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    **To all Coaches**, Research study for school

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get some statistics about the tennis coaching community for a research study i'm doing at my university. I need to know if: 1. Full-time or part-time coach 2. Club pro or private 3. Hours listed are for winter/summer/both 4. What country are you from Could you...
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    Wilson N6 inquiry

    Hey guys, my girlfriend plays with teh wilson N6 which i hear now is discontinued unless i buy from the internet, but i'm wondering if there was any reason in particular why it was discontinued? I'd like to get her a backup racket for when she competes without having to have her get use to...
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    best WTA 2-handers?

    Hey guys, I want to suggest some 2-handed WTA players for my girl friend to observe but i'm a one hander myself and haven't paid much attention. Who do you think are the top 2-handers on the WTA side?
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    Torn Wilson Shoes - Free Exchange?

    Hey guys, I've been running through a lot of pairs of wilson shoes through the years. I'd buy a new pair when a hole starts to emerge at the tip from being worn out. Up until now i've simply bought a new pair - but i've heard that it's possible to exchange the torn shoes + receipt to wilson...
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    Tennis game for PC

    Topspin 2 is being ported to PC from the XBox 360 version, should be in-stores by March 16th. Has a career mode and also an online mode, i think it needs a pretty decent PC though... definitely going to pick up this one
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    String expiration?

    Hey guys, I know that it would be impractical to have a 660' reel of natural gut because it'd just go bad over time, but how bout reels of wilson multifilament and luxilion alu power? are these non-organic strings okay for long periods of time in reels? (years)
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    Getting rid of shoe marks on court

    Hey guys, this topic is more for tips no maintaining my court rather than tennis - i had a friend that wore black marking shoes to my court (ya i shudn't have let him on), but neither of us noticed that he marked up my court until about midway through our hitting session my question...
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    Non-member only Competitive Tennis?

    Hey guys, I live in Toronto in the richmond hill/markham area me and my girlfriend would like to play some tennis doubles competitively, but i'm a member of a tennis club and she is not. she won't be able to join any club in the near future either. Are there any places in the city that...
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    mounting system problem/normal?

    Hey guys, I've tried my best to secure my n6 into my silent partner E.Stringer FL and the job turned out great. the thing is, at the beginning of the job, i securely mounted the racket to all 6-points of the mounting system. Somewhere in the middle of the job while doing the crosses...
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    SP E.Stringer FL Height Problem

    Hey Guys, I have a Silent Partner E.Striner FL, and when i turn the racket-table, the handle of the racket keeps touching the tension-box by about 2 mm. (the box where the tensioner is). It's really annoying because a couple of the holes require the handle to pass above it. It's also...
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    One-Piece tie off problem

    I've recently began learning how to do the ATW- Pattern using one-piece stringing I'm on the short side and i made the first cross with the last weave my problem is that while the tensioner is holding onto the first cross, i'm not able to clamp the string to tie the first knot because the first...
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    Some questions from a new stringer

    I have some questions regarding 2-piece stringing for the crosses, how do you guys suggest i start? i've read that a starting knot is bad for the racquet.. clamping the first cross and going on to tension the second one would cause a lot of tension to be lost in the first cross when the knot...
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    Head i.x6 OS Stringing instructions

    anyone have the stringing instructions for this racket? i have a head PDF with instructions but it doesnt' seem to have any information for this racket. If someone knows where i can get my hands on the instructions please share, thanks!
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    E.Stringer FL user reviews

    I've done a search and read some reviews already, generally got some good feedback I'm thinking if purchasing the E.stringer FL - i'm wondering if there are any cons on the FL compared to the DG and Aria (other than speed) Also list some pro's if you can please, thanks!
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    Where can i find a stringing machine in Toronto, Canada?

    I live in Canada, toronto in richmond hill is there anywhere nearby that can suggest where i can pick up a stringing machine for 700-1000? i have no idea where to begin looking O_o
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    how to measure serve speed?

    I've purchased a radar gun but i'm curious as to where i should be placing the radar gun. are serves measured before they bounce or after they bounce? should the radar gun be placed at the baseline or at the service line?