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    Head speed mpa 16/16 vs steam 99s

    Let's discuss. Ive been steaming and just recently went to the head. Enjoying it. Won with it earlier this week. Another match tonight, used the head first set. Switched to steam after winning first set beauause I just didn't feel as confident with the mpa. Not totally used to it yet. Steam...
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    Volkl pb9 (2) and Organix 10 295 (1)

    I have 3 volkls listed below, all bought brand new recently. The pb9s are 1/4 grip and the x10 is a 3/8. I have them listed separately but would make a deal for all 3. Also interested in trading for another steam 99S. Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) VOLKL POWER BRIDGE 9 Grip Size: 1/4...
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    What's as good/reliable as supergrap but thicker?

    Been using yonex supergrap for a long time. I like it. I recently went from 3/8 down to 1/4 on some new racquets. I'd like to just use one OG. The yonex is allright but want slightly thicker.
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    Sale/trade Wilson team blx

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): black/red/white 95" blx 6.1 team. Grip Size: 4 3/8 with a new leather grip. Quantity: 1 Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): I bought it as a lightly used demo and then played...
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    Steam 99s vs new PS 97 LS

    Anyone familiar with both? I've been sticking with the 99s but interested in the 97LS. Hit a few with the ps tonight but not enough due to weather. The 97 seemed comfortable, lighter and faster swinging. Has anyone here done a comparison? Has the shot of being like a 99s with more...
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    Grip to bring up a 1/4 ps95s to normal?

    I made a trade and have a pro staff 95s. I'm loving it, but it's a 1/4 and also has a bab skin feel grip on it is tiny. I have 2 yonex supergraps plus a tourna on it, so basically a 1/4 with a thin grip plus 3 og's. Wonky town! What grip plus 1 OG can I put on and have a similar size...
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    F/T: Wilson Pro Staff 95S and 6.1 Team 16x18

    Pro Staff 95S Grip Size: 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 95 (16x15 spin) Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 Really good shape, typical head guard scrapes, paint is in tact, not chipped. Price: Trade for Steam 99S Seller's Contact Info: reply here or through this site or email richardramsey at...
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    F.Truong - great trader/seller

    Quick transaction, quick shipping, and sent as described. Would trade/buy/sell with him anytime.
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    steam 99s vs pro staff 95s

    Anyone play these back to back? Other than the 95s having less power, a barely smaller head, thin beam and a touch more do they compare? Lately I have been enjoying a team 16x18 and a 99s. I like the flex and thinner beam of the team. (so comfortable on the arm). I...
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    F/T yonex ezone AI 98

    4 3/8 grip 9/10 condition (Maybe better). Have played it for 4 hours total. No paint chips, scratches. Will provide detailed pics. Borrowed a friends and loved it, so my wife surprised me with a brand new ai98. Great on the elbow just too much weight for me to move in to now (playing pb7...
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    Tension diff when going from cyclone to cyclone tour

    Ive got a pb7 with full cyclone 1pc @52. I got some tour to use now, what tension would be pretty close. The tour will be 2pc. This is in a Volkl pb7. Trying to keep it comfortable without creating a launcher. Also thinking of stringing one up extremely low tension to see how that is...
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    FT: Wilson six one team blx

    This is the team version. 8/10, 4 3/8 grip. Strung with tb/vanquish. Not looking to sell, just trade. Volkl, Donnay, and other less common sticks.
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    99s vs 6.1 team

    An odd vs thread but I've been rotating these 2 out lately. Curious of others opinions of this comparison. As far as 99 and 95, I can hold the hoops up together and they are pretty close. The 6.1 on paper is lighter but in my hand feels heavier. I don't feel much difference in stiffness. Like...
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    6.1 team 95 16x18 hybrid rec? Coming from a 107

    I put in tb/vanquish at 50/53. I noticed the strings aren't snapping back after points. I have been using this combo in a pb7 and my wife does too, never have to straighten strings out. Is it odd that they have that issue in the 6.1?
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    Six one blx team stuff

    Tried searching for info but not much luck for blx team threads. Not sure if it's six one or 6.1 or or whatever as far as search goes. I randomly ended up with one as a demo and love it. The weight and balance seems great for me. Coming from mostly a 107 (pb7) and various...
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    Anyone switch from 99s to 99LS for comfort?

    Just curious. Picked up the 99s again today and loved it. I play daily and worry about my elbow. Curious if anyone has switch to the light and found it much more comfortable. Scared to commit due to stiffness of 99s and full poly. The one I had today has full multi and felt good but I know...
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    How to tell if I have the correct grommet set?

    I picked up a used babalot pure storm gt TEAM. The shop also gave me a new grommet set, the guy that was getting the grommets didnt seem certain about the psgt 98 and my team which is 100 sq in. Anyone know the part number of the correct ones? I want to make sure I have the right grommets...
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    Who is the tennis channel commentator?

    Who is the British sounding guy? Has great analogies and spirited commentary. Anyone know his name?
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    ELT starting point?

    Playing tb/vanquish at 52/55. Recently at 50/52. I have a bit of black widow laying around and want to string up a full black widow at low tension. Should i skip the 40s and jump to high 30s? Or go more gradual and try low/mid 40s? What would be a good place to start for mains/cross, all...
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    Calves, conditioning and injury prevention tips?

    Ive had calf issues for the past year. Twice had my right one just give up to the point of not being able to walk on it. Always did the R.I.C.E. and went back after a few weeks. I can have weeks/months of no issues. I have been wrapping my right one with a New Balance calf wrap. It seemed to...
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    Donnay f100 from poly/multi to full Poly?

    Current is tb/vanquish at 52/55. Spec for f100 is 50 + or - 10. How would a tb main at 50 and a smooth poly cross at 53 do? Or any suggestions...?
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    Any reviews / users of the 99LS yet?

    I've been playing my Donnay f100 but this week strung up a 99s and really love it on serves and 2hbh. I feel like I can't maneuver it fast at the net, like I never get it where I need it to be, volleys out of control, somehow 1/2 way whiffed/framed an easy smash into the net. Just really weird...
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    revisiting the donnay F100, why did it fail the tt users?

    Im currently revisiting my f100. Trying to gel with it. Im curious, with its boastful reviews from the TW came on the scene pretty hot, touted as the new comfortable pure drive, and so on. Why did it quickly fade away? What are its shortcomings?
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    Donnay buttcap weight...f100

    ive been playing around with my f100, for some reason I like it and keep coming back to it. (maybe its a BMS fetish) Overall it feels heavy to me but Id like it to be more headlight. Would throwing some weight in the butt cap allow it to feel lighter (wippier?) overall without making it feel...
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    Tennis elbow thoughts...not dominant elbow and iPhone

    Just throwing this out there for discussion.... Im a righty. Have dealt with some elbow issues in the right elbow. It seems to have been alleviated over time with some racquet changes (many) and some working on technique as well (hitting out front). Recently I have had the same symptoms...
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    Few observations, 2 racquets strung similar

    So Im just thinking out loud here for conversation... Ive been playing with a volkl PB7, and have recently revisited my donnay F100. The volkl seems fine, but not sexy to me (if that makes any sense). The volkl is rated at med-high power, the f100 is medium. Tonight I Played a match, used the...
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    trade: Vapor Tour 9 blue/green size 10.5

    I have a pair of gently used vapors, great/new shape 9/10. They are the dark blue with green swoosh and white backs. I believe they were down to $100 but I dont see them on tw today. I pulled my calf and am superstitious so I'm going to stick with my cb's. Not sure how the used shoe...
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    Low powered / spin from syn gut...possible?

    I'm using a hybrid, tb/vanquish. Playing a lot and take full cuts on ground strokes. I'm wanting to go full syn gut. I'm using a Volkl pb7 lately and still get sore using the hybrid. I don't have a breakage issue, eventually the tb eats through and the multi breaks but I can probably get by...
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    Whats the deal with the Pure Storm GT?

    I recently got one on a trade here (the 09 version). I really like it. Like the (low) power and its really comfortable. Im using a xv1 and a f100 now in my mix, trying to figure out what i like best, the psgt is winning over the last few days. Even with full poly, it feels pretty good. I may...
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    RollTrackTake is a great American

    Easy trade, honest, quick shipper.