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  1. Hudson De Risi

    How is sliding with the New Nike Cage 4

    I am curious about how sliding on hardcourt is with the Nike Cage 4s since I am a big slider and currently use the Ubersonics but need something wider. That will still let me slide.
  2. Hudson De Risi

    Looking for New Shoes

    I am currently looking for new shoes to start playing in. My current shoe is the adidas ubersonic 3.0 which I love. I want to try and start playing with something different I like lightweight shoes and my foot is on the wider side. Please reply if you know any good fits.
  3. Hudson De Risi

    Junior Clothing Sponsorships

    Hi everyone I’m currently looking for a clothing sponsorship of some sort I’m currently sponsored by Diadem for my strings. Please let me know if anyone has any connections or know a easy partial clothing sponsor. Thanks