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    Light, flexible, low-to-the-ground, narrow shoes?

    I used some adidas Barricade Team shoes last year that were pretty good. Later last year I got a couple sets of Nike Air Trainer 1 shoes (friend with a Nike hook-up) that I started wearing to the courts some times, but they just didn't cut it for me. Over the winter I went to the Asics GR3, but...
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    Specs on Rossi F100?

    So I got an old Rossi F100 the other day on the auction site for a decent price. Took it to the courts with me the other day and after warming up with my Kriek Autograph and after taking some good cuts with it from the baseline I went to my bag and pulled out the F100. The strings are...
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    Top pros without racket contracts?

    Who are the top ATP and WTA pros that don't have racket contracts? Some, like Jalena Jankovic use a blacked out racket, but I would imagine others don't. So who out there is buying their sticks or just getting free ones without endorsement deals?
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    Trying Rossi F250, how to string relative to F200?

    I just picked up an F250 off the auction site and it looks like it could really use a re-string. I'm using Pacific Natural Gut in my F200s at 52 lbs and 10% pre stretch. What would you recommend for the F250 as it is a stiffer but lighter frame? Should I go with the same tension? Up a couple pounds?
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    Which racket line would you like to see come back?

    With the largely-successful reintroduction of Donnay recently, and now it looks like Lacoste is going to be making rackets again... It's got me thinking: what other brand of racket would you like to see back on the market? Who made sticks that you used to love that you would want to see make a...
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    Internal dimensions of Head and Volkl palettes

    I have a thread in the classic racket forum asking about replacing the grip on my Rossi F200 (I got one on the auction site where I mis-read the grip and instead of it being 3/8ths, it was 5/8ths). I popped the but cap off and measured the dimensions of the hairpin underneath and wanted to know...
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    Best way to spec a racket line?

    If you were able to have input on how your favorite racket company spec'd their line would you want them to: 1. Build their rackets so that they were 20g+ lighter than they were expected to be played so that each player (including you) could add lead how and where they wanted to get the...
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    Rossi F200 grip (palette) removal possible?

    I picked up another F200 from the auction site. I thought it was an L3, but it ended up being an L5. I'd like to keep the racket and use it, but need to find a way to reduce the grip size if that's going to work. I thought about removing the foam grip and trying to replace it with a palette from...
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    Looking to compile a history of Rossignol rackets

    I am looking for anyone who can give a history of Rossignol tennis rackets. I'd like to compile something resembling a comprehensive history of the company, players, rackets, etc. and I know that a lot of people that post here are familiar with that history and sometimes even involved in it...
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    Which Dunlop Bio 200?

    I have been considering getting a new racket to replace the myriad batch of old sticks that I play with. (Well, not replace so much as augment, since I am thinking about playing league and tourney this coming summer if I can get up to speed for it.) I have been a Dunlop fan for years, and after...
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    Rossignol Collection for Sale

    I have 7 Rossignols for sale. 3 of them are Rossi C-12s, and 4 of them are F200s. The C-12s are all 4 1/2 grip rackets. Two are in very good shape with only minor scrapes on the heads (8.5/10), the third has more head rash (7/10), but is still a very good, solid racket. No cracks or...
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    Which Dunlop player's racket through time?

    I am an unrepentant fan of the Dunlop Max200g. The original, hefty, flexy "Doom Log" version, not the lighter, stiffer PRO variant. The feel, control, comfort, versatility, and precision that I get with that racket haven't been matched. I string with VS17, and wouldn't change a thing. Except...
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    Which Dunlop?

    I am an unrepentant fan of the Dunlop Max200g. The original, hefty, flexy "Doom Log" version, not the lighter, stiffer PRO variant. The feel, control, comfort, versatility, and precision that I get with that racket haven't been matched. I string with VS17, and wouldn't change a thing. Except...
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    If there were a multi with the durability of a poly would you switch to it?

    I know that durability isn't the only reason that people like Poly strings - the spin and low energy return also seem like important characteristics. The drawback of Poly strings seems to be a lower amount of feel, poor tension maintenance, and the fast rate at which the strings loose their...
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    Classic Völkl rackets

    How far back do you have to go for a Völkl player's racket made in Germany, and which German Mid-sized (93 or less) rackets were the most flexible? I have a hard time playing with anything even resembling a stiff racket (just hit with a C10 MP and an Organix 10 325g and both felt too stiff to me...
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    Becker 11 mid v. London Tour 93 - which for an old-school player?

    I am thinking about venturing into the current decade and picking up either a couple Becker London Tour or 11 Mids to try some of the 'new' rackets that have an old school feel and more traditional flexibility. I'm looking for a comparison of the two rackets and any recommendations on which...
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    What racket maker would want some great outside technology?

    I am new to working with the tennis industry, but have been a developer of intellectual property and a technical consultant in the bicycle industry for more than a decade. Recently, as I have returned to tennis, I find myself busy coming up with applications of technology for the racket-sports...
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    Differences between the mid-80s Head Pro rackets?

    I am hoping that someone here can help clarify the cast of head rackets in the Pro and Edge series of the 80s. I know the Composite Pro is a more flexible racket than the Graphite Pro due to the higher proportion of glass in the layup, and that both rackets were a mix of carbon and glass fiber...
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    Stiffness ratings for old Wilson 85 rackets?

    I've been looking for information about various rackets that sued to be made out of the old PS85 mold - The Kramer Staff, the Graphite Aggressor, the Ceramic, etc. I've seen Dino's measure of 63 for the RA of the Pro Staff 6.0 (Tennis Warehouse lists 66 or 62 depending on the generation), but...
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    Took out the Rossi Johan Kriek today...

    So I had a morning match yesterday. I'd played a couple sets on Thursday and to be honest ever since I had surgery a number of years ago, it takes a good 3-4 days for my shoulder to feel good after serving for a match. Probably something that is just going to require more strengthening since...
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    Anyone have stiffness numbers for old woodies?

    Does anyone out there have RA numbers to compare the stiffness of old wooden rackets? What was a stiff one, what was a flexible one, and how do they compare to the composite rackets that came right after them? I'd be really interested to see what the range was and how that changed with carbon...
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    WTB: Rossignol F200 rackets L3 or L4

    I have picked up a few Rossi F 200 rackets lately and am really enjoying playing with them. If possible I'd like to find a few more so that I know there are extras in the cupboard if anything happens to the ones I'm using. If you have one/some that you would like to sell, please contact me with...
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    Difference in quality between Mutual Power and Gamma?

    Is there any difference in the quality of a machine that I'd get from Gamma or Mutual Power? If it was a comparable machine with similar features would I be better off getting it from one or the other company for any reason?
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    Gamma 602FC with wise 2086 or Gamma Progression ELS?

    Thinking about the options for a stringing machine and I'm thinking that a Gamma machine seems like a solid choice, the question I have is to see if anyone has an opinion about getting the Gamma tabletop electric which is a constant pull, or getting the 602FC and then bolting on a Wise 2086 for...
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    Time to learn to string, what machine?

    So it occurred to me today while driving to the tennis shop that between the time it takes to drop a racket off at the shop, then get back to the office or home that I spend about a hour or more getting my rackets restrung by my shop, in addition to the $20 labor that they charge. Logic would...
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    New Lotto shoes to TW-US?

    I saw the Lotto Raptor Ultra II Speed shoes on the European side of the TW site/forum. Will they be coming to the US? ETA?
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    Gut mains and multi crosses?

    I'm in need of restringing a batch of rackets and thinking about doing something a bit different than my usual (full head of either VS 17g or Gamma Professional). I thought that I could hybrid the two with VS mains and Professional crosses - any thoughts on this? I would imagine that the...
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    FS: Head Intelligence iPrestige Mid

    I have a Head iPrestige that I have been giving a whack to on occasion but never fell in love with. Honestly probably an issue with poor stringing choices, but I have a mess of Dunlop Max racquets that I love. Just cut out the strings, I friend of mine did it up with cheap synthetic at 60...
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    Adidas shoes - adipure or baracade team?

    I am looking for a lively shoe with good cushioning and weight that doesn't feel like lead after an hour or two. From looking at TW descriptions I think that either of these shoes would probably do the trick, just curious what players' responses to them have been as there is no feedback on the...