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    FS: 2x KPS 88 9/10 condition 5/8!

    I have two kps88s with less than 4 hours of court time on them. They are in flawless condition and in 4 5/8 Email me @
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    2x KPS 88 5/8 and 2x Head Flexpoint prestige mids 5/8

    I have 2 wilson kps88's in 5/8 for sale. Both in 9.5/10 condition with less than two hours court time Same for the flexpoint prestige Mids. Both 5/8 and both in near perfect condition. They were bought about 2 weeks ago, brand new... so they have less than 2 hours court time as well 9.5/10...
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    FS: 2x Pro Staff Tour 90 5/8

    I have two wilson pro staff tour 90s for sale. I bought these from someone on these forums a couple years ago. Both are in 8/10 condition with some minor scratches, but most of the scratches are on the top grommet. I have sold rackets on these forums before and have references, and my...
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    Flexpoint Prestige mid or MP 5/8 only

    Looking for some flexpoint prestiges, either mid or MP but ONLY in 5/8
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    KPS88s 4 5/8 ONLY

    Looking for a couple KPS 88s. 5/8 grip size only. Email me @
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    Awesome trade with ender666

    I traded 2 blx 90s for two kps88s. Transaction could not have been easier, highly recommended!
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    FS: 2x Wilson BLX 6.1 90 4 5/8 9.5/10 condition

    I have two Wilson BLX 6.1 tour 90s for sale that were bought from TW about 1.5 months ago and are spec matched from TW. They are in 9.5/10 condition-- have only seen about 4 hours of court usage. They are both strung with technifiber NRG2 16 on the crosses at 53 lbs and Pacific Poly x force...
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    Very Unhappy with TW customer service

    I recently ordered 2 BLX 90s from tennis warehouse and found them on a competitor's website for much cheaper with the use of a coupon code they have running for 40% off any item over 49$. I called to price match (tw usually has good customer service, i have bought from them for years) and they...
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    Fs: Rds 001 Mid 2008 4 5/8

    I have two RDS 001 Mids in 9/10 condition, 4 5/8 grip size. The only damage on the frames are on the bumper guards, but no paint chips at all. The are both the new 2008 cosmetics, strung with pacific poly x force 17 on the mains and nrg2 16 on the crosses (freshly strung). I have sold...
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    What color iPhone 3g should i get

    Question in title......
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    WANTED: Pro Staff Tour 90 4 5/8

    Looking too pick up 1-2 PS tour 90s in 4 5/8 ONLY. email me at
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    FS/FT Yonex RDX 500 Mid

    i have a yonex rdx 500 mid (bought from samster on the boards) in 9+/10 condition for sale. The only scratches are on the grommet, and i will also include 2 extra grommet sets with the racket. The grip size is 4 5/8 Will sell for 115+ shipping or trade for any of the following: Redondo Mid...
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    RDX 500 mid

    Does anyone know where i can pick up a few rdx 500 mids? I have been looking all over for them.. and would really love to get my hands on a few. email:
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    WANTED: YONEX RDX 500 MID 5/8 only

    i am interested in buying 2-4 yonex rdx 500 MIDS. I will ONLY accept 4 5/8
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    Is this a ST Vincent? there are 3 more pics... is this a SV?
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    Official RDS 001 club (mid or mp)

    Hi everyone.. i know there are a fair amount of people here that use the RDS, and seeing as almost every other racket has a club, why not this one? So if you want in, post... and you will be added.
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    rds 001 mid 2008

    Anyone that owns this racket have pictures of it? I have not seen any photos of it other than the ones posted by TW and just kind of wanted to see some pictures.
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    FS; 3x Pro Staff 6.0 95 Original

    I have 3x ps 6.0 95s for sale all in 4 5/8 grip size. 2 of them are about 6 months old, and one of them only about 2 months. They are all in 9+/10 condition with the main scrapes being on the bumper guard. They are freshly strung with the specs in my sig, and include the racket covers. These...
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    Ordered some Demos... will post results soon.

    I have been looking at the possibility of switching from my 6.0 95s to something just as comfortable but with a slightly higher sw. I have already ordered a k90 demo, and just ordered the rds001 mid, microgel prestige MP and Pro rackets. I will post my findings within the next week or so. i...
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    k90 vs 6.0 95

    Hi... i currently use the wilson 6.0 95... and absolutely love almost everything about it. The main problem with it is the fact that it is discontinued-- thus very hard to get esp in 5/8 grip size. Also the sw is a bit low for me, i added lead at 12 to give me a little more weight, and pop. I...
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    FS/FT Pure storm tour 5/8 for ps 6.0 95

    I have a 9+/10 condition babolat pure storm tour for sale or for trade (i posted another thread, but did not have a trade option) The racket has a 5/8 grip size and is strung with pacific poly force 18 on the mains and pacific powerline 17 on the croses at 53lbs. I am looking for either...
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    Wilson PS 6.0 95 customization thread

    Just wondering how other ps 6.0 95 users customized their rackets. I have 6 inches of 1/4 inch lead tape at 12 and like it. Any feedback is appreciated.. also to those who play stock.. how do you like it?
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    Defective Rackets order 2443956

    i ordered two wilson ps 6.0 95s and noticed while i was hitting, one of them is cracked on the top of the yoke. TW, please get back to me about the return.
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    Pacific poly x force 18

    I was wondering if pacific poly x force 18 is going to be discontinued.. or if it is just out of stock. Thanks.
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    FS: 2x Pure Storm Tour

    I have 2 pure storm tours for sale. Both of them are about 3.5 weeks old and are in 9/10 condition (only scrapes are on bumper guard) Both rackets have 5/8 grip size and come with case and babolat dampeners. The rackets are both strung with pacific poly x force 18 on the mains and pacific...
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    FS: Babolat Pure Storm Tour 5/8

    I have two babolat pure storm tours for sale. Both are in 9/10 condition (only about 1 month old, with some scratchers on head guard, thats it) I am asking for 130+ shipping for each Or 245+shipping for both. Post in this thread or email me @ if interested Will...
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    Thinking about switching to ps 95

    Hi, i am thinking about switching from the babolat pure storm tour to the ps 6.0 95. (tw gets them in this Friday) Before the babolat i used the flexpoint prestige, but that racket killed my arm, so i switched to the babolat seeking something more arm friendly. The ps tour is a good...
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    new rackets

    Hi everyone I just sold my flexpoint prestige's because they were too stiff and have given me terrible tennis elbow. I was wondering if you guys had any reccomendations on comfortable control rackets 90-98 inches. I am currently looking at the rds001 mid and the redondo mid (but tw...
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    wilson 6.0 95 classic

    Hi, im looking to buy 2 wilson 6.0 95 classics with 4 5/8 grip size. email me at
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    2 flexpoint prestige mp 90+ shipping

    Have 2 midplus flexpoint prestiges that are less than 1 year old and are in great condition.. i would say 9/10 at worst. They are strung with pacific poly x force 18 @ 56 on the mains and pacific powerline 17 @ 54 on the crosses. both with 5/8 grip size Asking 90+ shipping email at...