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  1. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    String pattern breakdown and strings

    18x20 full gut and 16x18 gut or multi
  2. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    All woodies round robin (A review)

    I have a couple Maxplys and Kramers storage with gut that I keep ready to play at all times. Something that was suggested to me was to try using the junior/low pressure balls to take the shock out of mis-hits. I love playing with the woods and try to get others to give it a go (tough to keep up...
  3. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    rossignol F300?

    I have one in a bag somewhere. It is a handful to swing for a while to say the least. I love the old F200 and play with those a fair bit, but the F300 is much more racket to handle. It is also noticeably stiffer than the F200, but not anything that you would call a stiff racket by today's...
  4. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Max 200G

    Worked for about a year on the design problem of improving on the original IMF by making it easier to produce while removing the head size issues (collapsing frames over 90 sq in). What a fantastic exercise (I do product and intellectual property development as my day job in other fields). One...
  5. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Sweet spot of Max200g

    Any progress with the dePaume project? It's been a few months since I've been here, but this is one thing that has me very interested. If it's not going anywhere, I may see about getting something together. It wouldn't be an exact replica of the IMF frames because the issues with head size...
  6. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Sweet spot of Max200g

    I'm very curious about how this will progress... Also, just as a matter of curiosity, Yonex, have you looked into the feasibility of the paintjob you are showing in terms of repeatability and cost-effectiveness for serial production? I would imagine that the wood-grain effect might be...
  7. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Sweet spot of Max200g

    Thanks Hans, actually, I am that friend. I have done a lot of work on this as well as part of another project that I was working on and would be very interested to join forces if you are so inclined. I have worked out the issues with weighting and larger head sizes as well. Please contact me at...
  8. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    WOAH - Wimbledon confirms moving the tournament back one week!!!

    If only the FO would move a week or two earlier also. Then we'd have 4-5 solid weeks of grass before Wimbledon - talk about Nirvana...
  9. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Oldest primary racquet folks are using?

    My primary rackets are Rossignol F200s, so they're about 30 years old. Still let you do incredible things to the ball though...
  10. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    what is the point of july?

    I guess it wouldn't be on the radar of most tennis fans, but July is the month of the World's largest annual sporting event - a little thing called the Tour de France. It's a significant part of the reason that Wimbledon doesn't move back a couple weeks (BBC coverage, etc.). As the second...
  11. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    [b]is Maria Arrogant ?[/b]

    I would stridently disagree with these suppositions...
  12. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Is Nike ever coming out with a new McEnroe collection?

    I used to like the collection, then I found myself saying increasingly banal and foolish things while wearing it... :)
  13. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Felt really bad for murray today

    I was really impressed by Murray today. None of the 'down in the mouth', bratty stuff that has been his M.O. in the past. He was fighting and giving it a solid go. Can he win a slam, yes. I am really starting to think he can. It could be the US Open this year even...
  14. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Do you always root for players of your nationality?

    Couldn't care less about nationality.
  15. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Serena quiet during wimbledon

    Saturday will be a shriek-free final. I think all tennis fans have an obligation to watch it, or at least have it on their TVs to try and send a message to the WTA about all the needless noise...
  16. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Gilles Simon on equal prize money

    Please keep in mind that it is these MNCs that make professional tennis possible. They are the people sponsoring the tournaments, paying for advertising on the broadcasts, and sponsoring the players. I'm not suggesting that every one of them is in line for sainthood, but dial back the rhetoric a...
  17. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Murray will win Wimbledon

    If Tsonga shows up for the match, brings the A game and keeps his head in the right place, Murray will not beat him. Muzz has beaten guys without weapons to get to the semis. Tsonga has an arsenal when he's 'on.'
  18. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    How long do you use your racket?

    Every 30 years whether I need to or not... Well, I actually tend to collect them and play with a range of different rackets all the time. If one is particularly interesting I'll pick up a second (or third or fourth) and maybe saw one of them to pieces and see how it's constructed, try to...
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    Gilles Simon on equal prize money

    Last I checked the NBA and WNBA never played concurrently. I've never purchased a ticket to a day of NBA and WNBA games before - has anyone else? Does the NBA negotiate TV rights with the WNBA? Finally, there is a difference between salaries on teams and prize money in a tournament. This is an...
  20. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Gilles Simon on equal prize money

    How is it political extortion if Nike doesn't want it's male players supporting differential pay because Nike has a huge chunk of the women's sports clothing and footwear market. It's not political extortion, it's making a sound business decision. Women are more than 50% of the global population...
  21. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Gilles Simon on equal prize money

    Here's a quick thought on the "issue" (and let's just all admit that this is really more of a distraction than an issue) - do a simple cost-benefit analysis as a Slam owner: 1. If you pay men more the men will be happier 2. If you pay men more the women will be less happy 3. If you pay men...
  22. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Coolest Pro bag of all time?

    Looks like most of the Wilson players have the leather bag this year...
  23. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    How many balls in shorts?

    I prefer to wear the Patagonia 9Trails shorts and can fit 2 balls in each pocket. If I feel like I need more room, I have some of the Patagonia Baggies shorts, I can fit 6-7 balls in each pocket of those, but typically just fill the left pocket due to the weight of a dozen tennis balls dragging...
  24. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Best racket head size for 1 bhb?

    85 sqin. Seriously. Take your pick between the PS85 and the Dunlop Max 200g. :)
  25. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    How to beat Djoker in best of 5?

    Tsonga has given Nole trouble in long matches before. I think the key against Novak is to be attacking, unpredictable, and not let home settle in to his rhythm. When he's on and his head is in the match, it is definitely a big ask to beat Novak, but the people who have shown the greatest success...
  26. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Karlovic could be onto something

    Another 5.5 hours and they would have been there... :)
  27. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Volkl Pro Stock at TW.....Check...........

    What a great offering from TW. They really do separate themselves from every other retailer out there...
  28. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    Karlovic could be onto something

    Cilic and Querry had a gentleman's agreement that they would go to 80-80 in the 5th and then play it out to top Isner-Mahut. So they traded holds and breaks until Cilic heard that he had the second longest match locked up, and he hosed Querry and took the win.
  29. 6-2/6-4/6-0

    [70] David Goffin vs [10] Mardy Fish

    Goffin in 5 (maybe 4).