switched from a Volkl Cat 4 (all gut at 52lbs) and after 3 months got TE, in one day (windy, played about 5 hours too). Was using main gut 55 and cross luxilon fluoro 55when I hurt it, now have it at 53 with gut, a lot of pain. I'm a...