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  1. PanDa

    Decent Reels?

    I've probably got a couple more racquet's worth of string left in my reel, so I've been eyeing some poly reels lately. My budget's around 100, so my list looks like this: Signum PP Megaforce, Kirschbaum PLX and Super Smash, and MSV Focus Hex. Does anyone have any opinions on how these strings...
  2. PanDa

    Post-Tennis Footwear

    Thanks for the recommendation! I'll be sure to check them out.
  3. PanDa

    Post-Tennis Footwear

    Is it normal to change out of tennis shoes and into lighter shoes (running shoes, flip flops) after practices/matches?
  4. PanDa

    2019 Australian Open - Men's Singles - Discussion Thread

    Chung's going the distance...
  5. PanDa

    2019 Australian Open - [6] Marin Cilic vs. Mackenzie McDonald

    Really want McDonald to win. I've always enjoyed watching him since his time at UCLA.
  6. PanDa

    My worst enemy: the rain...

    My worst enemy: the rain...
  7. PanDa

    Tennis Warehouse: Volkl V-Feel V1 Playtest

    Are these racquets similar to the head radical line? (V1 Pro to Rad MP, V1 MP to Rad S, and the OS like the Rad PWR?) That's the general idea that I got looking at the V-Sense line.
  8. PanDa

    Need Help choosing a racquet

    I've found the Head G360 Speed MP to be a nice blend of spin/control and power. It's a bit on the lighter side, too. On a side note, if you have the chance to demo, I would recommend that you give the yonex and prince racquets a try.
  9. PanDa

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Wilson Clash

    Is the clash replacing the burn line?
  10. PanDa

    What's your favorite sub $12 string?

    @bcart1991 Thanks for the advice! I'll see if I can get my hands on them after finishing my current reel.
  11. PanDa

    The need for command

    In my group of tennis friends, everyone gives and receives calls to hit, except the person everyone detests. This one person lives under the illusion that their calls to hit are the only calls, and this person sure does remind me of someone...
  12. PanDa

    What's your favorite sub $12 string?

    As a broke high school student, I can assure you that Gosen Polylon 17 is all I can beg for. At a fine price of $41.95 for 17 restringings, it’s the most I can afford. In all seriousness though, it gives me all I need out of a string. Nothing fancy, but a good quality string for the price.
  13. PanDa

    Advice! I think it's time for me to switch

    What did you think about the racquets you tried/is your current racquet in need of change atm? (Is there anything wrong with it?)
  14. PanDa

    recommend me a new racquet please!

    Maybe the Prince Textreme Beast 98 (haven’t tried it, but specs look okay)
  15. PanDa

    Racquets demo suggestions

    Graphene radical? Speed? I might suggest the prince warrior/beast series, Babolat Pure Strike (don’t know too much about these), or Yonex EZONE 98/100 (headsize up to you). Haven’t really tried the newer Wilson/Head racquets so can’t say much there.
  16. PanDa

    Your top 3 strings...

    1. Kirschbaum Pro Line X 2. Solinco Revolution 17 3. Solinco Tour Bite 17
  17. PanDa

    rackets like Babolat Pure Aero, pure drive, etc.

    I'd look towards the Ultra 100 (older one), Burn 100 (non-CV), Graphene Extreme MP, or Textreme Warrior 100 for a start. Can't guarantee that they play the same, since I haven't hit with them, but the specs look similar.
  18. PanDa

    2018 Indian Wells SF: [1] Roger Federer vs. Borna Coric

    I go to make lunch and this happens...why did I miss it
  19. PanDa

    Indian Wells 2018 QF: Roger Federer vs Hyeoun Chung

    I thought Berdych would be a 2-setter, and it was. Just the other way. So you never really know, I guess. Still gonna say, the worst I can see Fed doing is losing a set.
  20. PanDa

    2018 Indian Wells Masters - More than a mere M1000

    Doesn't Chung tend to lose break right after breaking his opponent?
  21. PanDa

    Playtesters Racquet of Choice

    I think this is the right link:
  22. PanDa

    Wilson Pro Staff 97 (2015) vs Ultra 97 vs Burn 95

    Of the three, I’d go with the pro staff or ultra. Other brands also have pretty good racquets (Yonex DR 98, Prince Tour/Phantom), but that’s just one opinion of many.
  23. PanDa

    Wilson Pro Staff 97 (2015) vs Ultra 97 vs Burn 95

    What’re you using right now, and why do you want a new racquet?
  24. PanDa

    Good choice?

    For a beginning stringer, is the klippermate an appropriate stringing machine? Just need something that is portable, long lasting, and generally accurate. UPDATE: I went with the klippermate, due to budget. I really do appreciate all the input and help from everyone. :)
  25. PanDa

    Looking for a new racquet. Help

    Heard it’s a tad bit stiffer, but you should probably demo some racquets. Hit with them and find what you like.
  26. PanDa

    Looking for a new racquet. Help

    DR 98 gives good pace, excellent control, and nice comfort. (Strung with poly’s at 45-50 lbs) Haven’t ever hit with a burn, but I’m pretty sure that it’ll be a whole different stick. Adjusting to the isometric head might take maybe a few rallies and you may shank with the smaller head, but...
  27. PanDa

    2018 AO SF - [2] Roger Federer vs Hyeon Chung

    Chung posted a picture of his foot on ig. Won’t say it’s pretty...
  28. PanDa

    Chung vs Sandgren - AO 2018 Quarter Final

    Both of them seem tired or nervous. Something just isn't looking right.