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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    I don’t think it’s been announced. Matches count in ratings but they won’t run new ratings at the end of this year. At least that’s what we’ve been told.
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    Nike Turbo GP Information

    I know this is the current style, but these shoes come dangerously close to looking like “dad” shoes. Kinda clunky looking.
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    Zoom Vapors quality question

    No, but this last pair has a torn sole on my right shoe. First time I’ve had that issue. I usually wear down my shoes in that area, but this time, the sole actually tore a little and is separating from the Zoom cushion below. I’m just about done with this pair, so maybe that’s normal wear? Will...
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    Zoom Vapors quality question

    I have a bunch of new in the box Vapor 9s that are about 8-9 years old. I break out a new pair every 6 months or so. Haven’t had a problem yet.
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    Returning to tennis after quarantine - have your shoe preferences changed?

    I love the old Vapor 9s and still have a bunch I bought many years ago. But I started using the Vapor X Knit the last few months and I’m really loving it. I have to size up half size, but the sock design is super comfy and keeps my feet stable when I’m running. No slippage at all. Only problem...
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    An official announcement should come out at some point, but that is what I am hearing.
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    Sounded like a national vote, so I’m sure it would apply universally. Any section that actually had USTA run new ratings would be at a huge disadvantage next year.
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    Local coordinator says it's in the voting stage and looks very likely. I don't know any of the details, like will self rates become C rated, but they won't be updating year-end ratings this year.
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    Nationals next year will be fun. Ratings are frozen from this year so plenty of above range players in each rating group.
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    Social Distancing Doubles?

    Our local USTA said we could start our mixed dubs league on June 1 if all players wear n95 masks, wear gloves, and use 4 cans during the match. Also, each pair has to be from the same household. Everyone agreed overwhelmingly to wearing masks and gloves, and using 4 cans, but 95% of the players...
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    Social Distancing Doubles?

    For us, we aren’t shaking hands afterwards, maintaining distance during changeovers and when talking after the match, and not drinking/hanging out afterwards. There are no close quarters strategy talk during the match, but we are playing as usual. There is some small amount of risk, but all who...
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    Is your State (District)/Section continuing play or "other"

    We may do 1S/2D this year since we anticipate fewer players and there will be no sectionals/nationals. Not really excited about that.
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    Shorter shorts for men

    I use Birddogs. They have a short option for each size, and I’ve found their shorts to be great for tennis. Built in compression shorts, pockets for balls, and fall just right a few inches above the knees.
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    Our local USTA league is offering refunds even if the summer league is played. They will keep the $3 tennislink fee plus an additional $3. If you transfer to a later league, the local org is going to have to eat the new $3 tennislink fee unless USTA does the right thing and waives it.
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    What the etiquette after the match in your area now (COVID-19 handshakes)

    Racket bumps, and we are all using our own balls.
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    How much are your USTA fees?

    Sorry, play at a private and didn’t realize the public teams had to pay extra. Pretty reasonable overall though IMO.
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    Last shoes you "stocked up" on?

    Bought about a dozen Vapor 9s years ago and am now starting to stock up on the Vapor 10 Knits when they go on sale. I have to size up 1/2 size but love the fit of the shoe. A little clunkier than the 9s but comfort is top notch.
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    Indian Wells 2020 - who is going ?

    I’m still going. Sounds like the crowds will be smaller...looking forward to it!
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    They should help make the captains’ jobs easier, but they cannot eliminate them. Captains are the glue that keep the leagues together and thriving. They recruit, cajole, organize and guide the players that are the lifeblood of the leagues.
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    How much are your USTA fees?

    $35 for us but we don’t play any extra usage fees at both public and private facilities. Home team providing balls is the only extra expense.
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    One line of singles and 3 lines of doubles. Used to be 2 and 3.
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    New USTA survey: Lots of Mixed Dubs questions

    I got it and blasted new 40+ format in comments too. I did get the mixed dubs questions.
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    40 and over how to win with four courts

    In Texas, I think everyone but San Antonio is using 1/3. They told us that the 4th match tiebreaker is line 1 doubles but GWP was still 3rd.
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    40 and over how to win with four courts

    So what is the final verdict? Nationally, USTA will make the result of 1D be the deciding factor if lines won, sets lost and games lost are all tied?
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    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    There were also a few bugs in tennis record last year that affected some ratings. I played a match with a 3.5A and it assumed he had appealed up instead of down, so when our match dynamic ratings were calculated it gave him a 3.0 and my rating was way higher than it should be. They never...
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    Club Championship

    Captain or recruit captains for some USTA (or local equivalent) leagues. I’ve found that leads to camaraderie and gets the more competitive players out on the courts more. And like others said, keep it fun. Maybe have a night where first 12 guys to sign up play doubles on the 3 open courts...
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    Men's league tennis - are the classic strokes the best for intermediates?

    My club is littered with the carcasses of players that tried to master classic strokes and serves only to lose regularly at 3.5 USTA. Many of these guys preferred to lose pretty rather than win ugly. While it’s true that they probably had more upside at some point, many of these guys have...
  28. A messed up?

    I went from just above the cutoff to just below...I wasn’t bumped. Funny to see the people that were 0.20 below me now jump up to match their new rating.
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    So few USTA adult tournaments these days! What happened?

    Tournaments this year in my area have had very few 3.5s and a ton of 4.0s. Usually 3.5 is the most popular level...I guess it’s due to the ton of bump ups.
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    What NTRP? Also seeking constructive criticism on my funky strokes

    I think you would be competitive at 3.5. Hard to be more specific because your opponent here ends points so early with his errors. I can see you holding your own against some 4.0s too, but again hard to tell from this match. Besides your serve, I would work on making your strokes a little more...