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    Terrible shopping experience with Tennis Warehouse

    Just to share a terrible shopping experience with TW with you all. I ordered a few items on Sep 6th and got order confirmation within reasonable time. One of the items are 2 pairs of adidas Barricade Boost Men's Pk/Sil 9.0 . On Sep 18th, TW emailed me talking about a delay of the delivery as...
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    Wilson Triniti Tennis Ball

    Anyone tried the new Triniti Tennis Ball from Wilson? They claim the durability is 4 times of normal tennis ball. Is it true? And anyone know if this is ITF approved tennis ball? As I don't see that on the approved list yet. Thanks
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    Nadal's Babolat at French Open

    Heard before that all players sponsored by Babolat Racket should play with a special 125 years anniversary Color racket. Why Nadal is still playing with the normal one?