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    Stringing is Fun

    Hey guys. New stringer here. I picked up a used gamma progression 2 from chraigslist for $40. Seemed like a good deal. Went home did a practice racquet with some cheapo synthetic, then went on to string up the rest of my racquets with preffered strings. Had a good time. It's relaxing and took me...
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    WTB: wilson BLX tour 95 (blue/orange) 3/8

    Hi, does anyone have any of these in relatively good condition?
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    Looking for Wilson N Tour Twos 3/8

    Hi guys I'm looking for Wilson N Tour Twos In 3/8 in grip. I don't want to sound to harsh, But it must be a 3/8 inch grip, as I already have a couple and all are 3/8, which I'm really used to. They can be scratched, nicked as long as bumper and grommets don't show excessive wear and there is...