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  1. BobFL

    33 Reasons...
  2. BobFL

    Arsnlrob ---> great buyer! :)

    Great guy to deal with. Super fast payment and easy communication. Highly recommended! Thanks Rob!
  3. BobFL

    FS: Federer Polo Shirt French Open 2008 XL

    Hi, The shirt is mint 9/10. Worn once for 10 minutes. zloba_2001 at Size: XL Thanks, Bob
  4. BobFL

    Serbia Open is moving to Spain

    So, according to a well informed sources SO is moving to Spain. This year was a complete disaster - very expensive tickets and top seed was 38th in the World. Pretty much a challenger level event. Negotiations are in process. Goran Djokovic has resigned.
  5. BobFL

    FS 2 Wilson BLX Juice 100 4 3/8

    Hi, Both racquets are mint. Used for around 45 minutes. Only super-light scuffs on the headguard. Condition 9.5/10. Grips size is 4 3/8. The racquets are strung as follows: 1. Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Spin 16 (m) and Babolat N.VY 16 (x) @ 58 2. Solinco Tour Bite 17 (m) and Babolat...
  6. BobFL

    FS Head Pallets TK82S 4 3/8

    Mint condition. zloba_2001 at $30 shipped, ConUS only please. Bob
  7. BobFL

    FS Prince CTS Synergy DB 26 Midplus :)

    Yep, a blast from the past :) My wife is original owner and she used it many years ago while she was playing in hs/college. The grip size is 4 1/8. It is in really nice condition for its age. I would say 8.0. Scuffs around head but nothing major. Strung with Gosen OG Micro red at 58. Brand...
  8. BobFL

    Viktor Troicki's frame specs...

    Maybe someone wants to know so here they are: Weight: 319 grams Swingweight: 320 kg/cm2 Balance: 314 mm Length: 27.5 Specs are fresh, from 2 days ago :)
  9. BobFL

    FS: Fox Bosworth Hippo Vintage racquet :)

    Hi, I am selling this old school, 100% graphite beautiful racquet. It is in very nice condition especially for its age, probably 9.0. Just some scuffs from lying around :) Specs (unstrung): Weight: 350 grams Balance: 320 mm Beam: 17mm Grips size: 4 1/2, leather grip String pattern...
  10. BobFL

    FS: Wilson BLX Pro Open 4 1/2; 9.5

    Used it for 1 set. Immaculate condition with a couple of super-light scuffs on the headguard. Strung 2 days ago with Solinco Tour Bite 16L and Babolat N.VY 16 at mid+2lbs. zloba_2001 at Price: $100 shipped. Plenty of feedback here :) Thanks, Bob
  11. BobFL

    Dr. Cetojevic in Team Nadal?

    Well, he just recommended himself for the job! Now, that would be seriously weird :)
  12. BobFL

    FS: Head Flexpoint FXP Radical OS (107) Made in Cz.R.

    The racquet is in excellent condition. I would say 9.0/10. The grip size is 4 3/8. Strung with Prince Premier LT at 59lbs. Price: $95 shipped (ConUS). Made in Czech Republic. Paypal ready. No trades please. Contact: zloba_2001 at Thanks! Bob
  13. BobFL

    FS: Babolat Pure Drive Swirly 4 1/4; 9.5

    Hi, the racquet is in mint condition. Personally, I have never seen one in better condition. Just light scuffing on the head guard. Strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour at 55lbs. Price: $110 shipped. Paypal. No trades please. Please check my feedback... Contact: zloba_2001 at
  14. BobFL

    Carlos Moya's Racquet vs retail swirly

    Before somebody asks me what proof I have that the racquet you guys are about to see was really customized for Moya - I'll tell you that I have no proof whatsoever. I was told that so please take it fwiw :) Visual differences: 1. no woofer system 2. pro-stock '3 and 9' grommets 3. Moya's...
  15. BobFL

    I am trying to find Adidas Djokovic Edge Crew Fall 2009

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me? :) Size XL Thanks a lot! :)
  16. BobFL

    WTB: Head Flexpoint Radical OS 4 3/8

    Hi, I am looking for one but it should be made in Czech Republic. Condition: the best possible :) Thanks! Bob
  17. BobFL

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Drive GT Roddick

    Hi, both racquets are in great condition! I would say 9.0 and I am being conservative :) Just superficial scuffs on the headguards. Grips size is 4 1/4. They are strung with: 1) Black 5 Edge and Polystar and 2) Wilson Red Alert. The price is $120/ea. Contact: zloba_2001 at Thanks!
  18. BobFL

    WTB: Babolat Pure Drive 'Swirly Edition'

    Looking for one in the best possible condition. I prefer 4 1/4 but will consider 4 3/8. Please send photos and asking price to zloba_2001 at Thanks! Bob
  19. BobFL

    JGads ---> 7.0 buyer :)

    Great guy and even better buyer! :) Super smooth transaction and fast payment. Highly recommended! Bob :)
  20. BobFL

    No questions for Federer in English? :)

    Unbelievable! He is truly flying under the radar :)
  21. BobFL

    FS: ProKennex Black Ace 98; 3/8; or trade: B5E reel

    Hi, I am selling one mint ProKennex Black Ace 98. Grips size is 4 3/8. It has only very light scuffs on the headguard. Strung with Prince Beast at 55lbs...9/10 Trade option: WC Black 5 Edge reel. No other trades please. Many good references on the board. Price: $100 shipped. Thanks...
  22. BobFL

    FS: Prince EXO3 Red 105; 3/8; 9.5

    Hi, The racquet is mint. It has only a few scuffs on the headguard. This is the newest version. Price: $160 Many good references on the Board. Contact: zloba_2001 at Thanks!
  23. BobFL

    FS: Head Micorgel Instinct 3/8; 9.5

    Hi, Both racquets are mint. They have less than 2 hours of play. They were strung 3 days ago (polys on mains and synthetic gut on crosses at 58lbs-mid) . Price: $65/ea or $135 for both shipped. Contact: zloba_2001 at Many good references on the Board. Thanks!
  24. BobFL

    FS: Klippermate Flying Clamps (x2); 9.5

    Hi, They are in mint condition (less than 20 racquets). I am selling them as a pair for $55. Free shipping included :) Contact: zloba_2001 at Many good references on the Board. Thanks! Bob
  25. BobFL

    Wilson BLX Blade Team

    Hi, It is listed as 27.25" but afaik this racquet is 27.5" :)
  26. BobFL

    Do you guys play better or worse against friends?:)

    Yep, I find this very interesting phenomenon (at least in my case:)). I definitely play better against 'random' people. Somehow, I am not trying as hard and when I see my friend unhappy and playing badly and subconsciously start to drop my level...
  27. BobFL

    FS: 2 Dunlop Biomimetic 600; 1/2; 9.5

    Hi, I am selling 2 Dunlop Biomimetic 600. Both racquets are in great condition. Only superficial scuffs on the headguards. I would say 9.5. Grips sizes: 4 1/2 (they feel like 4 3/8 Babolat imo) First racquet is recently strung with Babolat N.VY 16 at 59lbs. Second racquet is freshly strung...
  28. BobFL

    scarnley ---> great buyer!

    Super smooth transaction and a very nice guy. Highly recommended! Thanks Steve! :)
  29. BobFL

    FS: 2 x Dunlop 4D 500 Tour; 1/2; 9.5

    Hi, I've got 2 for sale. Both racquets are mint -> 9.5. They have 8grams of silicone injected in the handle for super solid feel and more head-light balance (the stock weight is 10.6oz or 300grams). One is strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 (m) and N.VY 17 (x) and the other one is full...
  30. BobFL

    Wilson Tour Gut 15L?

    Hi :) I couldn't find any substantial info on this string?! Anyone? :) Thanks! Bob