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  1. z-money

    what grip do the pros use?

    What grip does Almagro use for his backhand? Watching the match and was curious if any of you could tell me?
  2. z-money

    Looking for a HEAD/Nike1/4 Zip Top

    The "Head Men's Fall Striker Perf 1/4 Zip Top" is nice but there is no XL. And of the Nike 1/4 zips no black... Help plz
  3. z-money

    College Tennis

    I agree. yes there are people using others. even pjs but most would be using these ^^^^
  4. z-money

    my serve - critique please

    your take back is the only thing i dont like. pretty good over all man
  5. z-money

    100% Raw Talent

    either safin or ... jan silva!!! this lil kid is rediculous! look him up on youtube
  6. z-money

    roger and rafa: Clay discussion

    OK my friend is of the belief that Federer is the better clay player and that nadal is just in his head. I told him thats the most rediculous thing ive ever heard. Will im not denying that roger may have a mental block there, I am saying that nadal is the better on clay. He is 19-1 in clay...
  7. z-money

    The Greatest Tennis player who you've never heard of!

    Please help Nick go to Beijing!
  8. z-money

    Looking for a very low power racquet...

    I have some classic prestiges That might be right up your ally myfriend!
  9. z-money

    Cracked my first frame today :(

    ah ha congats your no longer a virgin lol
  10. z-money

    Believe in GOD?

  11. z-money

    Will Safin ever be top50 again???

    Safin is my boy! but he sucks lol i hate it he is done
  12. z-money

    Why the hell is Nadal playing doubles?

    A. because he is good at it lol B. It will help him play wimbledon which he almost won last year. might make the difference against fed this year
  13. z-money

    Tennis instructors who talk too much!

    well its just a lack of experience on the part of the pro
  14. z-money

    Federer vs Nalbandian

    Go Nalby!!!
  15. z-money

    Who was the better Grand Slam Player and why? #3

    yes u are lol. I go with pete because the slams were all he cared about. he would set up his seasons specifically for them. I realize roger does too but he hasnt equaled the success pete has. and when i say that i mean when pete played andre or goron on any of his rivals in a final he most of...
  16. z-money

    Racquet Suggestions for a desperate man

    i have some head prestige classics if your interested
  17. z-money

    Wasting wild cards on Guga.

    watched the match it was pretty sad
  18. z-money

    The Greatest Tennis player who you've never heard of!

    well since he gets two bounces hmmm. i think i could because of the serve. but other than that he is good from everywhere. its just a question of how fast can that chair go ya know. I played 2 on 1 feed in points against him and my buddy who was my level. i had to beat my buddy lol
  19. z-money

    Breathe Free or Breathe Cage?

    Breathe free IIs are awesome!
  20. z-money

    Is there REALLY a difference?

    yea huge diff
  21. z-money

    The Greatest Tennis player who you've never heard of! For more google Nick Taylor tennis This is a friend of mine. He is a great guy. He has a record that rivals roger federers. He has won loads of slams in singles and doubles, a gold medal, and could very well win...
  22. z-money

    what's your favortie show on the tennis channel?

    its not that i dont like hewitt but that show with him on it has been on loop for years. they need NEW ****
  23. z-money

    what's your favortie show on the tennis channel?

    I wish they would stop screwing up with programs that have been on every day for years! more live matches there are tournaments everywhere all the time! they should never run out of matches to show.
  24. z-money

    Which Nike?

    The breathe free IIs were unbelievable. Perfect tennis shoe
  25. z-money

    Hot Pics - Maria Kirilenko

    wowy woah! Very Nice! I want marry her then maka the sexytime lol
  26. z-money

    This video is ridiculous

    lol great post. Was very entertaining
  27. z-money

    F/T 2 Head Microgel Prestige Pro

    any interest in trading for some head pc600s?