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    Babolat Pure aero play?

    Thinking about getting one. Is it worth it? Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
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    Teaching a toddler?

    My daughter will be 2 in a 3 weeks and I'd like to introduce her to tennis (she already asks to watch tennis on TV!). Any tips for teaching?
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    Aeropro Drive Play?

    Has anyone got this yet? Are you finding it useful to monitoring your game?
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    Asics Gel Resolution 5 or Yonex SHT-Pro EX

    I need to get a new pair of tennis shoes... Think I've come down to one of these two. What would you go for?
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    Gut and damp

    SO what happens to gut in damp weather? I have a hybrid of VS Touch (mains) and ALU Power and wandering how it will be affected by damp weather.
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    Hybrid - Gut main / Cyclone cross

    Anyone tried this set up? What's it like?
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    Formulating strategy?

    How do you go about formulating strategy in a tennis match?
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    So who has the best forehand on the men's tour and why?
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    Champions Choice or Gut & Volkl Cyclone Tour

    Just how much of a difference would there be between these two set ups?
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    Forehand speed?

    Can someone give me an estimate of how fast my forehands at 0.31 and the last forehand are?
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    Yonex Ai 100 Vs Babolate Aeropro Drive

    Who's used both of these rackets? How do they compare? I'm getting some wrist pain and considering changing rackets.
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    Buggy whip forehand

    What is the point of this shot?
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    Durability - volkl cyclone tour vs yonex poly tour pro

    Thinking of switching to Cyclone Tour. How does the durability compare between these 2 strings?
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    Kick serve

    So I've been working on mine and now my lower back hurts. How do I do a kick serve so that my back doesn't hurt?
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    Sore hamstrings

    Anyone else get this from playing tennis? I'm 38 and getting sore hamstrings :(
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    Match play

    Here's a video of me playing a set yesterday. I've been playing a few matches recently and my game play is improving loads but still lots to work on. I lost 6-3 in this, could have done better but I was totally fatigued after playing tennis 4 of the previous 6 days! I'm not a spring chicken...
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    Difficulty with open stance

    I can hit from a neutral stance pretty well, normally getting good contact solidly through the ball. The problem comes in when I'm trying to play from an open stance, I just can't seem to hit through the ball and end up brushing it too much (probably due to pushing up & across from my back leg)...
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    Consistency and changing equipment

    Everytime I try changing something in my setup it really messes with my consistency. I'm coming to the conclusion that to really improve, one needs to find gear you're happy with and then stick with it to get the best out of your game. It is really tempting to try new things though :(
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    Cyclone Tour

    I love this string! Anyone else?
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    Federer swing path

    I think its a very flat swing path. Is this correct? If so, how does he get so much topspin on a flat swingpath?
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    Serve & racket arm elbow position?

    Is it possible to get a great serve without really dropping the elbow at the trophy position?
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    Non racket arm - 1HBH

    What is the purpose of throwing it back?
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    Weight transfer

    Any tips on how to improve weight transfer? When should I push off the back leg? Just before contact? Just as I initiate the swing?
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    Dodgy vibrating string job?

    Just had 2 rackets strung as below. I'm finding both of them really tinny and vibrating when I hit the ball. Played for 1 hour today now my arm is sore. Surprised ad this is with yonex poly tour pro, which is a very soft and comfortable string! Anyone else had this? What's going on?
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    Gopro video - me hitting Saturday

    Here's a clip of me hitting on Saturday, relatively unedited so I've left some 'warts' in. Been working very long hours so tired and definitely more lethargic on Saturday than usual. Also it was very windy so difficult conditions. The clip is pretty much right from the start as well...
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    Foot direction in 1HBH

    Watching this video on open stance forehands: where the direction the feet point is important in developing a coil, made me think about application of this to the...
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    Adding open stance forehand to my game

    I can hit a decent forehand with a neutral stance but I'd like to add an open stance. Any pointers on how to do this? Particularly around getting the kinetic chain working soundly.
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    Spanish style tennis vs classical tennis

    What are the main differences between these two schools of groundstrokes? What are the pros and cons to each?
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    Most effective serve in the current top 40?

    Im going to go out on a limb here and say its Andy Murray. He has a very good first serve - great combination of accuracy, especially the wide serve, a foot up the outside line combined with speed (regularly serving 125-130mph). Other big servers (eg. Raonic) don't seem to inflict as much...
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    What is the stretch shorten cycle (SSC) forehand?

    Been reading up on this and how Nadal has changed his forehand to make the SSC more potent. What exactly is the SSC? How does one go about learning an SSC forehand?