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    Hypothetical match up: Federer v Thiem french open 2019

    Who wins if Federer v Thiem met in the 2019 French open, eg if they met at the final. Federer had match point against Thiem in Madrid, Thiem defeated Djokovic in the semi final. What will have been the outcome if they had met. I'm just curious
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    I believe in Roger for the S/F against Djokovic

    I'm expecting a repeat of FO 2011 s/final and AO 17 final where Roger was counted out but then delivered a masterclass both times to win. I beli21ve in Roger. I believe he can defeat Djokovic and eventually win the title despite being counted out and against all odds.
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    Is Thiem finally ready to take on Nadal at the FO?

    he should be ready to take it to him at the FO. even though the FO is quite different from the AO, I think now he has broken the mental barrier, he would be able to take it to Nadal at the FO if they meet this year. especially if their meeting occurs before the final.
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    Australian Open 2020 QF lineup is one of the most interesting and balanced lineup in recent times

    Federer Nadal Djokovic Wawrinka Thiem Zverev Tennys Raonic
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    Federer will win at least a slam in 2020

    i predict he'll win 1-2 slams this year at the very least.
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    Bold Prediction: 2020 will be similar to 2017

    Fed will win at least one slam (I predict 2 slams, same as 2017) and finish the year still ahead in the total grand slam count. it'll be unexpected just as 2017 happened unexpectedly.
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    Federer to win at least a slam in 2020

    you heard it here first. we'll review this thread at the end of 2020 just as I made a thread at the end of 2016 that Fed will win a slam in 2017 and he ended up winning 2.
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    A repeat of AO 2014 and AO 2017 could be happening.

    Rafa fans very confident and 100% sure Rafa would win. then the match begins and Rafa gets dominated by his opponent and ends up losing the match. Though Rafa is the favourite, but Thiem has been underestimated for this match and will most likely pull an upset in the final.
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    An Anomaly in the Murray V Wawrinka debate that needs to be corrected.

    Most times in the Murray Wawrinka debate, people mostly give an edge to Wawrinka making an argument on how wawrinka is more of a big match player than Murray. Without regarding that Murray also won two of his grand slams defeating Djokovic, and also won the WTF which is a tournament where the...
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    Roger will defeat Thiem at Madrid 2019

    Against all odds and expectation
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    Federer to win 20th Slam in 2018

    if he stays healthy throughout the year.
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    Murray V Ferrer - Higher clay peak

    Who has the higher peak on clay between Murray and Ferrer. Both has one final at RG. Murray has two masters 1000 on clay while ferrer has none but he has two finals which were both lost to Nadal. Murray defeated both Nadal and Djokovic for his Masters 1000s and lost one final to Djokovic. So...
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    Federer to defeat Nadal on clay

    if/when they meet. I'm calling it now. it might look funny/impossible/silly. but so was my thread: Federer to win a slam in 2017. I rest my case.
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    Why has Federer won very little titles on clay?

    despite making 26 claycourt finals, he's won only 10 claycourt titles. even removing his 12 losses to Nadal, he still has 14 other finals and all Nadal's wins weren't final I always think he could have won more. edit: got some of the stats totally wrong. had to edit after correction from some...
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    Why do Murray perform poorly at Indian Wells

    For a great hard court player, only one final and a few semi final. Why does he perform so poorly at Indian wells?
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    Would Stan be 3-0 in Slam finals if he had played Federer in at least one of his slam finals?

    Seeing Fed is a bad matchup for him especially on the big stage.
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    Federer V Clayray

    This matchup has never happened on clay, if it were to happen this year, who would be the favourite to win.
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    Nadal fans don't get too confident

    Remember AO 2014, It seemed like Nadal would surely win but we all know how it panned out. The match can go either way. I call Fed to take this one.
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    Federer to win a slam in 2017

    You heard it here first. Don't know the slam he would win, but I know he would win a slam next year.
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    2012 Wimbledon Federer v 2012 Olympics Murray

    There seem to be a lot of argument and counter argument over the Olympics final in 2012. controversies and excuses flying everywhere concerning that match up. A more fair way to look at it is this match up. Who wins this match up?
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    Federer V Murray 2012 Australian Open

    Murray in probably his best form ever at the AO, went five sets with Peak Djokovic against a very good Federer who lost in four sets to Nadal. Had they met in the semi final or final, who would have won this match-up.
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    200th clay wins for Roger Federer

    Became the 7th active player with 200 clay wins in istanbul.
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    Fed to take the lead in the h2h v murray for the first time at the WTF

    Fed has always been behind after the first match or most recently equal in the head to head, hoping for a change at the WTF.
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    Better peak form Murray or Del potro

    There certainly is no debate who the better player is but after seeing godmode GOATro in U.S Open 09, who has the better peak form, or is their peak form undebatable.
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    Which of the top four handles hot/godmode players best

    Which one handles players who get hot against them best.
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    If the wimbledon 2014 final was federer v murray

    What's ur prediction to happen.
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    If/when Fed wins Wimbledon

    Will he have laid the weak era theory to rest.
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    If djokovic wins wimbledon

    How would you rate him on grass. He would have as many grass slams as Nadal, one more than murray. I would like to know how he would be rated.
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    How do i search for threads

    Pls how do i search for a thread that have been posted before
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    Fed to who 80th single title at wimbledon.

    What do you think. Discuss