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  1. federermcenroeagassi

    Dropweight or Crank? from Alpha...

    hey everyone, I'm torn between getting the Alpha Revo 4000 crank machine or the Alpha Pioneer DC (dropweight). I know most of the pro's and con's of both types of machines (i hope anyway), but i'm not sure which would be a wiser decision to buy, and its a lot of money, so i dont want to...
  2. federermcenroeagassi

    Calculating power levels of frames like USRSA

    hey everyone, If you've ever used the racket finder (the USRSA one), you probably know that it shows the power level of a racket. They base this level on the specs of the frame using a certain formula, and its a good tool for comparing frames. I'm wondering though if there's any...
  3. federermcenroeagassi

    Which would you prefer?

    vote in the poll... and then post why
  4. federermcenroeagassi

    How to calibrate a crank machine...

    Hey everyone, I'm completely confused about how to do this. I'm planning on buying an Alpha Revo 4000 (crank machine), but i know about the crank machines being 10% looser than a constant pull machine due to the spring when it brakes. So i've read that you must calibrate the machine every...
  5. federermcenroeagassi

    James Jensen instructional DVD's

    Anyone watch them or own them? I have the set, and i have learned so much from them. Just wondering if anyone has liked or hated them.
  6. federermcenroeagassi

    Ncode tour 90 or K6.1 90? for my game..

    I heavily depend on spin, slice, topspin, and everything inbetween. which would better suit me? i use a ps tour 90, but looking for an upgrade, i LIKE the weight distribution of it, and how it plays and swings. thanks
  7. federermcenroeagassi

    Federer's Equipment...

    what shaving stick does federer use? how many blades? and what angle are the blades placed at in relation to his face? also, can anyone post video of him shaving so i can learn from his technique.
  8. federermcenroeagassi

    Rafa's Best Friend has returned...

    .... as Woodsey227. just thought i'd make that official. Read this fast before it gets deleted *honk honk*
  9. federermcenroeagassi

    Video editing programs

    can anyone recommend to me some easy-to-use free video editing programs? windows movie maker is a bit complicated for me :(. any suggestions are welcome, thanks!
  10. federermcenroeagassi

    Eagnas Flex 470- Good or Bad? Suggestions?

    hey everyone, I'm looking for a machine, my dad is most likely going to finally let me get one for christmas/my birthday (february), but he doesnt want me to experiement too much with string combo's because i might not focus on the technical aspects of my game (strokes, strategy, and everything...
  11. federermcenroeagassi

    Trouble wiht grip sizes

    Trouble with grip sizes hi, i need help with something... i kno there is a swing to using lower grip sizes (1/4 and 3/8) for more spin, even pros do, like fed or nadal who are big guys use 3/8 and 1/4 grips respectivly... i find 1/4 too small b/c my wrist hurts after i play, and 3/8 doesnt...
  12. federermcenroeagassi

    demo sugestions

    hi, looking for advice i have a pk redondo 98 which i like the way it swings, feel, but find it too under powered. i have a yonex rds OO1 mp which i find a bit overpowered and too light. i need recommendations for other rackets to try, something close to what i mentioned above. ive also demod a...
  13. federermcenroeagassi

    wich is beter

    wich is better. a mid raquet or a mid plus raquet i need to no