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  1. enlightenment

    First time since AO 2013 that the top 4 men's seeds made the semis.

    We have (1) Djokovic v (4) Thiem, (3)Federer v (2) Nadal In 2013 AO we had (1)Djokovic v (4)Ferrer, (3)Murray v (2)Federer, Djokovic winning at the end. Last time it happened at Roland Garros was 2011. (1)Nadal v (4) Murray, (3)Federer v (2)Djokovic It actually happened twice in 2011, at the...
  2. enlightenment

    *Official* Federer returning to No 1 thread.

    I'll be posting updates here whenever Federer/Nadal complete a match! So stay tuned. Prior to the AO final 2018 Federer stands at 8805 points. He is 955 points behind Nadal on 9760 points. Should we win the AO final, he will move to 9605 points, 155 behind Nadal. All assuming Fed wins the AO...
  3. enlightenment

    If Federer was into the Paris SFs would Nadal have retired?

    Knowing that he hadn't secured YE no1, he might consider getting past Krajinovic and hoping his body held up.
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    Djokovic 1 match away from falling out of top 10.

    Djokovic has slipped to No 10 in the WTF race. He leads Querrey by 60 points. Querrey will be seeded in the Paris Masters, so a victory there means 90 points, moving Djokovic to No 11 in the race or lower. Querrey is also scheduled to play Vienna, so 2 victories there will also see him...
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    Federer reaching no 1- USO scenarios

    Once USO points 'drop', the rankings are: Nadal: 7465 Fed: 7145 Murray: 6790 To reach no1, Federer must at least reach the QFs Federer loses in QF: Nadal must lose R1, Murray must lose in QF or earlier. Federer loses in SF: Nadal must lose in QF or earlier, Murray must lose in SF or earlier...
  6. enlightenment

    Determining a strong era - a seeding analysis looking at 2012 and 2017.

    I think it's incredibly difficult to assess whether you are in a strong era or a weak era. However, I think how well seeds hold up gives you a very good guide. If the top few players are incredibly strong, they rarely get upset. If the 'gatekeepers' are strong, but not as strong as the top...
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    Hurlingham exhibition: Berdych def. Nadal 6-3 6-2

    Not strictly a pro match. Unfortunately there was no TV coverage on this one. DIscuss.
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    Which half of the draw would Federer prefer to be in?

    With the seeds fixed, Federer draws either Djoker or Murray in the SFs. Which half would he prefer to be in? Djokovic - more of an unknown factor. An early Eastbourne loss and he could be out in Wimby week 1. However if he finds form he is far more likely to beat Federer than Murray is. Murray -...
  9. enlightenment

    In terms of finishing YE No1, which FO result is better for Roger?

    If Djokovic wins, Rafa will be 1600 ahead of Roger, Djokovic 400 behind. (ATP race) Makes it much more likely to catch Rafa, but Djokovic becomes a big threat. If Nadal wins, he goes 2900 ahead of Roger, with Djokovic 1700 behind. I doubt Murray will factor into the conversation, he usually...
  10. enlightenment

    Since 2007, reaching grand slam F's was easier than winning M1000 titles for non big-4 players

    Since (and including) 2007, there have been 91 masters tournaments, with 79/91 titles (86.8%) won by the big 4. The 12 exceptions were: David Nalbandian (Madrid 2007, Paris 2007) Nikolay Davydenko (Miami 2008, Shanghai 2009) Jo-Wilfred Tsonga (Paris 2008, Toronto 2014) Ivan Ljubicic (IW 2010)...
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    Analaysis of Fed/Wawa match point

    Just looking at this match point shows how quick their minds work under pressure. We don't give players nearly enough credit for their mental astuteness under pressure, and their ability to stick (or change) strategy, constantly complaining about choking and the like. Very smart play by both on...
  12. enlightenment

    Following Murray's exit, let's compare the master's 1000 titlists in the four quarters of the draw.

    Top quarter: 0 Second quarter: 2 (Berdych, Wawrinka) Third quarter: 1 (Cilic) Fourth quarter: 82 (Djokovic 30, Nadal 28, Federer 24) Discuss.
  13. enlightenment

    Federer fans, don't be worried about him playing Miami

    When Federer made his initial schedule he was assuming he would return from injury at a 'reasonable' level. He expected a 4th round-QF at the Aus Open, and probably similar (or slightly better results) at Indian Wells/Miami. It's with this in mind that he has Miami in the schedule. He would only...
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    When was the last time 12th in the ATP rankings had >3000 points?

    With Tsonga's win, 12th place in the rankings will have more than 3000 points. (3030, with the chance to get more) 3000 points usually puts you in around 10th place. [indicating Goffin has been very unlucky not to reach 10th] This statistic shows us the increasing consistency of the top players...
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    Toni Nadal: It will be my last season with Rafael Nadal on the tour

    After 11 years without any change in his team, it´s revolution time for Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard player, who added Carlos Moya in his team two months ago, won´t work with his uncle Toni anymore. It was Toni himself to reveal it in an exclusive interview to Il Tennis Italiano. ´By next year I...
  16. enlightenment

    My take on Federer's form going into the final.

    Federer barely scraped past Mr Wawrinka in the SFs. He hit 45W to 50UE, very poor compared to his previous matches. I think we can attribute this to 3 factors: -The 'niggle' Fed was talking about. This would surely have affected his balance/shotmaking slightly. -The fact this was only a SF. When...
  17. enlightenment

    First time in a while Fed won whilst clearly playing worse than his opponent

    First set: similar standard for both, Wawrinka was holding easier until he got broken. Second set: Federer the slightly better player, Wawrinka with too many UEs. Third set: Federer slumps badly, Wawrinka clearly the better player. Fourth set: Wawrinka the better player, and should have done it...