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  1. JacKKyKung

    What replacement grip you are using under Tourna grip (original)

    As the topic said. Now i'm using Gamma leather. It's not absorb moist as I expect. What you'll recommend.
  2. JacKKyKung

    Who is using racquet from the future.

    It's like Fed has done before. He has used K90 in N90 paintjob. Do you think any pro' are using "next" model or trying something "new". :)
  3. JacKKyKung

    Thinnest leather grip

    I need to know which one is the thinnest leather grip. Now i'm using TW 1.3 leather grip. Does it the thinnest? Thanks.
  4. JacKKyKung

    Roger's & Rafa's new shoe.

    This is the new one for Roger, look unbreathable and bulky. It's called vapor VI. And this one we've seen from Youtube of Rafa's testing session. It's called Air CourtBallistec 1.3
  5. JacKKyKung

    Post pics of the WORST fashion here.

    I think we talk too much about cool and elegant fashion. It seems funny to talk about WORST. All parts of them, hair cut, apparel, shoes. First from me. (Sorry for tiny pic)
  6. JacKKyKung

    Shoe sizing, need help

    I want to order a pair of Nike max breath free II, old model. But there's not around here(Thailand) anymore. So, my question is does it same size with Cage I or II which still sell here. Thanks for your help.
  7. JacKKyKung

    If not K90?

    If Roger use other model, will you still go on with K90? Cuz i think there're many mid size racquet on market better than K90, such as Redondo, prestige, 10 series of volkl.
  8. JacKKyKung

    Grommet for 200G MW???????

    I got MW200 from my friend which it's grommet/bumper had been damaged a lot. Can i replace it with AG200 or m-fill 200 grommet? If it's OK, i'll take a set from TW. Need some advise. Thanks for your help.
  9. JacKKyKung

    Can I use AG200/M-fill200 grommet on MW200?

    I got MW200 from myfriend which it's grommet/bumper had been damaged a lot. Can i replace it with AG200 or m-fill 200 grommet? If it's OK, i'll take a set from TW. Need some advise. Thanks for your help.
  10. JacKKyKung

    Let's see, My theory.

    *caution* This is only theory that i found, but work well for all string i've ever hybridized. First of all, because of i'm string cutter(never break any string). First priority i'll choose is tension maintenance, then playability. I spent my time for string hybridization analysis for half a...
  11. JacKKyKung

    Cheap string but great!

    Not the cheapest one. Not the best playability one. Which string you've found that great but cheap. Yes, you can compensate between price & performance. Mine is Dunlop Max comfort 17. Very cheap multi' but great playability string. It's not luxurious string like X-one biphase, not comfort...
  12. JacKKyKung

    Adidas a3 Prevail, anyone using it?

    They're discounted in Bangkok(Thailand). I think it's suit to my flat foot. Need some feedback about sole durability or any info, Thanks.
  13. JacKKyKung

    Can I find USK90 in singapore?

    Not mine. My friend need USK90 to replace his N90(asian). My another friend will go there next month. So are there any USK90 in singapore? Where? Cost? Thanks for help. :D
  14. JacKKyKung

    How do you think about this set up?

    Due to i'm switching from 2HBH to 1HBH, so i'm finding some of softer string more touch & feel too. I expect to buy AG200 16x19 in next month. Its spec is my soulmate one. I'm going to quit from using poly string. I think i'll use Multi such as X-1 biphase, PSGM, Xcel or any multi which can find...
  15. JacKKyKung

    Need some info about string characteristic. I've used this link everytime i've decided to change my string. They almost accurate but sometime is NOT, i mean when i cut the string in a half to hybrid. For example, Dunlop tour performance 16, it's finding results was great but...
  16. JacKKyKung

    Aerogel 200 16x19

    There's AG200 16x19 available here(Bangkok). I didn't see anyone use it. Many people around here play with AG100,200,300 and little amount of 500/500tour. AG200 16x19 spec(from it's ad' paper) Weight: 327 gram (strung) Lenght: 27 inch Headsize: 95 Swing weight: about 315 (not sure) Beam...
  17. JacKKyKung

    String breaker vs String cutter

    What's your type? I'm not a string breaker. I've never broken any strings, but it feeling bad when you restring the new brand or type which s_cks on play espacially high cost string but low quality. Many people always say the string that less durable is bad, last about 3-4 hr. I always say the...
  18. JacKKyKung

    Freshy strung VS Rest strung

    My own hybrid is toalson thermaxe 123/ Gamma wearguard @ 57/57. I always rest it at least 24 hr before first play. I feel it play like same playability in 6-10 hr (1 week). Since it's tension a bit loss(i don't know exactly), it's more power but controlable and same feel for 12-20 hr(about 2...
  19. JacKKyKung

    Most powerful control racquet?

    I'm looking for new stick which give me more control, stability, softer. I'm using APD which hurt my wrist a lot. I've tried to add lead, yes better stability, but stiffness can't be reduced. I'm only 110 pounds(50 kg) body weight, 3.5-4 rating, baseline defensive player. Need suggestion for...
  20. JacKKyKung

    How diferrence between PK Ki5 vs PK 5G?

    How diferrence between PK Ki5 vs PK 5G? Does the different effect on comfort? Need more info, help please. Thanks for all reply.
  21. JacKKyKung

    Hollow feel racquets to avoid

    I've decide to buy a new racquet. Because of my APD hurt my wrist, and it gave me hollow feel. Does Volkl tour 10 GEN I is good choice? It's selling in discount prize near my area. I need suggestion to avoid hollow feel racquet to prevent false selection. Any brands to avoid? Thanks a lot.:)
  22. JacKKyKung

    Notch on BB alu rough!!!

    I've never noticed this before. Today, my game was sucks, lost of control & slice serve. I thought my string lost too much tension. When i decided to cut them off i saw some notch on BB Alu rough. I strung it on main and toalson asterisk on X. My asterisk just have been a little scratched. Have...
  23. JacKKyKung

    Normal hybrid vs reverse hybrid

    What's softer between normal hybrid (poly main/soft string cross) and reverse hybrid (soft string cross/poly main) I'm using APD, very stiff stick. So i'm looking for softer hybrid, thanks for help.
  24. JacKKyKung

    Agree me? Nike should start racquet line

    Nike can make graphite golf club, so i believe they can produce & develope good rac'.
  25. JacKKyKung

    What's the best babolat?

    For me, aeroprodrive is the best, and yours? Now i'm going to try pure storm. Leave comments, thanks.
  26. JacKKyKung

    Why nadal'string is translucent

    Can any1 tell me? Why Nadal's string is translucent but in my stock it's opaque. So does rafa use real prohurricane tour?:confused: