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    Is Masha on the juice?

    A lot of players look like the hulk when they are making contact with the ball.
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    Andy going down the drain?

    Since when is losing to Davydenko bad thing? Davydenko got to 3 or 4 semis of the grand slams last year and is #4 in the world.
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    Bad Loss for Donald Young

    Hopefully Young will grow up soon. I have been saying this for a while now.
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    Roddick's strings at Wimbledon

    Nadal uses Duralast.
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    difference between men and women tennis

    Few women have the frame to be as strong as Serena Williams.
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    100 "best" Wim players from the Times

    The writer should be fired.
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    Federer's belt!!! hahahahah

    Federer's lost weight worrying about how to beat Nadal on clay that he needs a belt to hold his shorts up.
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    Roger Federer ranked number 5 male athlete in the world.

    I consider golf a sport though I do see where you coming from. Look at Daly, overweight and used to be an abusive alcoholic. Playing golf is a workout and requires practice in the way other technique sports do. Now Bowls should not be a sport, maybe even motorsport to as the only physical...
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    Novak K-Blade Commercial (And TC commericals in General)

    I hate that Sharapova commercial with the talking dog.
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    The Best Ever Grand Slam Finalist?

    Greg Rusedski. Oh wait...
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    Roddick=Pigeon with serve

    Sorry but this has been done to death and it takes much more than a good serve to get to top 10.
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    $60K betted on nadal!

    It's never a good chance to bet on nalbandian in winning a Grand Slam.
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    Grass in general has slowed down

    Not everyone likes baseline rallies. I hope you realize soon not everyone thinks like you.
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    Nadal's destructive behavior

    It's obvious who the Nadal fanboys are. I don't find this thread that bad. The agenda's kind of lame but it could be a lot worse.
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    Funny pic

    Her nipples through the see through top.
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    Sampras vs. Nadal at Wimbledon

    Sampras and Rafter played on a faster grass court without poly strings. Nadal in Wimbledon in the 90s would get destroyed by both of them and today Sampras and Rafter would get destroyed by him. The game has changed that much.
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    Is the grass season too short?

    It's called objectivty versus subjectivity. Anything tangible such as the composition of an object is something that is objective. Preference of anything (ie opinions) such as what court is better is entirely subjective.
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    Is the grass season too short?

    It is a widely accepted fact that concrete is the harshest surface on the body.
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    Is the grass season too short?

    It's nice variety from other styles of play and better than boring baseline bashfests on clay.
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    Murray too fragile

    Yeah Murray is built like me. Kind of tall and skinny and quite weed like.
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    What an incredible quarter final line up at Queen's..

    Roddick has much better groundstrokes than Karlovic.
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    Fernando Verdasco poses nude for Cosmopolitan!

    Kirlienko needs to do some charity work. ;)
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    WOW - Fed weighs 88 kilos

    That explains the decrease in his level of play.
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    Nadal lost on grass first round yesterday.....

    Thats not the issue. The issue is whether Nadal would be good competition on a real grass court. Wimbledon is to slow and high bouncing to be considered real grass.
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    Which Slam Do You Enjoy Watching the Most?

    I clicked wimbledon just because it is the only one I have been to and historically it has been my favorite so I'm biased. Now however I think it may have to be the US Open simply because it is probably faster than grass now. Slow courts like the French tend to be pretty boring to watch.
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    Has there ever been a more lopsided Grand Slam final than 1977 Roland Garros?

    Keep in mind the depth in the game has vastly improved. Players ranked around 100 are causing upsets and giving the top players a tough match. And well I guess Nadal finally equalled that. I wonder if anyone saw that coming in 2006.
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    Queens Slowed Down?

    Here is a comment from Djokovic after his first round win at Queens. "I always look forward to playing on grass because we don't get many chances and it's much slower this year which suits my game," Djokovic said. If this is true I have lost all respect for the ATP.
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    Ok i just saw Murphy Jensen stringing Nadal's racket

    Actually Nadal uses a pro staff 85 paintjobbed to look like the aero pro drive with cortex.
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    Roddick Serving Irrationally

    I know players that do second serves like first serves and sometimes do really well and other times double fault constantly. It is good to have a reliable second serve that will help you everyday. Two first serves don't give you that.