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  1. z-money

    Looking for a HEAD/Nike1/4 Zip Top

    The "Head Men's Fall Striker Perf 1/4 Zip Top" is nice but there is no XL. And of the Nike 1/4 zips no black... Help plz
  2. z-money

    roger and rafa: Clay discussion

    OK my friend is of the belief that Federer is the better clay player and that nadal is just in his head. I told him thats the most rediculous thing ive ever heard. Will im not denying that roger may have a mental block there, I am saying that nadal is the better on clay. He is 19-1 in clay...
  3. z-money

    The Greatest Tennis player who you've never heard of! For more google Nick Taylor tennis This is a friend of mine. He is a great guy. He has a record that rivals roger federers. He has won loads of slams in singles and doubles, a gold medal, and could very well win...
  4. z-money

    stevekim8---Great seller!!!!!!

    Thank you, to Steve Kim! I needed a PC600 in great shape and i got one. With gut in it no less! THANKS THANKS THANKS Great deal for me! Hope you feel as good dealing with him as I, your a good seller Steve-o! Outstanding communication + good to his word + prompt and fair shipping = Great...
  5. z-money

    Is Haas a wimp?

    Wimp isnt the word i wanta us. but either way Fed got a walkover... he pulled out with an injury... who pulls out of that? Is he really hurt or is he a puss? Info is wanted
  6. z-money

    Who takes The Nottingham Open?

    I believe Bjorkman is the favorite to make the final in the top half just cause his game is suited for the grass. but who do you feel has a great shot. im going with bjorkman vs. KARLOVIC/DEL POTRO/TURSUNOV in the final
  7. z-money

    prestige pjs or real deal?

    Has any prestige user actually used a newer racket? I have pics from tennis magazine with tursunov clearly using a pj of a liquidmetal prestige and if you google pics of safin you can clearly tell his LM was a pj also. but what about the fxp!!! i can really tell if there is a good enough pick...
  8. z-money


    Is it better to be Certified with USPTA, PTR, or both? how many of you are certified?
  9. z-money

    How big is your serve?

    I have been told i hit near 130, i think its more like 125 maximum. What about you all? And as far as interest! how many aces have you hit in a match? Ive hit 20 in two sets, wanta see where i stand!
  10. z-money

    Pc 600

    Classics only please at 4 1/2. Sorry to those who i did not reply intime on the previous. my bad but give me a shout @
  11. z-money

    What is Sam Querrey's future?

    he is a stud! he hasnt been on tour a full year and he is 67 in the world go USA i say... But i wanta know what you think
  12. z-money

    Best classic for serve volley ps85 or pc600?

    What classic racket is best for serve volley the ps 85? or the Prestige classic? Also i am getting a prestige classic and have tryed all other prestiges... which is the best for serve? volleys? groundies?
  13. z-money

    Prestige classic-LM wanted

    Hey im looking for some great condition Prestiges. no preference yet on which. 4 1/2 please. contact me @ Thanks
  14. z-money

    Prestige: classic or....?

    I have the LM Prestige i dont think its a bad stick. i used the intelligence a few years back it was ok too. i love the feel though. the Question i pose is should i try out the classic from TW? I want to know how you all liked it, or if u didnt y you didnt. Please give your input!