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  1. Third Serve

    Worst Slam you’ve ever watched?

    Title says it all. What’s the worst Slam tournament you’ve ever had the misfortune of watching? Maybe you hated the matches, maybe you hated the winner, or maybe because of a reduced field? Some contenders might be USO 2016 and 2017, and AO 2018. What others failed to impress you or even keep...
  2. Third Serve

    10 Times Roger Federer Went GOD MODE! (Interesting picks!)

    Some very interesting, contentious, and questionable selections here (along with plenty of good ones as well). The selections: What are your lists (and play by the same rules as the video -- only ATP-level events)? From those missing in the video, I'd pick Hamburg 2002 QF and F, Hamburg...
  3. Third Serve

    What would the front page of GPPD look like in the 90’s / early 00’s?

    Thread idea inspired by a comment from @Lleytonstation The forum was created in 2004 so many of the threads in GPPD are predictably about Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. What would the threads in GPPD look like in the 90’s and early 2000’s if TTW has existed at that point? Sampras GOAT debates...
  4. Third Serve

    U.S. Open Reinstates Wheelchair Tournament after Lobbying Efforts from Andy Murray, Roger Federer

    I suppose now would be a good time for some uplifting news, no matter how small it may be. As many of you may be aware, the USO decided to not hold wheelchair tournaments while still holding the men’s and women’s singles and doubles tournaments. Well, they’re back now after the decision was met...
  5. Third Serve

    2003-2007 Fed vs. 2011-2015 Nadal in Slams

    A companion thread to Lew’s. Interested to see how this one would turn out. Take a well-playing Fed in 2003-2007 and see how well he does against Nadal in this time frame. 2011 W 2011 USO 2012 AO 2012 RG 2013 RG 2013 USO 2014 RG 2015 RG Let the rioting ensue.
  6. Third Serve

    Once and for all, Murray is NOT an ATG!

    He only has two doubles Slams. True ATGs like the Bryan Brothers have about 8 times as many Slams. Sure, you can say that he has five mixed doubles Slams, but let’s be honest. Mixed doubles is a completely different branch of tennis than regular doubles. Also, he only has four Masters. Come on...
  7. Third Serve

    Create Your Own Favorite Match, Set by Set

    I was inspired by the discussion of good / bad sets in the AO 2009 final to make this thread. Simply put, create your own favorite five-set match using your favorite sets from different matches. For example, put your favorite first set in the first set slot, your favorite second set in the...
  8. Third Serve

    A fun match

    Nadal and Davydenko playing a great CC match at Rome 2007. Some of the rallies are amazing. Enjoy! Also, 11:11 is one of the smoothest droppers I've seen.
  9. Third Serve

    2006 Federer vs. 2008 Djokovic -- Better Player at AO

    It's in the thread title. A real blockbuster hypothetical! Discuss/disgust.
  10. Third Serve

    I'm really a fan of Dominic "Domi" Thiem

    I have a few issues with the guy. He seems like a brainless ballbasher on the court. But his off-court persona has always impressed me. He comes across as pleasant, chill, and innocent. In addition, the purported "nice guy" mode just puts him in a brighter light. Yet, on TTW it seems like a...
  11. Third Serve

    Mario Tennis Aces Invitational for COVID Relief

    Featuring Serena, Osaka, Nishikori, and Sharapova along with others.
  12. Third Serve

    Ugliest Slam Wins Ever

    Can you think of some Slams in which you felt that the eventual winner was stinking up the court very badly yet still winning the whole thing. And I don’t mean the winner was just a bit below par; I’m looking for the ugliest Slam wins out there. For the record, a Slam in which the winner played...
  13. Third Serve

    The Federer-Djokovic US Open Pentalogy

    For your enjoyment during these dark times, I'm posting highlights from YT of the five consecutive matches Djokovic and Federer played at the US Open between 2007 and 2011. These matches are great to rewatch because most of them aren't too long and the tennis is thrilling as well. There are also...
  14. Third Serve

    Leo Borg to debut in ATP Challenger Tour Interesting stuff! Perhaps some of you who like to watch challengers every now and then could get a chance to see how he plays. I expect him to start beating the Big 3 in a few months.
  15. Third Serve

    GOAT Exhibition Match?

    Which exho match is the greatest you have ever seen? And don’t say any WTF matches. Discuss.
  16. Third Serve

    AO Highlights are BS

    Seriously? What happened? They were so much better in the years before. Now it looks like the RG editors have taken over the channel. For someone like me who lives across the world from Australia who needs highlights to be updated on the tournament, this is so disappointing. The first point...
  17. Third Serve

    The Greatest 2-Slam Seasons

    What are, in your opinions, the five greatest 2-Slam seasons ever? I guess this is meant to be a continuation of the thread about 3-Slam seasons. Since there are many more 2-Slam seasons, you can narrow it down to five (or ten if your tennis knowledge is good enough). Some obvious contenders...
  18. Third Serve

    And Yet Again, Another Reason why Roger is so Elegant

    We’ve had this thread: And this thread: And this quote which asks for more threads: Yet we are...
  19. Third Serve

    Worst match you have ever seen your favorite play?

    Title says it all. What is the absolute worst performance you have seen your favorite player put up in a match? For me, as a Fed fan, it would be his loss to Volandri at Rome in 2007. Shockingly bad match from him especially since it was in one of his prime seasons. What do you guys think?
  20. Third Serve

    What if someone’s entire knowledge of tennis comes from TTW?

    Think about it. If someone knew nothing about tennis before reading TTW poasts for about a month, what would they think about the sport after this surreal experience? What would be the best part of the sport and what would be the worst part of the sport, just based on this secondhand impression...
  21. Third Serve

    History of the Top 5 -- Big Titles

    Since this is the off-season, I compiled this useless data here. These charts look at the Big titles won (and Slam finals reached, since they are comparable to Masters) by each member of the top 5. Ranking: #1: #2: #3 #4 #5 1990 Edberg: Wimbledon win, 3 Masters, AO final Becker: 1 Masters...
  22. Third Serve

    YE #1 in 2020?

    The final ATP rankings for 2019 have been all but determined. Congrats to Nadal for the number one spot and all that jazz. That makes it five each: Federer ended 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009 as the #1 player. Nadal ended 2008, 2010, 2013, 2017, and 2019 as the #1 player. Djokovic ended...
  23. Third Serve

    Best Fedal 3-set match?

    This was inspired by the thread for Djokodal. While the Fedal rivalry is better known for its five-setters, there are also some underrated three-set gems. Which one is your favorite of them all? EDIT: I guess this could include straight-set Slam matches but I don't see how anyone would consider...
  24. Third Serve

    GOAT Avatar?

    Which TTW user has the greatest avatar of all time? Even old, deleted, or banned users are allowed in the comparison (you can still view their avatars anyway, except in the case of deleted users). There may have already been a thread for this but I couldn't find it. I'll let TTW be the judge.
  25. Third Serve

    Happy Birthday Bernie!

    Where I live, it's still 11:00, but idc. Happy birthday to one of the GOATs of tennis: Bernard Tomic!
  26. Third Serve

    When was the Federer-Nadal rivalry at its best?

    You can use any criteria you wish. When were both players consistently delivering the best matches? When were both players in very good form? When did they play most of their matches? Which time period was more enjoyable for you as a fan of one or both players? It could be 2007-2009, 2011-2012...
  27. Third Serve

    Tennis Player Pulls an El Shapo, gets Defaulted

    Didn't hit anyone in the eye this time, but it's enough to send the dude packing. Also, there's a commentator on a doubles challenger match???
  28. Third Serve

    Win a Masters 1000 or Reach a Slam Final?

    Take your pick. In any case, they're pretty close. If you reach a Slam final, you pick up a cool 1,200 ATP Ranking points. You have to win six straight matches to get it, though, and the high probability is that you'll have to knock off a top 10 player in the semis (and maybe the quarters) to...
  29. Third Serve

    Federer does it the hard way

    Every one of Federer's major wins has been brutal with him having to win events with ATGs from all Career Inflation Era luxury for our handsome Fedr. AO 2006 was brutal. Kiefer was playing top 5 level stuff! His strokes were amazing. Baghdatis was playing as well when he destroyed...