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  1. Gee

    Adding weight at the 7 inch location

    I want to put 8 grams of lead at the top of the handle in order to counterbalance. What is the easiest and neatest way to do this? For example I would need 32 inches of 1/4 inch lead (or 16 inches of 1/2 inch ones). I fear that would create a huge bump. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A530F met Tapatalk
  2. Gee

    FT: Angell TC97 18x20 330 gr - 12 HL Grip L3 (C) 9,5/10

    1x Angell Custom TC97 for trade with a TC95 16x19 63RA with similar specs Head Size: 97 String pattern: 18x20 Frame stiffness: 66 RA Length: 27 inch Colour bumper grommets: Green Weight 330g(11.7 oz) Balance: 305mm(12ptsHL) Grip Size: L3 (4 3/8) Handle Shape: C Grip Type: Black leather...
  3. Gee

    3x Völkl C10 Pro 2010

    Racket Description (Brand/Model): Völkl C10 Pro Quantity: 3 Head Size: 98 inches Grip Size: L3 (4 3/8) Strung with MSV Focus Hex 1.10mm Strung weight: 363g Strung balance (incl. overgrip + dampener): 31,7mm Condition (x out of 10): 9 Specific Time Used: 3 years (about twice a week) All frames...
  4. Gee

    Asics Gel Solution Speed OC

    I'm looking for a new pair of the Asics Solution Speed OC size US 10,5, UK 9,5, 28,25cm, EU 44,5. So far I only found these ones at Japanese webshops that unfortunately don't ship to my country (the Netherlands, Europe). Can anyone help me find these Asics models? I prefer the colours as shown...
  5. Gee

    Pro Kennex Ionic KI5 PSE

    Does anyone here experiences with this one? How does it compare to the PK Redondo MP and PK Black Ace 98 (modded to similar specs as the KI5 PSE)?
  6. Gee

    How to make a racquet rock solid like a wall

    Lately I played a doubles match, During that match one of my opponents began to hit his returns very hard at me while I was standing on the net. I wasn't able to control these mean balls and I noticed my Völkl C10s were shaking when I tried to block the ball. Earlier I didn't have this problem...
  7. Gee

    Vólkl C10 Pro Twin absorber system broken

    Question to all Vólkl experts,... Recently I bought my second new C10 pro (the yellow 2010 version). When I removed the grip pallets because I wanted to install S pallets grip 3 I noticed one part of the twin absorber system was broken (see picture). Is this usual or is this a...
  8. Gee

    Grommets Tecnifibre T-Fight 315 18x20

    Dear TWE, Lately I purchased a Tecnifibre T-Fight 315 Limited 18x20 racquet. Now I would like to buy a spare grommet set. I searched over the Internet and I discovered only a few shops in USA that sell those grommets. However this is too expensive to me due to shipping and douane charges to...
  9. Gee

    How to deal with your doubles partner if he ...

    Lately I played a tournament with my competition doubles partner. We were a good combination as we won all of our matches during our competition. We also have a good understanding with each other as we always use to discuss our game. However we still have different opinions about doubles...
  10. Gee

    Effect of counterbalancing at 7 inch location vs buttcap

    I want to change the balance point of my Head IG Prestige MP from 32,5 cm to 32 cm. I am not sure where I should add weight. I am considering the following: at 7 inch from the buttcap (just right above the handle) or; silicone gel into the handle What will be the effects?
  11. Gee

    Heaviest leather grip on TW Europe

    Hi TW Europe, I am looking for the heaviest leather grip. I use to use Babolat Leather but that one seems to be of similar weight as a synthetic grip as I measured them both (untrimmed) at about 15 grams. I also prefer a leather grip with a smooth surface with a thickness of 1.7mm (like...
  12. Gee

    FS: Boris Becker DC Melbourne grip 3 (9,5/10)

    I have one BB DC Melbourne gripsize 3 in great (9,5/10) condition for sale. Price: € 50 excl. shipping. Please email me at g.veeneman at
  13. Gee

    What is the swingweight of my customized racquet?

    I don't have RDC machine and I tried the manual measurement way of TW but I don't understand how to do that. The unstrung specs in stock condition of my PK Black Ace 98 are: Weight: 315 grams Balance: 9 pts HL Swingweight: 290 I customized my BA98 as follows: - 8 grams of silicone gel...
  14. Gee

    Head IG Youtek Prestige MP vs PK Black Ace 98

    A few years I demoed the MG Prestige and the Pro Kennex Black Ace 98. I figured out that I prefer the softer feel of the BA98. Now I learned that the IG Prestige series has a softer feel than the previous series (Youtek, MG, Flexpoint and Liquid Metal). How does the IG Prestige MP compare with...
  15. Gee

    2x Pro Kennex Redondo MP 9.5/10 size 4 3/8

    For sale 2 PK Redondo MP in very good condition (without scratches). Price: €80,- (or €150,- for both) excluding shipping charges. Email me at g.veeneman at for more information and pictures.
  16. Gee

    Why do they know so little about racquet customizing?

    Since I visit this forum frequently and I learned very much about racquet customizing I became aware of the lack of knowledge and nonsense talk from my local tennis shops (in Holland). They don't even understand a term as swingweight. When I asked them to explain such a technical term I always...
  17. Gee

    Wilson BLX 6.1 95 16x18 vs Pro Kennex Redondo MP

    I am just curious how they compare because of the similar specs. Tell your experiences.
  18. Gee

    VölklBio Sensor "S" Pallets

    Hi Stefan, When will the Völkl Bio Sensor S pallets size 3 in stock again? I would like to order 3 pieces. Thanks in advance.
  19. Gee

    Pro Kennex leather

    Does anyone know where to buy Pro Kennex leather grips? I mean the same grip that comes with PK Redondo.
  20. Gee

    Head pallets on a Pro Kennex Redondo/Black Ace

    Anyone did this before? I am intended to put Head TK82 pallets on my PK BA98 and Redondo because I prefer a Wilson shaped grip. I read on this forum that this is possible however there will be a gap between the halves as the Pro Kennex hairpin seems to be slightly thicker than a Head one. So...
  21. Gee

    Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 325

    Hi Stefan, I saw a new PK Black Ace 98 325 has been released. However the description and specifications aren't still mentioned. Is this one only paint job update of the yellow BA325? It looks like it has a matte paint colour. Is that true?
  22. Gee

    How to put lead under grommets?

    Recently I managed to put lead at 3 and 9 o'clock position under the CAP grommets of a Head Prestige Classic 600. I also wondered how to do that with standard grommets, for example with a PK Black Ace 98. Does anyone has experiences with this? Do I need to drill holes into the lead or does the...
  23. Gee

    2x Tecnifibre T-Fight 335 16x20 grip 3

    For sale 2x TF335 16x20 grip 3. Strung with Head RIP Control 17. Original racquet covers included. While I played a few years with the TF335s they are still in excellent (8.5/10) condition. The TF335s are rock solid with ultimate control! Very similar frame like the famous Wilson PS 6.0...
  24. Gee

    For sale 1 Head FXP Prestige MP in 9.5/10 condition

    1 Head FXP Prestige MP grip 3 with Head RIP Control 17. Racquet cover included. I only played a few hours with this racquet. No scratches. 9.5/10 condition. For only € 60,- (excl. shipping costs). Email me through my profile if wish more information / pictures.
  25. Gee

    Head Synthetic Leather vs Leather Tour

    Can anyone tell me the differences between the Head Leather Tour and Head Synthetic Leather Grip concerning weight, thickness and feel?
  26. Gee

    Replacement of my TFight 335 16x20

    What racquet is similar to the Tecnifibre TFight 335 16x20? Though I like my TF335 very much I am still looking for a frame that with more feel. I mean that kind of sensational feel and sense of connectionness when you hit the ball into the sweetspot with a midsize like a Prestige Mid. I...
  27. Gee

    Headsize of PK Black Ace 93 vs Head Prestige Mid

    How is the headsize of the Pro Kennex Black Ace 93 compared to the Head Prestige Mid? Both are advertised as 93" ones but I know the headsize of the Head PM is actually 89.5 inch as Head used to measure the headsize from the outside of the frame. Is the headsize of the PK BA93 a bit bigger and...
  28. Gee

    Questions about replacing grip pallets

    I would like to replace the original grip pallets of my Head Prestige with TK82S pallets. I searched through this about this topic but I couldn't find a real good step-by step instruction manual. As far I learned the following (but correct me if I 'm wriong or you know better/easier options)...
  29. Gee

    Lead under CAP bumper guard on Head Flexpoint Prestige

    I want to customize my Head Flexpoint Prestige MP by adding lead under the CAP bumper at the 3 and 9 location. However the bumper guard narrows at these locations so that the lead would be partly uncovered at that area. Might I use a CAP bumper+grommet set of a Microgel or Youtek Prestige (as...
  30. Gee

    FS/FT Vantage 95"

    FS/FT Vantage 95" 9,5/10 I have one Vantage VT231 for sale. Specs:White frame-black bumper-black leather grip-95"-18x20-330g-12pts HL-63RA-Wilson grip 3. The VT231 is in 9,5/10 condition without scratches as I am a very careful person. I only played a few sessions with the Vantage. Price...