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    Head Graphene XT Speed MPA or Instinct XT MP

    Arli- what string are you using? I just had a demo strung with TB/vanquish. Feels great. Coming from a 99s full poly. This was a random demo for my wife and the more I hit it, the more I like it.
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    Head speed mpa 16/16 vs steam 99s

    Let's discuss. Ive been steaming and just recently went to the head. Enjoying it. Won with it earlier this week. Another match tonight, used the head first set. Switched to steam after winning first set beauause I just didn't feel as confident with the mpa. Not totally used to it yet. Steam...
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    Playing a 4.0 tourney this weekend.

    You're overthinking it and need to just have fun as an underdog. I won a consolation round 4.0 as a 2.5 once. Goal was to not get bageled and at some point got loose. Keep going at it and have fun. It's always better when it's fun. Funny thing is that's my favorite hardware I've won so far. I...
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    Combo Doubles Southern Sectionals

    Hope those of you that went had a great weekend. Dodged the weather, rained the whole drive back! Won our flight, took home the finalist hardware.
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    Volkl pb9 (2) and Organix 10 295 (1)

    I have 3 volkls listed below, all bought brand new recently. The pb9s are 1/4 grip and the x10 is a 3/8. I have them listed separately but would make a deal for all 3. Also interested in trading for another steam 99S. Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) VOLKL POWER BRIDGE 9 Grip Size: 1/4...
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    What is wrong with the Volkl Organix 9?

    How's the x9 compare to the pb9? I'm thoroughly enjoying this pb9.
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    Do you play your rackets equally often or just your "main" racket?

    Would rotating be more risky. Say you have 2 and you rotate them equally, so strings are at the same life. If 1 pops, wouldn't the next one be at about the same place. So you break strings, then grab your other one and it breaks soon after.
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    What is wrong with the Volkl Organix 9?

    Not sure why the pb9 didn't take off...this thing is great. Feels awesome. Plenty of power. It swings great. I think it's my new stick for the season.
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    What's as good/reliable as supergrap but thicker?

    Been using yonex supergrap for a long time. I like it. I recently went from 3/8 down to 1/4 on some new racquets. I'd like to just use one OG. The yonex is allright but want slightly thicker.
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    What is wrong with the Volkl Organix 9?

    I just received 2 brand new pb9s. Gonna give them a try. I've used the 7s a lot, have a x10 295 but didn't enjoy it. Most recently have been using steam 99s, will probably keep using the 99s but am trying out some sticks that don't require full poly. Found a deal that I couldn't pass up so...
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    Combo Doubles Southern Sectionals

    Same here...March.
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    Spin Effect String Patterns vs Normal Patterns

    Come on G4driver...youre a smart @$$ regardless!
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    Happy New Year Racquetheads and a look back at 2014

    Kicking the year off, like my new x10 295 so far, found a sick deal on some new pb9s, should be here early next week. Can't seem to stop building up my Volkl stockpile.
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    Happy New Year Racquetheads and a look back at 2014

    This year, in between my go-to pb7s I've had a 6.1 team, yonex ai98, pro staff 95S, donnay f100, then settled down with the steam 99s. Used the steam through the end of mixed season (made it to states), then for combo season (won states, heading to mobile in March). Got a new Volkl x10 295 in...
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    The honeymoon is over....Tweener divorce!!!!!

    Not to sidebar the thread...but a quick question. Is ~330 a high swing weight? My 99s is about 330 grams and about 330 sw. It's nice and does great things but I think maybe the sw tires me out after awhile. I'm trying to figure this all out because I like the racquet, but I feel after awhile I...
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    Sale/trade Wilson team blx

    Still have the 6.1 team. Looking for a 99s or a 99LS
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    FS: Wilson Steam BLX 99s 16x15 3/8Grip 8.5 condition $90 shipped

    6.1 team or Donnay f100 trade?
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    ***The Wilson Six.One Team Club***

    I have a nice red/white/blk blx version. I pulled it out this week for a few hits, but Im having too much fun with the 99s lately. Posted the 6.1 team on the classifieds here.
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    Head Graphene XT Speed MP A = Head SMPA

    G4/blt- any updates? Curious on comfort. I'm finding the 99s pretty soft even with a high stiffness rating, open pattern helps, even full poly doesn't hurt. Wondering how a few points less stiff and an extra cross feels. (Always Leary of graphene and comfort).
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    Sale/trade Wilson team blx

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): black/red/white 95" blx 6.1 team. Grip Size: 4 3/8 with a new leather grip. Quantity: 1 Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): I bought it as a lightly used demo and then played...
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    FT: Donnay Formula 100

    I picked up another f100, looking to trade or sell. It's 8.5 or 9/10. It's a 1/4 grip. Make me an offer $ wise. Trades- looking for another 99s in 3/8. Or an old Diablo mid
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    Steam 99s vs new PS 97 LS

    Anyone familiar with both? I've been sticking with the 99s but interested in the 97LS. Hit a few with the ps tonight but not enough due to weather. The 97 seemed comfortable, lighter and faster swinging. Has anyone here done a comparison? Has the shot of being like a 99s with more...
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    Donnay Formula 100 Stringing Recommendations?

    What's the verdict? I'm back to using an f100 and debating full syn gut vs poly/syn vs poly/multi. And whys this not in the strings forum?
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    coconut water & regular water

    I don't have any scientific data but I have become a coconut water fiend. I had an issue with my calve muscle, kept pulling it often and since I've been addicted to cocowater, it hasn't happened. I buy whatever is on sale, mostly zico latey. I find that rising sun is the best tasting. I try...
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    F/T: Wilson Pro Staff 95S and 6.1 Team 16x18

    Change of plans. Playing the 6.1 team now, enjoying being able to play hybrid with multis. Keeping the 6.1 team now. Looking to trade the ps95s for more 6.1 teams or the newer 6.1 light or another f100 or similar.
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    Grip to bring up a 1/4 ps95s to normal?

    I made a trade and have a pro staff 95s. I'm loving it, but it's a 1/4 and also has a bab skin feel grip on it is tiny. I have 2 yonex supergraps plus a tourna on it, so basically a 1/4 with a thin grip plus 3 og's. Wonky town! What grip plus 1 OG can I put on and have a similar size...
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    Powerful racquets with good touch & feel ?

    Surprised you're not tinkering with the pb7. Seems to offer a nice blend of power and touch.
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    F/T: Wilson Pro Staff 95S and 6.1 Team 16x18

    Ok, looking for more pb7s, or f100s. Willing to try organix 4 or organic 7 green.
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    F/T: Wilson Pro Staff 95S and 6.1 Team 16x18

    As far as trades, Donnay f100s would be nice. Tweeners in general, open to offers
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    F/T: Wilson Pro Staff 95S and 6.1 Team 16x18

    Pro Staff 95S Grip Size: 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 95 (16x15 spin) Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 Really good shape, typical head guard scrapes, paint is in tact, not chipped. Price: Trade for Steam 99S Seller's Contact Info: reply here or through this site or email richardramsey at...