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    Time to replace my AG200, which racquet is the most similar to the AG200??

    After 3 years, I think it is time to swith. Before AG200, I had used K90 till I cannot carry the weight anymore so, I changed to AG200 which it is so fit to my game. I tried 4D200 but I think it is stiffer and the Bio200 felt unstable for me. Suggestion, please.
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    Where to buy Tennis stuff (Dunlop racquet) in Italy?

    Right tread??? Sorry if it's not. Need your help, guys. I'm going to Italy next month which I intend to buy Dunlop racquet and some tennis stuff back to my country. I will go to Rome, Tuscany, Florence, and Milan whixh I heard I will got a chance to go to the big outlet nearby Rome so, is there...
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    Please, I want Federer 's Rolex commercial song?

    Please guys, I like the old one but the nex one is great as well. Please send to I prefer MP3, though. Thank you you guys in advance ; )
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    Soderling retired?

    I haven't heard about him for 2 years. I wanna see him in Nadal's draw!!!
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    You guys can get to

    I can get to this board but not the web site!!! Strange!!
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    No one watch Murray VS Simon?

    What I have heard Cincy has the fastest court in tour but I feel these 2 guys play so easy. There are plenty of rally and a lot of amazing short!!!!
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    To sir (Fed) with love. Bring us Wimbledon, please

    I just got BLX90 to put in my collection yasterday. They are so nice looking together indeed ... check it out!!
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    Hello, Is there Taiwanese fan here?

    I'm going to Taiwan and have a fews day to find tennis stuff around taichung & Taipei. Do you have any recommend place for me?
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    Pros & Cons between Pro Supex Syn Gut Spiral VS Pro Supex FT Ruff

    I haven't seen the comparison of both so, what do you think about them? How different? They are look the same to me so, what your thought on their full set & hybrid?
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    nBlade Fan, Need help to lead up nBlade 98 pleaseee!!!

    Finally, I got the new nBlade 98. I had a very good memory with the stick when I hit the one of my friend a while ago. I strung with Top spin cyber flash 17 Main 55/Gosen OGSM 17 cross 53. At the 1'st hit, I felt the racquet is not that I used to, the feel is so dead & not easy to swing. I tried...
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    Where is BA & BG new thread???

    Haven't been here for 8 months since moving back here. Big Ace and Blue Gear threads are gone!! I remember they are the most famost strings at that time. No love with the string anymore? Or the quality change or ..... ????????
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    Hello nBlade 98 fanss !! Finally!! I found a bunch of new nBlade 98

    After I have seached for 2 years in US which I think I will never had my hand on it again finally, I found the racquet in my country, Thailand. I remember how the racquet fit me on off day and the kBlade 98 cannot give me the same but the problem is its price about $200 which I would be killed...
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    "stevekim8" is great buyer

    Great communication & very fast payment. Great to do deal with, very good guy.
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    FS/FT: PT280 4 1/4 Made in China Condition = 8/10

    It has thin leather grip & no string. FS = $100 shipped. Slight scratch on the top & grommet but 3 & 9 o'clock clean. FT = only US K90 4 1/4 at the same condition or better (willing to work on the extra). Picture =
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    FS/FT: PT280 Grip 4 1/4 Condition 8/10

    This one is Made in China. Pictures available >> $100 shipped. Trade: only US K90 4 1/4 at the same condition or higher
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    FS: Asian K90 & PC600 & kBlade Tour

    1. Asian K90 4 1/4 Condition = 8.5/10 Light scratch on the head only. 3 & 9 clean and has some very small handling paint chip $120 shipped 2. Head PC600 4 3/8 Condition = 9/10 Made in Czech republic I have used 10minute string set with it, big ace main & Alpha gut 2000 cross. $150 shipped...
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    After I watched Fed vs Roddick, I thought Nadal will beat Fed real bad

    1'st of all, I'm Fedex fan but what I'm telling is what I'm afraid of!!!! He is far from his best 06-07. Backhand down the line that he used to execute Nadal's forehand cross court as you can see when he play Nadal in TMS 06-07 is gone!!!
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    Gift: Vantage Stencil

    I don't want to trash it! If you want it please pay the shipping.
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    some6uy008 is great buyer

    This guy is straight & very nice communication A+++++
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    larry10s is great buyer

    The guy is great buyer. I had late shipping problem but the guy understand and work with me so well.
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    mickman or Mickey Castagna

    I have a very good transection with the guy, great buyer.
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    FS: Wison HPS6.1 95 Euro version & Wison HPS 5.0 95

    Clear out my closet !! Wison HPS6.1 95 Euro version & Wison HPS 5.0 95 1. Wison HPS tour 6.1 95 Euro version 18 x 20 4 1/2 8.5/10 condition. I'm not sure about its specification but it feels a lot heavier than than my US K90. It has Gamma synthetic gut 16, I'm not sure about the string...
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff Classic 6.1 95 4 3/8

    Wilson Prostaff Classic 6.1 95 4 3/8, condition 7-7.5/10. I have new grommet + new string SPPP 16 at 57 main / Gosen MSMicro 16 at 55 cross + new leather grip. It has white made in China butt cap has scratch all over the frame. Pictures available, $75 shipped in 48 cons.
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    FT/FS Vantage 95 4 3/8 and 9/10 condition

    Actually, I prefer to trade to Babolat Pure storm Tour 2008 at the same grip size or smaller. The racquet Black color has 320 gram 95 sq. 9 point HL with Vanage leather grip. Pictures available tomorrow. Thank you,
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    mdjenders is great seller

    mdjenders or is great seller.
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    What do you do with FAKE racquet? Have you ever strung and used them?

    I bought 2 K90 from the bay and suddenly I got eMail from their admin said the seller was illegal and deleted the item and they gave the money back to me. Almost 2 months later I got the racquet from the seller and I don't want to send it back to them because they will sell to the others. So...
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    Unbelieveable!! I can't see Pure Storm Ltd thread in 6 pages!!

    I just back to tennis, I'm interested in the racquet and thought I will get some information here as usual but unbelieveable I have turned 1-2-3-4-5-6 pages but nothing about it. What a big surprise? Anyway, I tried the search and found some good information but .... I'm still wondering how come...
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    aqgardezi is good seller

    I bought Asian K90 from Syed Ali Qasim Gardezi or is the good seller. The racquet same as descriped and reasonable price. The shipment took almost 5 weeks to arrived here that made me contacted the seller a lot and everytime I got the good replied & response back all the...
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    Yonex RDS001 Mid 4 3/8 9/10 hybrid poly&nat'l gut

    RDS001 Mid 4 3/8 old PJ 9/10 condition strung with hybrid poly&nat'l gut, Kirschbaum Pro Line II 17 57 main / Titan Natural gut 17 55 cross (strung by profestional). There is scratch on bumber guard from picking up the ball, pictures available in all angles >>
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    Nike shoe quality for Nike outlet???

    I bought Nike Air Max Breathe Free II from Nike outlet in FL 3 months ago but last few weeks ago it was my first time of the shoe. I just wore the shoe and jogging around 30 minutes for 4 days then I felt hurt at my heel and my knee then I stop jogging for a week and started again 3 days with My...