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  1. hollywood9826

    2017 MLB Hall of Fame

    Ballots need to be in by the new year. I was going to create a poll and let you all vote for you wanted to, but they limit the amount of entries so couldn't put enough people on there to make a mock ballot. Voters can only vote for ten dudes Returning players. Jeff Bagwell Barry Bonds Roger...
  2. hollywood9826

    Womens Visors

    What are the sizes on these? Will they fit a guy. I wear a 7 1/4 or 7 3/8 fitted hat. Softball team I play on went with Lime green jerseys with Pink Letters. Dont lok as bad as it sounds. Would like a pink Visor to go with with. They say one size fits most but do they make them smaller...
  3. hollywood9826

    The Mack Daddy

    Is no longer gonna make you JUMP! JUMP!
  4. hollywood9826

    dltorre is the man

    Have bought numerous sticks from him. And every time the description is spot on and they get shipped out fast. Very trustworthy dude.
  5. hollywood9826

    Secretariat's Preakness Time Officially Changed Secretariat's Preakness time officially changed he now owns the all time track record. The Maryland Racing Commission voted 7-0 on Tuesday in a special hearing at Laurel...
  6. hollywood9826

    Water Rower

    I'm thinking about getting one and like the idea of actual water giving the resistence. I am pretty much sold on the rowing machine being the best in home piece of cardio equiment for me to use. Has anyone used one that would be able to chime in and compare to a similarly priced rowing...
  7. hollywood9826

    Marat Safin elected to legislature Never took him as the type to do something like that. He was always too busy having fun with women I guess.
  8. hollywood9826

    Beavis and Butthead to return to MTV in the fall

    I'm Pumped. Except this time they will bust on You tube videos and TV shows along with the music videos. Preview Video
  9. hollywood9826

    Best Paid Atheletes in 30 Sports A Guy made a million dollars last year playing Darts.
  10. hollywood9826

    Million Dollar Hair I wonder if Crystal Gayle ever thought of doing that? She should have.
  11. hollywood9826

    Is this the greatest print ad of all times?

    Or is it the worst? Or is it the best because its the worst? Either way its pretty bad yet funny at the same time.
  12. hollywood9826

    Baskin Robbins to Retire Five Flavors

    Including French Vanilla. Its a travesty. Franch Vanilla is one of the best flavors of ice cream around.
  13. hollywood9826

    Double Rainbow

    Quite possibly the greatest video in the history of youtube. at 1:18 "What does this mean?" This thing is gonna have 1mill views soon. Ive seen it go from 1500 to 17000 in a hour or so.
  14. hollywood9826

    dltorre = great seller

    Payed him wednesday the and frame was waiting for me today. Condition described accuratly as well. Thanks
  15. hollywood9826

    WTB : Yonek RD power 10 105" 1/2 or 5/8 grip

    Title explains it all want to add a spare to the collection in 1/2 or 5/8 grip. Also would buy a few grommets if avail. Thanks
  16. hollywood9826


    Wearing hockey helmets. The Blackhawks cant be beat. How can the Flyers Compete?
  17. hollywood9826

    Is 100k a year good salary?

    Not to Joe Mauer its not. Joe Mauer makes $100,000 after the following... .6 Games .83 Hits .12 Home runs .42 Runs batted in You will need to work 230 years in order to make Joe Mauer's annual salary. Sad thing is...
  18. hollywood9826

    NCAA Tourney

    OK Dudes I made a TW MAC group on ESPN for the NCAA tourney heres the link and the password is TWMAC2010 I figure I would invite the rest of you guys in on this also. To the winner I will buy them a pack of string of the...
  19. hollywood9826

    NFL Playoffs prediction thread - long version.

    So the matchups are set. Who ya got in the Super Bowl. This is what I think feel free to flame away :) keep in mind The No.1 Seed will always play the lowest remaining seed. AFC Wild Card round 5. New York Jets (9-7) at 4. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) The two lowest scoring teams...
  20. hollywood9826

    Baseball Stars

    Does anyone else remember this game? Its probably the most underrated baseball game in console history. Much better than RBI. My friend I still play it.
  21. hollywood9826

    The Greatest Avatar in the History of Avatars

    Goes to none other than the most dominate athlete in sports video game history. Tecmo Bo here is the evidence
  22. hollywood9826

    The Lindsey Hunter All-Stars

    Im curious if any tennis players fall into this category. Basically Lindsey Hunter is a male basketball player with a name that sounds like it belongs to a hot supermodel. Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons made a list of other atheletes that fall into this category. But there aint any tennis...
  23. hollywood9826

    The Secret to Tim Tebows Success

    Obviously has nothing to do with his strong belief and following of his lord and savior jesus christ. It has everything to do with the power of the Wolves. Specioal thanks to Xisbum and Dats for linking to this sweet tee shirt. It goes well with some zubaz pants.
  24. hollywood9826

    Check out my swing.

    Tell me what you think dudes.
  25. hollywood9826

    67 Vette

    They dont make em like this anymore fellas.
  26. hollywood9826

    Quitting High School to Play Pro Basketball

    Dont think this has been discussed on this board. But the NBA Mandates that players have to one year removed from high school to declare for the NBA draft. The NBA is forcing HS Kids to go plat college BBall so they dont have to pay for a minor league (much like the NFL). A kid named Brandon...
  27. hollywood9826

    What a Glorious Day

    I may finally be able to watch a football game without somebody talking like they want to have brett favre or hines wards babies, and scribbling all over the sscreenand spattering the obvious over and over. Thats right ladies and gentleman JOHN MADDEN HAS OFFICIALLY RETIRED...
  28. hollywood9826

    Obscure College Score of the Week:

    Grabbed from Greg Easterbrooks TMQ column on ESPN Abilene Christian 93, West Texas A&M 68 (Division II playoffs). Perhaps 93 points isn't running up the score if the opponent has 68 points. Here's an inventory of the NCAA...
  29. hollywood9826

    MLB Logo

    Neat article on ESPN about the Major League Baseball logo. I hadnt relized the logo has been around for 40 years or it can be a left or right handed batter. Plus how many other logos have ripped this thing off. The ATP Logo sucks compared the MLB one. Heres the Link
  30. hollywood9826

    Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid - 2009 release

    I'm not sure about these ones, I harly ever saw anybody rockin the first re-release of the challenge. not even casually.