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  1. Crionics

    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    The current talk about Novak Djokovic’s future prospects reminds me a lot of all the hype surrounding stock markets at all-time highs (think 2000 or 2007); What could possibly go wrong back then ?! After all, the economy was booming and stock prices could only continue increasing. Just like with...
  2. Crionics

    For the french-speaking people a funny article about Wimbledon

    For those who speak french (if there are any around here?), here's a very funny, provocative article about Wimbledon, Federer and tennis more generally written by humorist Nathanaël Rochat:
  3. Crionics

    How fast does Roland Garros sell out?

    Hello everyone, has anyone ever been to Roland Garros before? With a friend we want to watch some matches there on the week-end of 30/31 of May (third/fourth round matches) and then stay on the following monday and tuesday for the quarterfinals' matches. I'm planning to get Philippe...